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Have you tried Micellar hair care before?

4 June, 2020 - 11:05am by - First Lady | 108 Comments

poll posted by BR Tabby

Chances are you've tried a Micellar Water cleanser by now - but what about Micellar hair care?

Micellar water sounds like a rinsing agent, but it's actually a really powerful cleanser; thanks to the micelles within.  Micelles are molecules that attract and remove impurities from skin - and now, your hair!

We're looking for reviewers to put the Pantene Pro-V Micellar Series to the test.  This fab duo contains 0% silicones, parabens or dyes.

The Pantene Pro-V Micellar Cleansing Shampoo works to detox and purify the roots, whilst nourishing the tips.  PERFECT if like me, you have oily roots and dry ends.  Thanks to the powerful, but gentle cleansing power of micellar, you can use it every day.  

The Pantene Pro-V Micellar Nourishing Conditioner is a lightweight, silicone free conditioner, containing moisturising lipids that gently condition.   It promises to leave hair strong, soft & flowing.


As part of our Hair Care Trial Team-athon we're putting together a panel of reviewers to take the Pantene Pro V Micellar Series Shampoo and Conditioner to the test.  Each member of this review team will receive the full sized shampoo and conditioner to use and report back on.  

So, if it sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, put your hand up today!   It's easy, simply tell us about your experiences with Micellar in hair care!!

Have you tried Micellar hair care before?

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22nd July, 2020

I haven't tried this product before but have tried other micellar products before, I have oily hair a sin I need to wash it daily, so I'm always on the look out for a products that does the job and does it well. So I put my hand up to give it a go

21st July, 2020

I would love to try the new Pantene Pro-V micellar series , I have tried other Pantene products ,but I am always up for trying something new. I have long hair and for my age I am quite pleased with the condition of it.

9th June, 2020

Will it get the hair spray etc off my scalp without destroying my hair - this is what I want to know!!

9th June, 2020

Sounds interesting be keen to give it a try

8th June, 2020

I've never tried Micellar hair products, but I love using Micellar water to remove my makeup! My hair gets quite oily at the roots and dry at the ends, so this sounds perfect for me - and no silicones is perfect!

8th June, 2020

Nope but i'm super keen cause I love the micellar water!

8th June, 2020

I’ve never tried Micellar hair care before, so have no idea about it! But the fact that these products contain no parabens or dyes is appealing.

7th June, 2020

I've never heard of micellar being in haircare before! I'm always on the hunt for a great new shampoo and conditioner regimen though, so would love to give this one a go!

7th June, 2020

This sounds really interesting. Never heard of Micellar being in a hair product before? Would be keen to try it especially as my hair is falling out all over the place and I am so sick of it. My last haircare product has stopped working and I'm gutted. My hair is a pain in the butt though. Products work for so long and then they stop. So frustrating arghhh.

7th June, 2020

This is so intriguing! I’d love to give it a go for my oily roots/dry ends situation!

7th June, 2020

I have oily roots and dry ends, super keen to try this one out! :)

7th June, 2020

I would be very interested to try this product! I have crazy oily roots (oily after like a day :( ) and my ends are awfully dry!

7th June, 2020

I would LOVE to trial this product! With oily roots and dry ends its always a struggle to find the right combination!

7th June, 2020

I'm...intrigued. Even though it says gentle enough to use daily, does that mean it won't clean your hair enough so that you neeeeeed to wash it every day?

7th June, 2020

Looks and sounds amazing, would love to try it.

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