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Get Your Best Face Base EVER!

26 April, 2021 - 07:22am by - Head Pixie | 6 Comments

by BR Amelia

Maybe it's the job, or maybe I'm too pernickety for my own good, but I have a slight (big) obsession with face bases. Specifically, my own. The amount of time I spend swiping and blending and bouncing, followed by concealing, and then inspecting the base to ensure everything is seamless before I even start in on any other aspect of putting on makeup is overkill. Or maybe just enough kill, because I've yet to have anyone tell me I've missed a spot when blending or that I've got a case of the dreaded clown face. 

So, what are my biggest tips to help you ace your base (yes, I went there)? Read on...

Treat Your Skin Well

Foundation and concealer is great for covering up imperfections, but ideally you'd like to have as few imperfections as possible in the first place, which means treating your skin well. Drink lots of water, eat your fruit and veges, don't go overboard with the treats, because what you put inside will show on the outside. It really is as basic as that.

Moisturise and/or Prime

It's a crime not to prime! Yes, we're still saying it, but we will also say that if you're not looking for your foundation to be extra stickable, or for your pores to disappear, or for a radiant glow, that a good moisturiser can do an excellent job of giving your face a great base. But if you are wanting your foundation to not slide off your face or break up, if you want pores to look smoother or smaller, or you're wanting to get your glow on, then moisturise and follow it up with a suitable primer.

Get Your Foundation Shade Right

Your ideal shade of foundation will match your face's skin tone. When you're in store you'll want to swipe it on your jawline area and have it disappear (don't be afraid to go into natural light before committing to a purchase, because those fluorescent lights liiiiiiiie). As the seasons change your foundation may need to as well, in which case there's no reason you can't create a custom foundation using the ones you have on hand. I have a summer shade of my favourite L'Oréal foundation and a winter shade, and during the inbetween months I mix the two on the back of my hand to create my ideal shade.

Bounce, Swipe or Wipe?

To brush, sponge or finger? It's up to you! Personally I'm a brush it on then beat it in with a sponge kind of gal, as brushes, even with minutes upon minutes of buffing and stippling, tend to leave streaks on my skin. A sponge by itself is a great option, and I love fingers when I'm in a hurry as the foundation warms up and blends like a dream. Just remember to wash your hands afterwards or you'll end up with foundation marks on your top/pants/all over your car's steering wheel (true story). 

Conceal Correctly

You know what happens if you apply concealer before foundation? It'll disappear when you swipe or bounce or buff on your foundation. If you’ve any blemishes you’d like to hide, foundation first, conceal second - and be sure to use a concealer that's the same shade or you'll draw attention to what you're trying to hide. I use a concealer brush to get the best coverage.

Get Set to, er, Set

Whether you're looking to lock in oil, stop your makeup breaking apart or you'd like a little boost of glow, there's a setting powder or spray for you! Whatever your preference, it's the icing on the cake... and what good is cake without icing?

At the end of the day, creating your perfect base is about having a play with all the pretties to find what works best for you! So, get experimenting and let us know your thoughts!

And don't forget, sharing is caring, so give us your top tips below!


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25th May, 2021

I swear by concealer - best product for a good foundation.

3rd May, 2021

Lol mine is so simple. Moisturise then foundation. That's it!

30th April, 2021

Equally important to double cleanse the base away at night too!

27th April, 2021

Being tired and having a full on life shows in my face.

26th April, 2021

Oops... ive been doing it wrong all along.. I use to use concealer first. Oops

2nd June, 2021

Me too! I only learned earlier this year it goes on top!

26th April, 2021

I honestly need to use concealer more and now I understand why it’s never worked before!