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Five Fab Reasons To Love the Drew B/Nickie T Collab!

1 August, 2018 - 06:49pm by - Head Pixie | 22 Comments

By BR Tabatha

Is it just me, or does it feel like Drew Barrymore has been all over the Instagram and YouTube promoting Flower Beauty of late? I'm not complaining - I love me some Drew, and I'm gagging to get my hands on Flower Beauty. Part of this onslaught of promotion saw her spend time with YouTube beauty influencers, including the fabulous NikkieTutorials. Nikkie and Drew sat down to recreate Nikkie's famous 'Power of Makeup' video, and OMG, it was legit a fantsatic watch. The chemistry these two have? Off the charts. So what were the top five moments of this vid that made it so watchable (and utterly rewatchable!)? Check these out...

The way Nikkie looks at Drew.

This is Drew Barrymore, people. Icon! The woman is amazing. She's gone through so much, survived so much, and has come out the other end a fantastic human being, and one who despite having the world at her fingertips is still so real and goofy and nice and fun and driven and talented... and yup, I'd be looking at her like that too!

The way Drew looks at Nikkie.

It's clear the mutual appreciation is real. Not only that, Drew calls Nikkie 'the Meryl Streep, the Elvis, the Queen' of makeup. That's not something you'd say lightly to another person. And we're not in disagreement. Nikkie is next level, the real deal, and if we were sitting next to her we'd be giving her awe-filled glances too.

The fun they have together.

There was no holding back with these too. Their time together was hilarious! We learnt that when Drew gets excited she barks like a dog or meows like a cat. We discovered that Nikkie isn't just tall, she's super tall - and they weren't afraid to laugh about their height difference. We had to Google their heights because we were sure Drew wasn't the tiniest person in the world - turns out Drew is a respectable 1.63m and Nikkie is 1.89m. We now want to see the shorty of BR (aka the Pixie) next to Nikkie. She'd be lucky to come up to her waist.

How happy Nikkie made Drew.

Look at that face! Look at it! Drew looks amazing on either side, but the woman loves makeup. She loves what it can do, how it can make you feel. Her joy is real, and we love that Nikkie gave her a case of the squees. 

This is #friendgoals.

This is the friend pairing we didn't know we needed. They laugh. They get deep. They just have this vibe that makes you want to believe it's more than just a PR activity. We hope this isn't the last time we see these two get together and collab, because they're awesome together. 

Want to watch the whole vid in all its gloriousness? Check it out here

So are you a fan of Drew? Nikkie? Drew AND Nikkie? Are you hanging out for Flower Beauty to come to New Zealand? And does this collab instil a case of the girl crush in you as it has us? Get chatting!


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16th August, 2018

I love Drew Barrymore and have seen a few of Nikki’s videos on YouTube. I can’t wait to try out this brand.

10th August, 2018

I literally am squirming in my chair, I can’t wait to get my hands on these products. I’ve seen so many videos on these products on YouTube. It’s fantastic that all of these brands are coming to NZ.

10th August, 2018

Oh my god - this looks incredible. Seems so genuine and it's so great to see that social media is bringing previously 'untouchable' celebrities closer with you tubers!

6th August, 2018

Omg I so need to watch this, looks so much fun. Will definitely be watching this when I get home from work (yes I'm doing a sneaky in my break ha ha ha). I love Drew Barrymore, always have and my favourite movie with her in it, is 50 First Dates. Could watch that over and over. Maybe Nikkie and Drew could do a regular channel together? I'd definitely subscribe :-)

5th August, 2018

The actress is so pretty and I have watched some of the make up ladies tutorials before. I always was curious when Drew was doing promos for cover girl. Apparently flower beauty is cruelty free yay!

4th August, 2018

I can’t wait, I’m so excited!!!!

3rd August, 2018

The video was nice to watch but just so obviously done because there was a small to zero marketing budget for Flower Beauty plus it's already been done by Kim Kardashian and KKW beauty using influencers such as mannymua, patrickstarr, jaclynhill to promote her line. The best part of the video was Nikki dragging other influencers makeup brands.

3rd August, 2018

I watched Drew's video with Tati. I didn't realise she had done one with Nikkie also.

2nd August, 2018

The only makeup Youtuber I consistently watch is Wayne Goss. Any recent vid that pops up in my feed gets bookmarked to watch at a convenient time. But I do like these power of makeup vids.

2nd August, 2018

Love Drew. Interested to try her line one day.

2nd August, 2018

Tried watching some Nikki vids awhile ago but just couldn't get in to it. Drew Barrymore is great though, love her a lot of her movies. Never heard of Flower Beauty, will need to google it.

2nd August, 2018

I love Nikki, I first came across her when her power of makeup story came out she was getting alot of hate because she looks completely different with no makeup. Was suprise when I saw one with her and Kim k too,

2nd August, 2018

I love Drew! She's such a Queen xx

1st August, 2018

Drew Barrymore personifies cool, she looks fabulous with or without makeup, & she’s a great role model for women the world over, I reckon. I don’t know much about Nikkie, but if she is the ‘Meryl Streep of makeup’ (as Drew calls her), then she’s gotta be awesome too! Can’t wait for their collaborative beauty brand to come this way!

1st August, 2018

I love Drew - she's just genuine, lovely and always oozing optimism! Would love Flower Beauty to come to NZ!