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The Juiciest Beauty Products Around Right Now!

6 August, 2018 - 08:45pm by - Head Pixie | 24 Comments

By BR Kellie

I'm a sucker for a fruity scent. If it's super citrusy, I'm in love. If it's sweetly strawberry, I'm swooning. If it's as bannanary as a Perky Nana, it has me at hello. This love of fruity scents extends to skincare and makeup... and let me tell you, when I got my grabby hands on the new Garnier Fructis Hair Food range it was love at first sniff. ESPECIALLY the banana scent. It was hard for me not to do a taste test. And if the world had ended right then and there, and I was in the office with nothing to eat, I wouldn't have thought twice before going in.

It's safe to say the range re-inspired BRHQ's adoration of super-scented beauty products, and it got us chatting about our must-haves... starting with our new firm faves...

As I mentioned above, the Garnier Fructis Banana Hair Food scent rocks my world, but that in no way takes away from how amazing the other scents are. Goji, Papaya, Macadamia... all delectable. Even better, they're every bit as good at doing their job as they smell. Would you check out the reviews for these yum scrums of goodness - Banana, Goji, Macadamia, Papaya

Taking the day's makeup off with Soap & Glory Total Drama Clean 5-in-1 Makeup Remover is truly a sensory experience. Nothing prepares you for the scent - it's super cucumber-y (yup, cucumber's a fruit) and makes for a refreshing way to end the day. 

For baby-soft kissers that smell delish, you can't go past Maybelline Baby Lips. Berry, Cherry, Mango. Choose your favourite flavour and let the lush formula hydrate and renew your lippy loos. 

If you're looking for a hint more colour as well as scent on your lips...

No, YOU have a mild addiction to Lancome Juicy Shakers. Okay, I do. Three and counting. But how could I not when these gorgeous lip oils, that provide a subtle yet divine tint to your lips, smell as good as they do? Cherry Symphony, Wonder Melon, Apricute, Mangoes Wild... all heavenly. And they look FAB in the handbag.

It’s fragrant, fabulous, and makes your skin soft and supple. It’s The Body Shop's Satsuma Energising Body Butter, and we are here for it.

When we think of the pioneers of scented makeup, we think of Too Faced. Just look at the Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette... it’s so scrummy looking it just makes you want to lick it!

That being said, I saw on YouTube that L'Oréal have created a fruit-scented palette and I'm hoping it's going to hit our shores. Until it does I'm satisfying my drugstore peach passion with this...

Welcome to my blush family, L'Oréal Life's A Peach. This is one seriously scented peach blush. You can smell the peachiness through the packaging, and it’s as wonderful on the cheeks as it is on the olfactory senses. 

There's nothing like an in-shower fruity aroma to make you feel like you're no longer going through the daily grind, but are in fact enjoying a leisurely shower on a tropical island, preparing yourself for a bit of swimming, relaxing and cocktail drinking... Okay, we may be taking things a bit far (blame winter!), but one whiff of Inecto Naturals Tropical Coconut Infusion Shower Gel and its mango-rich scent will make you think for one second you're in a much warmer spot. Bliss.

So, there you have it... some of the juiciest, fab and fruity beauty products around! Are any of your favourites on your list? Are you keen to try any of the above? And is there a fruity product we need to know about? Chat away!


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28th August, 2018


25th August, 2018

Too faced choc bar smells Devine!! I want to try the garnier hair food tol

20th August, 2018

I’d love to try the banana hair mask, might have to go and get it, nothing else looks interesting to me. I don’t really care for strong scents in my makeup, a subtle scent does it for me. :)

14th August, 2018

The Lancome juicy shaker looks so cute! Always a fan of juicy taste as well!

14th August, 2018

Mmmmmm the banana hair food sounds good enough to eat!! I love the Mango body shop body butter, YUM! I am loving the Raspberry and Vanilla Original source body wash right now <3

10th August, 2018

Soap and glory's cleanser sounds incredible! I also just love fruit scents for body washes! Just makes the whole experience more interesting

7th August, 2018

I am curious to try the peach blush, which is clearly a dupe of the Too Faced Papa Don't Peach iconic blush

7th August, 2018

I tried the BYS peach scented make up and it was more like a subtle candy smell so I do not know what the two faced one is like but the peach one from BYS was nothing special. I have a few of their pallets and I think they are okay.... Untill I tried a colour pop one! I want to try ALL the hair food products.

7th August, 2018

Ahhh reading this made me want to rush out and buy some new, fruity products!

7th August, 2018

I love fruity scents . I’m interested in them all .

7th August, 2018

If you're after a good peach scented body butter I'd highly recommend the Bon Bon Peaches and Cream body butter now available at Farmers. As someone who has used the queen of body butters the incredible but pricey Pure Fiji ones, I would say this is close in texture and just a step down in quality and flight down in price. 120ml for about 13 bucks you really should try it, Kellie. Oh and the Peaches and Cream collection from Two Faced has hit our shores. Note to self, now repeat I don't need that uber cute radiant Sweetiepie bronzer and the Just Peachy Mattes palette. I'm hopeless!

14th August, 2018

I must try that sounds nice

14th August, 2018

Those Bon Bon body butters are amazing! I also like the Hot Chocolate and Vanilla one but the Peaches and Cream is my fave of the scents available.

7th August, 2018

Some faves there and a few to try.

7th August, 2018

That shaker , I have the body butter at the moment it’s yummy I’ve been looking for the banana but haven’t come across it yet but I see the body shop have banana flavour aswell that look good

7th August, 2018

I still need to try the Garnier Hair Food - they sound delicious!

7th August, 2018

I am very keen to try that Banana Garnier product, it looks like it smells amazing. I loved that Maybelline Baby lips lipbalm pictured. That Too Faced palette looks stunning! I would like one of those...and that Inecto shower gel yes please! Where do you buy Inecto products?

8th August, 2018

I remember seeing the inecto shampoo and conditioner at the chemist.