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Five Drugstore Eyeshadows YOU Love!

19 July, 2021 - 06:24am by - Head Pixie | 4 Comments

compiled by BR Tabatha

I once bought a single eyeshadow and paid $35 for it. Madness, I know. Also, something I'll never do again, because we are living in a glorious world where affordable formulations are as good if not better than there bougie counterparts. So which affordable eyeshadows have gotten the Top Rated badge of approval from Beauty Review members? Read on...

1.  Maybelline Eye Studio Colour Tattoo 

RATED: 4.4/5!

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Beauty Review Member MakeupbyKL says: I really liked these as they are really pigmented and come in a great range of colours. Easy to apply with a flat brush and then buff it out for a quick and fun look. These eyeshadows have a bold colour impact for a look that lasts all day.

2.  Maybelline The Burgundy Bar

RATED: 4.4/5

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Beauty Review Member Kellyleanne says: The colours are just gorgeous and gives you such a selection of lovely colours that are so shimmery. Maybelline has come out with another winner for this palette. It is one of my favourite palettes. The eye shadow formula is really nice too.

3.  Revlon ColorStay 16 Hour Eyeshadow 

RATED: 4/5!

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Beauty Review Member JennyD61 says: I don’t wear heavy eyeshadows so the subtle neutral shades suit me well. Easy to apply and blend and with a good base it definitely lasts all day. All in all a good price for a good product.

4.  W7 In The Buff Palette

RATED: 4/5

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Beauty Review Member Lutece says: For the price it is worth every cent, I would highly recommend this for those that are beginners with makeup or on a beauty budget. I have used this more times than I had imagined I would and created so many different eye makeup looks from natural to smokey cut crease.

5.  ColorPop Super Shock Shadow

RATED: 4.5/5

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Beauty Review Member Kittiemui says: The shade range is phenomenal and the texture is simply unique and the pigment and payoff is top-notch. Price-wise it is unbeatable.

And there we have it! Five eyeshadows that are not only affordable but brilliant as well! What more could a makeup lover ask for? Did your favourite brand or product make the list? Are there other affordably priced eyeshadows that we need to know about? 

 Let us know below!



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26th July, 2021

I've heard wet n wild are doing great things so I'll be looking out for them to make some of these lists soon.

24th July, 2021

I've been buying single colours from Brands.

24th July, 2021

Colourpop Super Shocks are the best! Coconut is my most loved, it's amazing!

21st July, 2021

Ohoh, I’ve tried/had all of these, I only disagree with W7, I thought it was rather low quality, not much pigment, but the rest I really enjoyed using! :)


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