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Fight the Frizz! How To Head Off Humidity!

24 May, 2021 - 06:14am by - Head Pixie | 31 Comments

By BR Amelia

Humidity. The word strikes fear into the heart of many a beauty lover. One hint of the dreaded moisture-filled air and our tamed tresses can tranform into wild manes of uncontrollability.

The funny thing about humidity is that it loves dry hair. So the drier your hair is, the more moisture your hair will suck up - turning it from sleek and chic to a halo of frizz. So what's a human to do should they want to head off humidity? Add moisture. But how can one do that without turning your locks limp?

Get the Right Shampoo and Conditioner Combo

Look for a shampoo and conditioner that mentions 'smoothing' or - surprise, surprise - anti-frizz. These will work to smooth the cuticle and lock in moisture. And don't forget to finish off by rinsing with cool water to help further close the cuticles.

Post-Shower Care is Key

Rubbing your hair only fluffs up the cuticle. So instead of attacking your hair with a cotton towel, gently squeeze the moisture out with a micro-fibre towel. 

Planning to blow-dry your hair? Apply a smoothing serum, then dry your hair on the lowest heat setting - and don't get too touchy with the hair, as this will only rough up the cuticle.

Hairspray Isn't Your Only Friend...

Hairspray works wonders at settling the frizz first thing, but sometimes we need a little extra help throughout the day...

Dryer Sheets to the rescue! No, seriously. Grab a pack from the supermarket, pop one in your handbag and when your hair starts to frizz up, run it over the area and watch things settle down once more.

Don't Get Handsy

Feel the need to fuss with your hair? Stop. Whenever you touch your hair you remove moisture, which then helps to promote the one thing you're trying to avoid - frizz. So if you feel like smoothing, or scrunching or stress-tugging your locks, sit on your hands, pick up the knitting, have a round of Under the Bambushes with an invisible friend, and know you're doing your hair a favour.

So is your hair affected by humidity? What are your tips and tricks for keeping it under control? Or are you a fan of tying it up and forgetting about it?

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31st July, 2021

I just cant seem to tame my flyaways! Ive tried lots of different frizziness products but after half a day my hair is looking crazy again. I did look into keratin straightening but its so expensive, and still run the risk of it not fixing the problem! I have quite oily hair so an oil wont work either!

11th July, 2021

Ive used a micro fibre towel for quite a while now and love them. Tumble drier sheets, too funny, but great idea. Drives me nuts when its humid and hair goes awol- no chande of that now its winfer. Im currently testing out a serum i have just bought as have terrible static at times

4th June, 2021

My hair has been increasingly getting frizzy! I really need to invest in dryer sheets to see if that helps settle down my hair frizz. I also need to start wiping my hair better which I never thought I would have to say.

26th May, 2021

I hate my frizzy hair and use a towel-style hair wrap to dry it as much as possible. I have to use mousse on my hair every day otherwise it will frizz up into a hideous mess! Even then, when it's humid I have to use serum to help control it.

25th May, 2021

My hair only has to have a touch of drizzle and the frizz comes out, would like a product to fix this.

25th May, 2021

I try to accept my frizzy type hair. Really want to get my hands on a mousse or something to help keep moisture throughout the day

25th May, 2021

I use a frizz serum when blow drying then spritz with hairspray. If all else fails I do a messy bun.

25th May, 2021

I can definitely relate to this article being a curly haired girl that is prone to dryness and frizz.I don't currently use a smoothing shampoo or conditioner but I might after reading this but I do swear by a blast of cool water at the end of my hair rinse to help smooth the cuticle it works really well and helps with shine too I have noticed.I have recently discovered after talking to a friend and doing my own online research that Olaplex bonding oil is brilliant for taming your hair and keeping the frizz at bay so I am going to give that a shot.It's not cheap at $55 a bottle but it has raving reviews and you only use a tiny wee bit.

25th May, 2021

Two tips stood out for me...the dryer sheets and the cool setting on your hair dryer. I use the hottest setting to make it faster to dry. I dont use conditioner as it seems too heavy for my fine hair but am lucky that with regular hairdresser visits it stays in excellent condition. This Summer was the worst for frizz though!!!

25th May, 2021

My hair has a mind of its own. I straighten it most days but by the end of the day it is normally frizzy again. Even tried the keratin straightening solution which was great for about 6 weeks and then it was back to normal. Have tried so many shampoos and conditions but nothing works. Love your little tricks to keep the frizz down, will try them and see what happens

25th May, 2021

My hair is SOOO curly so the minute it gets humid i end up looking like an 80s porn star!!!! ALWAYS trying new products to fight the frizz!

25th May, 2021

i have curly hair and it annoys me when gets a bit damp it goes rizzy, so would love to try a product that controls it.

25th May, 2021

My hair is an unruly beast with a mind of its own and I need all the help I can get. It is a fine, frizzy somewhat wavy combination of oily at the roots and dry at the ends mess. Send help!

25th May, 2021

I have really long curly hair, which is prone to frizz. I usually tie it up all year round (due to where I work) but especially in the summer as it is too hot to wear out. I make sure I use a good conditioner and always use a combing crème in my hair when combing in the morning, and a serum when putting my hair up then i can smooth out my frizzies and set with hairspray. Be interested in trialing any products involved in keeping the frizz away!

25th May, 2021

This summer has been terrible for the frizzies for me. Tried heaps of things even Mr Google! Love the tumble drier sheets suggestion at least your hair will smell divine and take static out of clothes so why not. Would love to find a product that works


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