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Five Reasons You Need To Declutter Your Makeup Collection

7 July, 2019 - 06:48pm by - Head Pixie | 29 Comments

By BR Amelia

How do I spend a goodly chunk of my 'me' time? Watching YouTubers declutter their makeup. Then rearrange it. There's something so soothing about watching makeup collections being reduced and then reorganised. Not only soothing, but inspiring. My next favourite 'me' time activity? Scrolling through the 'gram searching for beautiful ways to organise my own makeup. Again... soothing, and inspiring. So what's caught my eye of late? Check these pretties out...

(Added bonus: my five top reasons for decluttering and reorganising makeup.)


I think it's the millenial pink that's got me going gaga over this image. That and how compact the collection is. Which brings me to reason NUMBER ONE a declutter is good.

We don't need that much makeup. We only have one face. If it's not your job to review makeup or to apply it to other people's faces, then one could argue buying all the makeup is not necessary. (I can see our resident Head Pixie and makeup maniac, BR Kellie, shaking her head in horror when she reads this... you know it's true, Kellie. You know it's true.)


Number 2:  Following on from 'you only have one face'... Makeup expires. Read this article from BR Nat to find out what expires when. By keeping your collection small and only buying the necessities you'll save yourself a small fortune. (Seriously, next time you declutter calculate how much money you're literally throwing away... it's an eye opener!)


Reason Number 3:  The less you have the better you can put your collection to use. How many Colourpop shadows did I buy when Colourpop first blasted onto the scene? Lots. And lots. How many old, dry and skanky shadows have I just thrown away - most used once? Twice? Lots. And lots.

My point being? When you're working with less you use more. It can even force creativity as you find new ways to create different looks out of the same products.


Number Four:  It forces you to be brutally honest with yourself. How many eyeshadow palettes have you bought that you know aren't really for you and you'll never use? Or that foundation that sits there gathering dust because you hope one day it won't break you out, or will magically stop clinging to your skin's dry patches? A good declutter includes a good reality check. If it's never worked, it's not likely to start working any time soon. Pass it on, donate it, send it to the great rubbish bin in the sky.


Number five:  When your makeup area is organised it frees up brain space. Sounds a bit airy fairy, I know, but it truly does. When your life is tidy it means you've not got that nagging voice in the back of your head reminding you that you need to be tidying, or that you still can't find your favourite concealer because it's hidden in the rubble, and all of a sudden you can use that brain space for more important things... like pondering which M&Ms range is the best.

There you have it... five reasons to declutter and inspirational pics to make you want to. So, do tell... what's your makeup area like? Compact and cute? Over the top and out of control? Are you a hoarder? Or do you regularly declutter? Chat away!


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12th July, 2019

Oh boy I have a messy problem lol

12th July, 2019

mine is definitely compact and cute now! it also doubles as my sewing table so i decluttered a whole heap to make room for that (plus thats what the drawers are for right? hiding stuff??)

11th July, 2019

I buy, buy and buy... end up trying something out of my usual routine... Most items end up in my sad abandoned collection than in my keep pile hahahahaha =D. I am good at spending unneccessary money on make up ;D. However, slowly making a progress. Storage units would be great for the room, even better with cover and uv protection, as the sunlight always shines where my products are kept.

10th July, 2019

I thought I had plenty of make up but it doesn't even compare to those pictures lol. I have an organiser in my bathroom with my most used products and I have a drawer in my dresser for nail polish and extra lipsticks. It feels great to have a declutter :-)

9th July, 2019

I’d love the makeup storage unit in the first pic, but filled with all those goodies too! I need to be more ruthless and throw a few products away.

9th July, 2019

Mine is pretty minimal as don’t wear much make up but was thinking I need to declutter all these nail polishes I have

8th July, 2019

I was buying so much makeup, I tried to slow down but I still wanted more then I watched some Youtube vids where the Youtubers went through their stash and calculated how many years did they have of each makeup category. It was shocking. I looked at my eyeshadows and guessed that I probably had twenty years of eyeshadow at least. I dramatically slowed down on buying stuff and only stuck to buying things I knew I would use regularly. I now scrutinize every makeup purchase. I haven't brought myself to throw anything away since a few months ago but I have one drawer with two boxes that has the makeup I've committed to use for two weeks and then I rotate my stash. Keeps things fresh and helps me realize I have more than I need.

8th July, 2019

I need a clean out...I have lots of half-used products lying in the drawer. I need to get ruthless and bin a few things

8th July, 2019

Watching declutter vids is a favourite of mine. I also enjoy decluttering my own stash usually once a year. Being aware of expiry dates and what I actually use has helped to curb the spending too..

7th July, 2019

I moved in with my BF a few months ago and had a major clean out when I packed. I was ruthless! I live in a little town now with no shops so I have been working my way through all my back ups. It's been so good :-)

7th July, 2019

I looove watching declutter videos and seeing makeup collections. I always try to declutter my makeup once a month but I always end up keeping much more than I probably need

7th July, 2019

Ooooh I’m loving the look of some of the ways they’ve stored their makeup.

7th July, 2019

My makeup area is a mess. I'm on leave at the moment so I do have time to fix it ....

7th July, 2019

I need find a make up storage unit like some of these. They look fab.

24th July, 2019

Have a look at some ideas on aliexpress! great for the price as well

24th July, 2019

You can do it!!! i have faith in you

24th July, 2019

That;s such a great idea @tannygirl with the whole rotating!!!!

20th July, 2019

Lol, same here I think!


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