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Get Ready To Go Gaga Over This New Beauty Brand!

7 January, 2019 - 07:31pm by - Head Pixie | 17 Comments

By BR Tabatha

It looks like we can exhale.

Since February 2018 when Lada Gaga's company, Ate My Heart, trademarked 'Haus Beauty' we've been waiting with bated breath to see what one of our generation's most artistic and interesting performers would come out with.

The wait is nearly over.

A website has been launched. At the time of writing the only thing appearing on their site was a box to sign-up for emails, but that alone is enough to get us excited, because it means this is happening. This is real.

Haus Beauty

The question is though... what can we expect to see from a woman whose style goes from edges-of-the-universe out there to stunningly old school Hollywood classic? 

The trademark mentioned foundations, nail polish, lipstick, eyeshadow and eyeliners. Not only that skin care is mentioned too, including cleansers, toners, exfoliants and masks. Why stop there? Haus Beauty has no plans to from the looks of it with oils and colognes, body gels and powders also noted down.

If taking over the music and movie world wasn't enough, Stefani Germanotta is taking on the beauty world, big time. Would we expect anything less? No. No we would not. And her level of perfectionism makes us think that what she brings out is going to nothing but the best.


As for sneak peeks of what's to come? Could her Instagram be giving us clues? Posts from back in September 2018 featured #hausbeauty and while credit was given to some of the products used on her face, not all products were mentioned. So does that mean we were seeing Haus Beauty blush, mascara or concealer? We know... speculation, speculation, speculation...and while speculation may be considered shallow by some, what fun is life if we can't entertain all the ideas while we're kept guessing? 

So... will you be going gaga for Haus Beauty? Or is this more of a nah-nah for you? Chat away!



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5th May, 2022

I've never once seen this range.

21st February, 2019

I am interested in having a look, maybe grab a lippy to add to my collection. Lady gaga always has interesting make up

1st February, 2019

Oohhhhh I can't wait to see the range, but I'm certain it will far exceed my teeny student budget haha

17th January, 2019

I really don't need to be buying more makeup and I tend to prefer regular makeup lines and luxury brands to celebrity brands. I don't have anything from a celebrity brand with the exception of one mini Fenty gloss and one highlighter.

17th January, 2019

Watched the movie A Star Is Born and she looked really pretty with little make up and younger than I thought. Love her music and going by that the make up will likely be bold though she may surprise us.

16th January, 2019

Hmm, I'll have to have a nosey once it's released!

14th January, 2019

I really like Lady Gaga, always have although I much preferred her when she first came on the scene (Poker Face etc). But still think she's pretty cool. I will definitely have a looky when her website comes out!!

13th January, 2019

I'm very curious!! Won't be using my email to enter the current website though...

12th January, 2019

Once it's out I'll definitely check it out.

8th January, 2019

I really like her black perfume, so I hope her makeup is along those lines.

8th January, 2019

It might be a bit outlandish for me, but I'll be watching with interest ...

8th January, 2019

I'm a little curious to see what she brings out and there's not much info on it out there at the moment.

8th January, 2019

That is interesting, I didn't know she was bringing out her own line.

8th January, 2019

I’ll look it up . Sounds ok .

7th January, 2019

Hopefully she will produce something a little different to what is already on the market. Will be interesting to see.

5th February, 2019

It'll be interesting. Love her lippie colour.


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