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Five Fab Skincare Ingredients We Want On Our Face NOW

26 July, 2018 - 08:44pm by - Head Pixie | 158 Comments



By BR Kellie

A recent survey held by Beauty Review revealed that over 70% of New Zealand women who buy natural skincare brands agree that natural skincare products reveal great results. Are we surprised? Not at all. Nature has long been giving us gorgeous products that work to nourish, cleanse, clear and support your skin, from rosehip oil to bentonite clay, Epsom salts to the humble egg white. 

Another result from our survey showed that over 41% of New Zealand women who buy natural skincare products believe they give better results than non-natural products, and when we look at the latest ingredients being created and included in natural skincare products we can see why. So what are the five most fab natural ingredients we're excited to test and try? Check these beauties out...

How much do we love Trilogy? So much. This Kiwi brand is truly a pioneer in natural skincare, and they continue to innovate. Most recently they've introduced L22® to the New Zealand market, and it can be found in their Age-Proof Overnight Mask, and the Age-Proof CoQ10 Eye Recovery Concentrate. L22® sounds sciency, and there's certainly science involved, but it's of the all-natural kind. Derived from jojoba, macadamia and olive, L22® helps restore and mimic the lipid profile of your skin at 22 years old, while supporting a firmer, healthier complexion. 22 year old skin, you say? Sign me up!

It's not only L22® that Trilogy have weaved into their skincare to make it even better, they also created the unique botanical complex, Glycablend™

Glycablend™ is a combination of pomegranate, blueberry, strawberry and chia seed oils, all of which work together to do numerous wonderful things including promoting healthy cell metabolism, protecting against free radical damage, eliminating toxic waste from cells, stabilising collagen matrix, soothing, nourishing... and more. Best of all the claims are backed up by clinical research that saw the Glycablend™ complex reduce collagen breakdown by up to 88.9%!*

Being a bit skincare mad - and also knocking on 40 - I did wonder if I were at the age where I should be Age-Proofing. Turns out the Trilogy Age-Proof range can be used at any age, because it's about supporting healthy, vibrant skin. I sense a trip to Farmers coming on...

Usually when we think of mushrooms we tend to think about them as a food, but the humble mushroom is quickly becoming a skincare ingredient-must. If you're imagining yourself grinding up a portabello and applying it to your face - stop right there. While I'm sure there's nothing stopping anyone making a mushroom mask, it's the essence of mushrooms like reishi, chaga, and 'tremella' that's being included in skincare as they're known for soothing, hydrating and brightening skin, while offering antioxidant properties. Sounds like we need to make room for the mushroom on our vanities!

While not new to skincare, centella asiatica is becoming more of a household name. We’d go so far as to call it a slow burner that's quickly becoming a shooting star. So what is it? What does it do? And why do we want it on our skin? Centella Asiatica is an herb that comes from India and Asia, and has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine. So why have the beauty community cottoned onto it? Simply put - it's good. Great even. It's known for its ability to speed up skin healing, as well as soothe, hydrate, stimulate collagen, as well as increase circulation to the skin. Sounds like a bit of you? Look for the word 'cica' and you'll have found a product containing centella asiatica.

Don't let the brilliant yellow flowers fool you! Blue Tansy is an essential oil that's making a splash on the beauty scene. It comes from the Moroccan chamomile plant, and when steam distilled the essential oil comes out a vivid blue. With anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, it's often found in products created for acne-prone and/or sensitive skin. It's also filled with antioxidants, meaning it will help fight off free radicals, which helps to keep your skin in good condition... and what's not to like about that? (Do note that Blue Tansy should be added into lotions or carrier oils, rather than being applied directly to skin. As always, patch test first.)

There you have it - new, natural ingredients that are turning the skincare industry on its head! 

*Independent, in-vitro matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) testing by Trinity Bioactives.

We've got 3 sets of FIVE Trilogy Age-Proof products to giveaway.  To enter, comment below and tell us which ingredient you'd most like to try!

We'll pick the 3 winners on August 5th and let them know via their BR inbox.


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L22. I'm wanting to get my hot little hands on the overnight mask

Blue Tansey sounds amazing. Products with this in it are a must, I reckon.

I love masks but have never tried overnight masks. I have tried a couple of trilogy's products and absolutely love them

Blue Tansy sounds amazing.

Glycabend, I love pomegranate in skincare. I also really want to try this overnight mask!!

Centella Asiatica because I need all the collagen stimulation I can get

Blue Tansy sounds divine to use as skin care. My wrinkles are really starting to deepen at the moment. I would love to try these Trilogy products to help fight the visible aging of my skin. I have heard a lot of great things about CoQ10. These products sound good enough to eat with pomegranates, blueberries and strawberries in them.

L22 sounds awesome, would like to try the overnight mask as have never used 1.

Blue tansy sounds fab for me not liking my wrinkles that are appearing more and more each day :)

Moroccan chamomile, blue tansy essential oil sounds like a miracle in a bottle !!!

I love the primrose oil with my older skin it feels lovely and following with day moisturiser all work well must admit sorry but I have never tried a mask but would love to try this one

All these trilogy products sound fab I’d love to try them all. Centella asiatica sounds great. All these ingredients have good benefits,

centella asiatica, I like the sound of it healing and soothing

love a good mask , and id love to try this one thankyou ~!

Would love to try the overnight mask, with L22 and glycoblend. Also anything with the ingredient Centella asiatic would be good to help with collagen renewal.


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