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If You Don’t LOVE Hair Oil - You’re Probably Using It Wrong!

10 April, 2018 - 07:37pm by - First Lady | 25 Comments

By BR Natalie.

If there’s one hair product I can’t live without, it’s hair oil.  Now I love me some Argania Liquid Gold but my Spidey-senses tell me I’m gonna need to find a new brand, as it was Red Dotted in Farmers before Christmas and is now only available on clearance strores online.  SIGH.  Still, you guys being the beauty experts here can totally hit me up with some of your favourite hair oils right?  (Bonus points if it smells like a Strawberry Shortcake doll a la Argania)

Anyhoo, one paragraph in and I’m digressing.  Back on topic.  I can’t live without hair oil.  My friend on the other hand, recently told me she didn’t get the hype over hair oils.  They left her hair heavy and greasy.  And only frizz free in streaks.  Her hair felt worse than before she’d applied it.  After looking at her like she’d just said she didn’t like pizza, I asked her ‘well, how on earth are you applying it?!’

The key to hair oil, besides well, choosing a ‘good’ hair oil, is in the application.  You see, you cannot just splodge oil in your palm and rake it through your hair.  If you are doing this, hear me now.  YOU ARE APPLYING IT WRONG!  Ergo, you will not see the true benefits of your chosen oil.

And, like a lot of things in life, a little of something can be good, but more isn't always better.  You do not need to slather your hair in oil as a 'deep treatment'.  It doesn't work like that.

Here’s how to apply your hair oil, to wet or dry hair.*

  1. Ensure your hair is snag free (For a cheap and AWESOME detangling brush, check this out)
  2. Use sparingly – a few drops is more than enough.
  3. Warm 2-3 drops of oil by rubbing it between your hands.
  4. Once your palms and fingers are evenly coated, you’re going to lightly apply it to your ends and mid-lengths.
  5. Go from the under side and sort of twist your wrist and hair as you work your way through.
  6. Avoid using it on your roots, your scalp produces the oil already.  If you’re a bit frizzy up top, gently smooth your hands over the top – without adding any further product.

Voila!  How to apply hair oil without finishing up looking like you haven’t washed your hair in weeks.

How do you apply hair oil?  Do you apply to wet or dry hair?  Or, have you not managed to find a hair oil that works for you?  Get chatting below!



*Wet or dry hair?  It’s actually a bit of a contentious subject in the hair and beauty world it seems, with lots of differing opinions.  I reckon try both ways and figure out how you like it best.  Me?  I apply to dry hair daily and use a balm on wet hair after shampooing and conditioning.  But, you do YOU!

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I haven't tried any hair oils yet as I am one of those people that thought it would make my hair feel greasy and I also did not know how to use hair oils so I might have to give some a go!

I tend to over do it, then think it'll make my hair nice when I wash it out. Sometimes it does! It's great stuff when I get it right.

um yeah I like to use more than just a few drops a few pumps more like!

Aaah that's where I'm going wrong. I use way too much and it's also left feeling heavy and greasy

I love the argania oil and yes it smells amazing! Also the hask oils are a favourite and they have a few different kinds. Less is definitely more for sure.

I prefer to use on dry hair and find it really gives my hair a health shine. a little goes a long way though.

I do love hair oils

I definitely prefer serums to oils, since I find they make the hair just a bit less stringy/greasy but still deliver that amazing moisture.

I haven't yet tried the argania though houh it is on my list. I am still using up a L'OREAL hair oil. I find it works much better on wet hair than dry hair but it'sstill not my holy Grail. Hair creams seem to work better at locking in moisture for me than oils.

I am yet to find a hair oil that doesn't make my hair look dank and greasy, no matter how little I use, still on the hunt for The One

Yep ive been doing it wrong!! But i also don't think ive found the right one yet, im tend to apply to wet hair but i should try dry as then i might actually notice more of an effect. I have frizzy hair so i guess ive been believing it should magically take away all that frizz without looking like im oily as!! Next time im doing as above :)

i love oil in my hair but i hate my hands feeling oily, so i tend to use rosehip oil in my hair instead. Works great and allows me to multipurpose a product

I love hair oil . It’s my saving grace.

I apply it like that and I find it helps a little bit. The most effective I've found is Essano's Argan Oil.

I have been using a hair oil on and off for a while, and only applying it to the ends of my hair, but it still seems too heavy for my dry strands. I will try the steps above and see if that is any better! It does sound like I have been doing it wrong.


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