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Five Things To Consider Before Fringing It

3 July, 2022 - 07:35am by - Head Pixie | 15 Comments

by BR Kellie

Facebook memories can be both a blessing and a curse. Reminding us of the good times, and the bad... such as that time I decided getting a fringe would be a fantastic idea, despite having fringed it before and regretted it. You see, on some people fringes look fabulous, doing everything from softening features to creating an edgy style. On me? Well, what few wisps I end up with quickly turn into a bedraggled but frizzy mess. And yet, every decade or so I decide to throw caution to the wind only to spend the next six months berating myself while growing my fringe out.

So how can one be sure that a fringe is right for them? Or that it should be avoided completely? Read on...


There are so many styles of fringe out there - curtain, baby, side-swept, blunt, curly, arched, wispy... I could go on, but we'd be here for some time.

The point is, it's very easy to find a style of fringe you like and just go with it, but that can end up in a fringe-fail. You need to do your research. If you find a look you like, analyse it. Google will quickly tell you if your hair type and your face shape will suit that style... or not.

Be Honest With Yourself

At the age of ten I got my first Kellie-chosen fringe (as opposed to the ones my mum thrust upon me as a youngster). It was a blunt cut and I was convinced I would look like Cleopatra. Reader, I did not.

While we now have access to the internet for fringe inspo, just because we like a look on a model, actress, TikTok superstar or long-dead historical figure, it doesn't mean it'll look the same on us. As above, be honest with yourself about the look you're lusting after. If your gut's telling you no and your starry-eyed self is saying yes, listen to your gut. Trust me, it knows.

Trust Your Stylist

You've done the research, been honest with yourself and you're ready for the chop. Present your findings to your stylist... then listen to them. These people are trained hair ninjas who want their clients to walk out feeling fabulous, so if they suggest a variation, don't dismiss it. If they kindly explain that your hair is so fine you'll look like you've a combover on your forehead and that another style of fringe is better... do not defy them. (Or you can, it's your hair, but consider yourself warned.) 


Fringes are not like long or layered hair. You can't simply toss them up in a bun or ponytail on a bad hair day and call it good. They require work. Sometimes that means blowdrying or straightening your hair every day. Other times it means having to get creative when it's all kinky and frizzy and refuses to obey your hair style whims. That can look like pinning your fringe back, twisting it away from your face or attempting to French braid it into the rest of your hair. If you're a curly headed lass wanting to embrace the curly fringe trend, then you're going to need to pop hair product in it, because it's a fine line between cute curls and out of control. You'll also need to commit to regular trims... oh, and possibly more regular hair washing, as oily foreheads can create lank locks.

Growing It Out

If after getting the cugt you find the maintenance of a fringe too much you're left with the growing it out option. This can be painful, depending on the cut. You may have to employ intricate hairstyles and bobby pins galore, while dealing with the odd straight-up bad hair day when nothing works and you just have to live with a mop of hair that won't do as its told.

Last Thoughts...

While dreaming of living your best fringe life is all well and good, if the maintenance or the potential pain of growing it out sounds too much like hard work, then I would give serious consideration to saying farewell to the fringe idea. After seeing that Facebook memory, I can confirm that I well and truly have, and it might well be one of the best beauty decisions I've ever made. 

So, are you a fan of the fringe? How did you choose your style? Or have you had a fringe fail so bad you'll not be hanging with the bangs again? Get chatting below!


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15th July, 2022

So keen but the time to style it puts me off

15th July, 2022

Not keen to try a fringe, I have done them in the past and they just don't suit me

14th July, 2022

I like the fringe except when it starts to grow out and it becomes super annoying.

12th July, 2022

I've had a fringe all my life and there are fringe benefits. It can be a long farrah Fawcett side sweeping sultry look, or a short sharp straight pulp fiction style, or curly bouncy flash dance glam. For some strange reason after having a baby my poker straight fringe decided to go all curly which i kind of liked, then it went straight again after the next baby, it has a mind of its own my fringe.

11th July, 2022

I like fringes but I had one a while back and as a kid I think it did make my hair look thinner it's quite grown out now but as I get older I might get one again to hide wrinkles

7th July, 2022

I seem to cut a fringe impulsively every 3 years or so... I like them, but am a bit too lazy to style it every day at the moment. I might try a longer curtain type situation next time

5th July, 2022

I like fringes on other people but not ballsy enough to get kne myself. I'm lazy so doubt I would maintain the style well anyway

5th July, 2022

I would love to Rock a fringe but my waves and curles just wouldn't allow it x

4th July, 2022

I'd love a fringe to cover the lines on my forehead and make me look a bit younger. But from past experience, I know not to go there. My hair's too curly / frizzy to look good in a fringe without me putting in a ton of work.

4th July, 2022

I have always had a fringe because that's what suits me the best and I will either go for a side one or at the moment,curtain bangs which I love but they are hard work when you have curls and a fringe that has a mind of it's own.

4th July, 2022

I don't like fringes. I still have the 1970s fringe hangover. And every time I see ABBA I remember that Agnetha had amazing long blonde hair and then she got a fringe - ouch!!

4th July, 2022

I do not suit a fringe at all. I had one as a kid and it was not pretty lol. I like to keep hair away from my face would just annoy me.

4th July, 2022

I recently read about using a fringe to hide wrinkles on the forehead, and briefly thought that sounded like a great idea. However, I am not sure that a fringe would actually suit me, and I don't like how much maintenance it needs.

4th July, 2022

Like my very fine fringe l cut myself , as l have had a fringe cut two times at hairdresser and once was roo short and other crooked, so sorry don't trust hairdresser to do it , anymore Lucky my hair grows very fast

4th July, 2022

Love having a fringe, if I let it grow out it would make my face look longer. I used to have no fringe but now that I'm older a fringe gives me a lift.


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