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Have You Tried Estee Lauder skin care before?

2 October, 2018 - 08:27am by - First Lady | 140 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

When I go shopping for new skincare, in the back of my mind, I'm looking for something on the pack.  Something to make narrowing down the ridiculous vast choice I'm faced with a little easier.  You know, that one key word that screams 'this product might be for you'. 

For me it's words like Glow.  Radiance.  My mum?  She looks for Sensitive.  Other skincare  keywords include; Acne, Mattifying, Intensive, Hydrating, Natural, Anti-ageing, Antioxident, Soothing, Smoothing.  What's yours?

You might have guessed that today's trial opportunity is skincare.  And boy oh boy am I excited. I have just two words to explain my excitement.

Estee Lauder.  All together now.  Squee.


We're looking for thirty reviewers to use and report back on three Estee Lauder skin care products.  THREE products each!  Now we're not going to give much away, but what I can tell you is, each member of this trial team will receive a full size:

- Cleanser

- Treatment lotion (a booster to prepare your skin to receive maximum benefits from the formulas that follow)

- A Moisturiser.

To help us select the perfect candidates for this awesome trial, we've set up a nice and easy survey where you can tell us more about your skin type.


So - tell us, what is the key word you look for when purchasing skin care products?  Is it 'moisturising'?  Radiant?  Soothing?  Smoothing?  Intensive?  Mattifying?  Or something else entirely?  

Would you like to join this trial team?  Get chatting below and tell us why!

Have You Tried Estee Lauder Skin Care before?

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30th October, 2018

How did this trial go?

28th October, 2018

How amazing would it be to trial Estée Lauder! I get so intimidated even walking past their counter. So trying it this way would be awesome.

25th October, 2018

I am in dire need of a proper skincare routine and good skincare products. I’d love to try the Estée Lauder skincare range as it sounds like what I need. The trouble I have with skincare is that most products I purchase don’t do what they claim and I’ve been let down in the past. Estée Lauder however is one I would have high hopes for and am sure it won’t let me down. I currently don’t have a skincare routine and don’t even own proper skincare products, now being in my 30s I feel like I desperately need this.

23rd October, 2018

I love Estee Lauder lipsticks and foundation but I have never tried the luxurious skin care range. I do look at prices and opt for lower cost, probably unwisely. My skin is ageing and has become lined and slightly crinkled since we moved to the climatic extremes of Central Otago, although I conscientiously pamper myself twice daily. To experiment with a high-end range such as Estee Lauder would be very special.

22nd October, 2018

My mum gave my an advanced night repair sheet mask to try - AMAZING!! Shame they are so expensive. I think radiant and intensive really draw me in.

17th October, 2018

I love Estee Lauder - and it has been a long while since I have used it. I changed to Lancome but am willing to give Estee Lauder another go. I look for the words "moisturising" and "young" when I am seeking our products.

16th October, 2018

I haven’t tried this new foundation, though I struggle to find a foundation that works for me. I have only been using a basic bb cream lately as I haven’t had any luck with foundations recently, but have had to stop that as well as I just can’t get the blend/application right!

16th October, 2018

With a mature skin I look for hydratioin especially since I’m a flight attendant I need all the. Moisture I can get!

16th October, 2018

No I haven't tried any thing Estee Lauder before, and how I would love to. What an awesome trial, high end daily essential items, hands up for this one!

16th October, 2018

I love the advanced night renewal oil I have to put any purchases on hold for no other reason but finances but I should make the financial investment I know my skin will thank me for it.

15th October, 2018

I've never used Estée Lauder, foundation, but I'd really like to. Especially to see if the high price means it's better than the cheaper ones, like what I use now. So yes please pick me.

15th October, 2018

I love Estee Lauder products, and the local Farmers are very generous with the samples which is the only way I get to try them :-) The Estee Lauder advanced skin repair is the best product I have ever tried, a little goes a long way too, which is great because the samples are fairly small. I look for a good moisturiser when I am buying skincare, now I am mid forties my skin has started to get drier.

13th October, 2018

"Natural',looking after mature skin prone to spots "fine lines" and the of course in the late forties "wrinkles" have never been fortunate enough to try Estee Lauder and also anti aging the magic awaits he he he I would love to try this sounds lovely :)

12th October, 2018

I have really bad acne in a regular basis so I always try to find products that will help get rid of any current spots but also preventing spots. I also have really bad large pores and oily skin so those are also high on priority when looking for skincare.

12th October, 2018

I look for natural products for acne prone skin.