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Four Sneaky Ways To Cover Up Greys!

19 August, 2018 - 04:55pm by - Head Pixie | 24 Comments

By BR Kellie

In an ideal world those of us who find ourselves with a sprinkling - or a tsunami - of greys on our heads would visit the hairdresser once every five or so weeks to get them covered. Or we'd touch up at home ourselves with a hair colouring kit. Oh for an ideal world. We don't know about you, but a quick survey of BRHQ finds that we're lucky to get to the hairdressers once every eight weeks - or in some cases - every six months. As for colouring our hair at home? We can't seem to find the hour in the day. Meanwhile, during this time, our grey hair weaves its way back into the world, until one day we look into the mirror and realise it's made its mark. What's a girl to do when she hasn't got time to colour her hair or her salon's all booked up? Be as wily as the hair that needs to be hidden. So check out our sneaky ways to cover up greys!

Got a case of the greys that need to be hidden away, like, NOW!? It's time to pull out a cap, or a hat, or a scarf. They're the ultimate easy cover up. Best of all you can totally act like what's on your head is on purpose. The cap can be paired with active wear or relaxed jeans and a T-shirt and called 'casual, on the go'. Drape the scarf over the offending greys, add a big pair of sunglasses and you're channelling old school J-Lo. Grey hairs - hidden. Style quotient - high.

Another easy way to say go away to the grey temporarily is to break out the old dry shampoo. Not just any dry shampoo, mind you - but one that has a tint of colour to provide a touch-up to your roots. Bonus - you get an extra day where you won't have to wash your hair!

If you're looking for something that's a little more matchy-matchy for your hair colour then a root retoucher is well worth looking into! Much like a dry shampoo it's a case of spray then walk away! 

Not all grey hair grows in the same. Some people find they go grey from the front. Some from the middle of their head. Others, like myself, discover random long strands of grey. There's no rhyme or reason to why they are where they are, they just... are. In those cases a fantastic option to deal to those random strands without going the whole hair-colour hog is to employ a hair mascara. (Head Pixie endorsement: I've tried the Schwarzkopf Hair Mascara in Dark Brown and oh-my-giddy-aunt I was blown away. It covered my random greys. The colour was a perfect match, so didn't look fake. AND - most importantly as my patience for doing more washing than necessary is low - I didn't wake up with stained pillowcases.) A good hair mascara gives you the control to place colour where you need it - so whether you've patches of grey or grey strands here and there, a hair mascara will have you sorted.

So, there you have it! Four easy peasy ways to deal to the greys! Which are you a fan of? Do you have any grey-covering hacks we need to know about? Chat away!

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Mine are hidden at the sides and only on display when I tie my hair up. Oh and the couple that appear in my part line I pull the suckers out hahaha :-)

The hair mascara is perfect for these.

4th August, 2018 at 10:24 pm

I don't have grey hair but I am a natural red head and my hair is blonde, so I use "Magic Retouch L'Oreal Paris" and another brand to cover up my red regrowth. I would love to try the ones above though.

Mine are all coming through with the new hair growing after having lost my hair after having a baby 15 months ago.. lots fell out at 5mths pp and I had two bald spots for quite a while until it just started growing and is finally about 2 inches long.. but with lots of grey in the mix. Luckily if I part my hair different I can cover it but if I wear my hair up they are visible. Might have to try some of the mascara for updos I don't think I can avoid putting my hair in a ponytail forever.

I have both those products thanks to beauty review and work really well together plus a touch up spray Magic Retouch L'Oreal Paris" - Saves having to colour my hair so often and much better for condition of my hair.

I don't have any hacks but then luckily I don't have any greys yet.

Me too!

20th August, 2018 at 7:59 am

My mom is in her fifties and barely has any noticeable greys, you'd have really look for them. A friend who hadn't seen her in decades, asked my dad if she dyes her hair. She doesn't. I hope I'm lucky like her.

20th August, 2018 at 10:33 am

My grey hairs have started to come through, it's still the early stages. So, I won't be covering them up anytime soon, unless I decide to change my hair colour again.

I haven’t got greys yet . I found one white hair though .

I do have the odd few that dare to show their colour, I pull those suckers out! Luckily, there is not too many at the moment.

My whole hair is white. I use purple shampoos and vivid silver white to to try and dull it though.

I have one solo grey hair that pops up every month or so. I pluck it out as soon as I see it!

No greys as yet but I am finding the odd white hair more often these days

i just dye mine

you can part your hair in a zig zag or tie it up in a certain way, you can use an eye shadow to paint over the area experiment with it damp or dry.

I'm more grey/white than not these days......LOVE the hair mascara - it's amazing.

This is helpful, thanks. I am thinking of buying some now. I dye my hair, but when I get regrowth, i can see some grey hairs coming through, so this hair mascara sounds perfect!

19th August, 2018 at 11:12 pm

It's awesome to give you more time between regrowth - I can see regrowth within about 3 weeks - drives me crazy but the hair mascara means I just cover it up and go about my day :)

20th August, 2018 at 4:31 pm

Ugh! The bain of my life. My hairstylist saved my grey life and dollars by selling me an L'Oreal touch up spray. I love it. Spray and walk away. I trialled the Schwarzkopf Hair Mascara but found it didn't adhere to my fine hair. I'm also rather partial to a hat. A good hack though is to change your part from centre to side, or backcomb!

The hair mascara is excellent for parts and around face

20th August, 2018 at 4:02 pm


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