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Five Reasons Face Mists Are A Must

18 May, 2022 - 11:16am by - Head Pixie | 14 Comments

by BR Tabatha

For the longest time I avoided using a toner. Not because I didn't believe they would work. Not because I was being lazy. Simply because they required a whole lot of faffing around. There was the unscrewing of a cap from the bottle, the pouring onto a cotton round, the swiping all over your face, the disposing of the cotton round, the screwing back on of the cap. It just felt like A LOT. All that changed when face mist toners hit the market. Quick and easy to use, I was all in, especially once I discovered they could do more than rid the skin of leftover dirt and grime. So what else makes a face mist toner a must in your daily routine? Here's five fab reasons...

First of all, you can't beat a face mist for a bit of skin boosting goodness. While the odd face mist contains nothing but fancy water blessed by the beauty goddesses, for the most part they include ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, aloe, rosewater, essential oils, Vitamin E, caffeine... I could go on, but you get the picture. Each mist has its own selling points from skin balancing to skin plumping, which leads me to the second reason we love face mists...

They give a hit of hydration. If your skin's dehydrated, oily dehydrated or simply feeling tight, a quick spritz of a face mist can offer momentary relief. Due to their portable nature, you can keep one in your car, at your office desk, in your purse, so at any point if you find your skin feeling like it's being stretched over your skull, you can take it out and give yourself a hydration refresh.

Our favourite place to keep a face mist? The fridge. A face mist taken out and used straight from a fridge is a beautiful thing, especially on a hot day. You get all the skincare benefits as well as a delicious, refreshing moment of coolness. Utter bliss.

Want to make your face mist do double duty? If you're not too worried about the longevity and stickability of your makeup, a face mist can be a wonderful way to set your face. Squirt your face mist in the shape of an X and then a T over your face and it can help melt your powders together to create a seamlessly natural look.

Another great way to use a face mist is as a way to revive your makeup. If you look in the mirror and see your makeup is looking a little dry, a little broken up, perhaps even a touch crusty, spritz your face mist over your face and it'll help bring it back to life. If it's looking really messy you can bounce a sponge lightly over the top and it'll bring it back together nicely.

One last face mist bonus: You can still use a mist as an old-school toner. Just spritz on a cotton round, swipe, and you're good to go!

So, are you a fan of a spray toner? Which is your favourite to use? Or are you happy going the old school route. And if so, why? Chat below!


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1st June, 2022

I haven't used a spray toner before, but it sounds good, I should try!

1st June, 2022

I've tried a few but generally don't use them anymore unless I'm staying in an hotel and my skin feels dry and icky. I sometimes out magnesium oil on my skin between cleansing and oiling though. A bit stingy but makes my skin look bright.

26th May, 2022

I use toner when l remember, but when l get very hot spray a water mist in my face , love to try a proper one though

25th May, 2022

Love a face mist and so do the kids. So good for summer too. I like the avene one

24th May, 2022

I use one all the time especially in summer it’s a great way to cool down. There is one that comes in a size to fit in a handbag so I keep it in there all year round then I have two big spray cans in my room. They have been a lifesaver when hot flushes happen or even feeling unwell it’s a nice spritz to the skin so refreshing totally a fan of them!

24th May, 2022

I used to use a toner religiously, but stopped when I discovered serums. Just too many layers! I've never tried a face mist, but I love the idea of a burst of hydration whenever I need it. Might need to look into this!

24th May, 2022

I love face mists I keep going back to the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. The fragrance is just so invigorating. I’ll always pick a mist over a standard toner although I do use one twice a week to exfoliate (at night)

23rd May, 2022

Yes - love them! My favorite is the clarifying facial toner by the herb farm. Smells yum and makes my face feels magical!

23rd May, 2022

I like the old school toners. It was my favourite part of my skincare routine. And satisfying seeing excess removal of dirt. Spray toners are convenient though.

23rd May, 2022

Yes I love a good spray mist! Currently using an Oasis one

23rd May, 2022

Essano is one that I've been using and find it helps to spread my moisturizer better.

23rd May, 2022

I like face sprays, sometimes I use them before my serums and creams, so they absorb better, I definitely think they make a difference if the right ones are bought, not the overly scented ones.

19th May, 2022

Since I read that using a toner was really beneficial to your skin I use it every evening

18th May, 2022

Love my Dermalogica Multi Active Toner. No faffing :-)


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