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OMG these GREASE cosmetics are soooo cute!

10 June, 2018 - 07:31pm by - Head Pixie | 22 Comments

Image:  solalook

By BR Tabatha

Can you believe it's been forty years since Grease was released? Mind blown. (Also, anyone else feeling their age right about now?) That movie rocked my childhood. I could count on my fingers and toes, and then all the BR crew's fingers and toes, how many times I watched it. I will never forget that moment at the end of Grease where Sandy has had her makeover and reveals her new look to Danny. That curled blonde hair, the ruby lips, the leather jacket lined in red, shoulder revealing top and skintight pants, the hoop earrings... Girl Crush alert! Heck, what am I saying... that movie is a long line of Girl Crush alert after Girl Crush alert. Frenchy's hair. Rizzo's attitude. Marty's face. Jan's love of food - I think she's my secret soul mate.

So it was with great delight that I saw a couple of cosmetic companies getting on board the Grease-car-to-heaven and bringing out treats for us to enjoy! 

So what's the one that we want? (Ooh, ooh, ooh, honey.) Check these out!

OPI have released #OPIxGrease, a limited edition of 12 shades shades in Nail Lacquer, Infinite Shine and GelColor, alongside three new special effect nail lacquers. The shades are sweet, summery and sassy! And have a cool retro touch. Also? The names! 'Teal Me More, Teal Me More.' ' 'Pink Ladies Rules the School'. 'You're the Shade That I Want'. And my personal favourite... 'Tell Me About It Stud.'

Best of all? They're available now for us gals in New Zealand! 

The other company on board the Grease-car-to-heaven train is a new brand to catch our eye, Sola Look.

Sola Look are based in the states and relatively new to the cosmetic market, having been launched in 2013, but they've quickly grown a following thanks to their cool releases, like the Saved By The Bell Liquid Lipstick Trio, their Dirty Dancing Palette, and their Flashdance palette (HOW DID I MISS THIS!?). With their love of all things old school it's no wonder they're set to bring out this...

Image:  solalook

That's right! A Pink Ladies eyeshadow palette! would you look at those shades! That pink! And much like the OPI range we are LOVING the name of the shades. Just reading them we can picture the scene they come from, the person who said them, the tone of voice they're said in, the song they relate to. Take our money. We want these on our lids. (And if you're keen to buy you can await the release of the palette here.)

So, are you riding the Grease 40th anniversary rollercoaster? Will you be snapping up a little 'Danny & Sandy 4 Ever' to adorn your nails? Applying a little Pink Lady goodness to your lids? Or will you be sitting back in your own private cinema (aka home) eating popcorn and enjoying the movie for the millionth time? Chat away!


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5th July, 2018

oohhhh these are so gorgeous!

27th June, 2018

Loving those nail polish shades, cuuuuuuuute! Sweet, summery and sassy, I love it! And OPI is my fav brand of nail polish, so I reckon I’ll be trying out one of those shades, for sure!

26th June, 2018

So cool! Want!!!

17th June, 2018

I went looking for these today - was absolutely gutted that I couldn’t find them in Farmers, felt sure they’d have them! (Unless the sold our already?!?)

17th June, 2018

Omg that pallet! Those colours yesss! And I like the movie too!

12th June, 2018

Oh so cuuuuute! I adore them... Loved the movie too!

11th June, 2018

I'm loving all those shades

11th June, 2018

Those metallic shadows wow! They're gorgeous, just like the pink ladies! I love the songs in Grease, super fun to sing along to!

11th June, 2018

I loved Grease. I love eye shadows. That pallette looks cool

11th June, 2018

Yay I love grease! Very cool

11th June, 2018

I’’m not a big Grease fan but I love those OPI colours!

11th June, 2018

I loved grease - the energy and the music

11th June, 2018

I actually have never seen Grease so the collection holds no sentiment for me some of the nail polish shades are pretty but I don't need to buy more polish since I'm trying to use up the ones I have.

11th June, 2018

Love the nail shades particularly the dark green. The eyeshadow pallette is pretty though I would only use them to line my eyes, more suitable for the younger gals. I loved Grease and John Travolta too. The funny thing is I purchased the DVD the other week as my preteen wants to watch it, how things come full circle :-)

16th June, 2018

I remember the 20th anniversary being huge when I was 12! my parents wouldn't let me watch it, they hadn't seen it themselves so were unsure of its content. But being a fan myself, I love the idea of sharing it with my preteen daughter if I had one!

11th June, 2018

Ahh that eye shadow palette looks awesome!!