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Five Fab Lotions for Hands AND Nails!

2 January, 2022 - 03:04pm by - Head Pixie | 12 Comments

by BR Amelia

I love a good hand cream. I also love a good nail oil. What do I love even more? A product that does double duty, like a lotion that I can apply knowing it will hydrate my hands while caring for my cuticles! One easy product that I can stash in my handbag, in my car, at my office desk and use whenever my hands and nails need some extra love.

So what are the most loved hand and nail lotions on the market? Here are five of the best as used and reviewed by members of our Beauty Review community!

1.  Trilogy Rose Hand Cream

RATED: 4.5/5!

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Beauty Review Member misssuga says: My hands look and feel so much better since I have been using this hand cream. I have also found that it has really helped with my nails too, they are long and very strong.

2.  Revitanail Hand and Nail Cream

RATED: 4.4/5!


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Beauty Review Member Tania24 says: Great hand moisturiser, my hands were so dry and so were my nail cuticles, and I started to use this product and noticed a huge improvement on the dryness of my skin, my cuticles were no longer cracked and sore.

3.  Vaseline Intensive Care Hand Cream Hand and Nail Lotion

RATED: 4.2/5

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Beauty Review Member stephx says: It soaks in quite nicely, doesn't leave you greasy, and makes your hands feel soft, smooth and moisturised! It has even made my nails much stronger over time.

4.  Alpine Silk Manuka Honey Moisturising & Repair Hand & Nail Crème

RATED: 4.2/5

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Beauty Review Member Skitty says: After a few days of using this product my hands were less dusty looking and they stayed feeling moisturised for long periods. The abrasions were less and my nails were less prone to peeling away at the ends. 

5.  Alpine Silk Lanolin Reviving Hand & Nail Crème

RATED: 4/5

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Beauty Review Member JoJulian says: My hands were extremely soft and ohhhh sooo smooth: also this product did not make my hands greasy. My cuticles were strong, healthy yet soft. My nails looked extra healthy. 

So, my beauties... Are you now looking at your hands and nails and thinking they need some extra love? Or are you already a dedicated moisturiser? Did your favourite hand and nail lotion make the list? Or is there another we need to know about?

Get chatting below!


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17th January, 2022

For my birthday gift from Mecca I received one of their own brands hand cream. To be honest, it is one of the best hand creams I have used, I shared it around at work and some of my work mates bought it.

16th January, 2022

My favourite is EcoStore.

15th January, 2022

Trilogy us great but Vaseline one is affordable and works well too.

12th January, 2022

Trilogy used to be one of my faves. Since then I've explored other more affordable options. I currently use Aveeno which is super affordable, non greasy and really hydrating.

11th January, 2022

I loved the LRP one I was lucky enough to trial

4th January, 2022

The Alpine Silk is my favourite of those. It's fabulous. I'm using Soap and Glory heel genius on my hands and nails as well as my heels. It's miraculous stuff.

4th January, 2022

At the moment I have Natio hand cream on my nightstand. Agee o and the body shop in my car . Every break at work I moisturise and put sunscreen on . I encourage my partner and children to do the same . He said he was never taught self care . We need to teach our next generation self care and how important it is.

3rd January, 2022

At the moment I am using an argan oil hand and nail moment.

3rd January, 2022

I just use body lotion I find I really need it on areas where the sun has been on

3rd January, 2022

I don't have a favorite. But i do enjoy non greasy, non rose scented hand creams, not lotions.

3rd January, 2022

I had been a fan of Neutrogena Norwegian hand cream for many years till I discovered Essano and found it much better. But just last year I tried Trilogy and just love it. No wonder it’s the top rated hand cream.

3rd January, 2022

Looks like my favourite hand cream missed out. I'm a big fan of Manuka Honey + Bergamot Hydrating Hand + Nail Cream from By Nature.

3rd January, 2022

Yes, I love this one too! The whole By Nature range is great IMHO. Inexpensive, hydrating, gentle on sensitive skin, and all good, safe, healthy ingredients - plus made in NZ. Oh yeah, and they smell wonderful, especially this honey hand cream.

4th January, 2022

what brand hand cream is that? I love hand creams.

4th January, 2022



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