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The Beauty Vault - Aug
The Beauty Vault - Aug

Gimme More Moringa!

11 February, 2018 - 08:19pm by - Head Pixie | 27 Comments

Image:  The Body Shop

By BR Amelia

Olive oil. Coconut oil. Macadamia. Apricot. Rosehip. Ah, we do love the good oil. Especially if it's a multi-tasker. There's nothing like a product that can smooth and condition the hair, while moisturising and improving the look of one's skin.

One oil that's caught our eye of late?

Moringa oil.

Moringa oil is pressed from the seeds of the Moringa Oleifera tree, and it's filled with the good stuff, like omega-9 fatty acids, and Vitamins A, C and E. It also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which can make it an excellent product for people to use who suffer from breakouts*. 

Moringa oil can be used in a variety of ways. Dry scalp? Massage in moringa oil to treat irritation and flaking. You can also apply moringa oil as a hair treatment, and a light application can tame flyaways. When added to a carrier oil (like sweet almond, apricot or jojoba) it makes a fabulous body moisturiser. As for your face? Not only can moringa oil help fight breakouts, but it works to lessen fine lines, to firm and smooth the skin, and to give it a glow. 

Of course sometimes we want someone to make our life a little easier and do all the mixing and concocting for us. So if you're keen to get some moringa into your life check these products out!

The Body Shop has fully embraced all things moringa, and has an entire range dedicated to it. From body milk to bath bubbles, body scrub to body butter - their range will see your skin nourished from top to toe.

Does your hair need some tender loving care? Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil harnesses the power of moringa to protect and nourish your hair, leaving it soft and shiny. Even better, it can be used as an overnight treatment, a finisher, and even as part of your hair washing routine.

It's not just your hair and body that can benefit from moringa - your makeup application can as well! LUSH Magical Moringa Primer transforms from a solid to an oil, which will not only leave your skin feeling luciously soft, but will also have a mattifying effect on your skin, making it a great base for foundation.

Love a lipstick that moisturises your kissers? Burts Bees Lipstick combines the goodness of beeswax along with moringa oil, raspberry seed oil, and Vitamin E to create a lipstick that provides a pop of colour and a burst of hydration.

Want to show your peepers some love while also hiding the fact that they're tired and in need of 1000 winks? Jane Iredale's Circle Delete/Concealer is infused with moringa butter and avocado oil to condition your undereye area while providing coverage.

Who knew moringa could be quite so magnificent? So will you be adding moringa into your beauty regime? Is it already part of it? And what moringa products do we need to know about? Sharing is caring!

*As always patch test to check and if you do find yourself having an issue discontinue use.

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I have never heard of it at all. Sounds good tho. Would love to try the hair spray.

I love Body Butter and this one sounds absolutely amazing with all the nourishing oils.

I’ve used The Body Shop’s Moringa shower gel and quite liked the smell

Ooh these sound fabulous! I do have a Burts Bees lipstick which is super hydrating and I love it!

Interesting article. I have never used Moringa oil and didn't know much about it. Would love to try some now.

Never heard of it before.

I'm a big oil fan. Yep, this sounds pretty good :)

This is something I have never heard about will keep an eye out!

This is a new one to me but sounds really nice - Would love to see some reviews on the products- I love the look of the facial moisturiser.

I actually got gifted the Moringa soap from the bodyshop as part of a little gift a friend put together for me. I had never used it and i'm not a huge soap bar fan but OH MY GOD. The smell! It's really really beautiful and the bar isn't too drying at all. I didn't know the benefits though i'm just here for the smell hahaha

hehe me too - I just loooove the smell!

12th February, 2018 at 4:13 pm

I'd never heard of moringa - I love the sound of the concealer and a lovely body butter - especially with winter around the corner!!

It has such a beautiful scent!

12th February, 2018 at 9:16 am

Moringa oil smells SO lovely, one of my fave Body Shop scents.


12th February, 2018 at 4:12 pm

Never heard of it, but I use rosehip oil much the same way.

I had never hear of Moringa before reading this. Particularly interested if there is a hair spray/oi;/cream for hair.

How have I not heard of Moringa oil before, oils are my go to for skincare! Now that I have it sounds like something I need!


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