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Five Beauty Tips We All Need To Know

11 June, 2019 - 07:17pm by - Head Pixie | 14 Comments

By BR Tabatha

Beauty tips can be a bit like trends, they come and go, and what might work now may well not work in a year. Things like where and how to contour, the best places to put highlight on your face, hair colouring techniques, how and where to apply eyeliner. However there are some beauty tips that hold true no matter the era, the time of year, or where we're at in our lives. Check out these five...

Don't pop your zits. It's tempting. Especially when there's a big ol' angry one sifting around under the surface, with the beginnings of something squeezable breaking through. But much like an iceberg, the top may be little, but there's a whole lot more going on underneath. By giving that popper a press you can send bacteria down, which can make the pimple worse and increase healing-time, it can also lead to more pimples appearing in the same area. No. Thank. You. It goes without saying (so we're going to say it anyway...) that there's also the potential for scarring. The best thing you can do? Use your patience and let time work her healing magic (and if you're desperate to speed the process up spot-treat it with a good clay mask or pick up a pimple patch - we love the ones from Cosrx.)

Who doesn't love a steaming hot bath or shower? Easing away your aches. Releasing your mind from a worrisome day.... As lush as they are, they're not all that great for your bod and face. Alas, it's better for us to avoid steaming hot water. Why? It strips your natural oils and weakens the protective barrier, leaving skin dry, and at times itchy and irritated. So if you want to keep your skin naturally hydrated and in great condition, keep your water lukewarm, and keep your bath and shower time short.

Fancy mashing bacteria into your skin? Feel free not to clean or replace your beauty tools. However, if the idea of grimy greebers setting up shop on your face gives you a case of the shudders, then you'll want to clean your makeup brushes regularly. And don't forget to replace sponges every three months (assuming you clean them regularly).

Even if it's a twenty minute walk around a park or popping on the tele and loading up the dance app for fifteen minutes, there's such power in a bit of exercise. First up, it gives your skin a natural glow. Always a good thing. The release of endorphins that comes from exercising can also work to pull you out of a bad-day funk*, replacing a frown with a smile and adding a youthful bounce to your step. Lastly, it promotes better sleep - and the term 'beauty sleep' doesn't exist for nothing.

(*If your funk is of the long-lasting kind, please see a health professional.)

The last tip? One we bang on about on the regular? Wear sunscreen. All year round. Yes, even in winter. Future you will love you for it.

In a nutshell... keep your mitts away from your zits. Keep your water warm. Take care of your beauty tools. Get a body wriggle on regularly. And slap on sunscreen. Five simple things that will instantly help you rock your most beautiful self.

So our lovelies, do tell... what's the best beauty tip that you've ever been given? Sharing is caring...


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14th August, 2019

I'm great at using sunscreen but I suck at the rest x

11th August, 2019

Great tips

5th August, 2019

Stay out of the sun!

5th August, 2019

Given by a very fair skinned GP after getting sunstroke at age 15!

3rd July, 2019

Oh but it's so cold! Hot showers ease pain and warm you up. Must hydrate skin afterwards!

24th June, 2019

I'm guilty when it comes to a steaming hot shower,nothing better on a cold winters morning or night.

17th June, 2019

Staying hydrated even through winter.

16th June, 2019

I'm a real sucker for touching and popping blemishes on my face - I just can't help it even though its bad!

15th June, 2019

What! Lol I love popping pimples , and I’m not stopping lol And my toasty hot showers .. I’m guilty . I love my sunscreen though.

13th June, 2019

I am a bit slack with some of these eek but my diets not too bad so that might make up for some of my slackness in other departments

13th June, 2019

I definitely lack exercise... and definitely a fan of nice steamy showers, especially in winter. Those are the two i really need to work on. I can’t stand a cold shower.

13th June, 2019

I heard some people purposely dip their faces into cold water in the morning just to keep their pores tight. But i definitely don’t think my face can handle the cold water in the winter morning.

12th June, 2019

Eating lots of greens and fruit is underrated in terms of what it can do for your skin and nails. I have had my longest, strongest nails when I was eating lots of veggies and having fish oil or fish regularly. I do all of the above too. I do spot clean some of my cleaner powder brushes and eyeshadow brushes every other week. But all my concealer and foundation brushes and anything used with a liquid gets washed once per use. I don't chuck my beauty blender every three months but then I don't use it every day and it gets washed after each use.

13th June, 2019

I agree Tannygirl. Lots of fruits. But i must say, this is something i need to work on as well.

12th June, 2019

I'm onto it with all the things on this list, winning!

11th June, 2019

Always double cleanse! I'm not so good at a few of those...oops!

11th June, 2019

Best tip I’ve heard is using rose hip oil. It’s a one stop shop for a lot of things.

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