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Fake Tan Fail!? Here's How To Fix It!

2 January, 2022 - 03:35pm by - Head Pixie | 14 Comments

by BR Amelia

I don't remember the last time I heard someone say 'my goal in life is to rock an Oompa Loompa like tan', yet for some of us it's been a reality. The natural looking tan promised on the can has resulted in an orangey hot mess. Alternatively, the colour's been fine but it's become patchy and obvious looking rather than fading evenly. So what's a person to do when they find themselves having a fake tan fail?

Here's five fab ways to remove it at home using products you have in your pantry! 

Fun fact: Oil helps break down the tanning agent that creates the colour on your skin. If you've a whole body's worth of colour you want to get rid of then an oil bath is a great way to go about it. Simply add an oil (coconut or olive oil is ideal) to a warm (not hot!) bath, then hop in, lie back and soak for a good twenty to thirty minutes. After that grab an exfoliating mitt and get scrubbing in circular motions. 

No bath? No problem! A shower option is to cover yourself in coconut or olive oil, wander about the house for twenty minutes letting it soak in, then jump in the shower with an exfoliating mitt and get to work sloughing it off!

If you don't have an exfoliating mitt, or the time to be hanging around for half an hour waiting for the oil to do its thing, you can always create your own exfoliant in the form of a sugar scrub. Combine brown sugar and olive or coconut oil, then jump in the shower and get exfoliating! Not only will it help fade the tan, you'll step out of the shower with silky, smooth skin!

Sometimes it's not a case of getting rid of a full body tan, but more dealing to those areas where things can get patchy - like the hands, elbows, ankles and knees. For times like these baking soda or lemon juice can be your best friend!

Take a good scoop of baking soda, add water, then apply it to the areas that need to be sorted. After a couple of minutes massage it into your skin to get the exfoliating action going, then wash it off! Alternatively, cut a lemon in half, squeeze the juice out and apply that with a cotton ball to the areas of your skin that need a little help. The juice will work to bleach away the discolouration.

Want to go next level? Mix lemon juice and baking soda together for a boosted self tan removing experience.

You know that apple cider vinegar you bought intending to drink it on the daily because that's the thing to do... but then didn't? It's perfect for dabbing onto areas like your finger webbs where self tan can accrue. Just apply to a cotton ball then get dabbing and let the ACV work its dissolving magic.

Of course, before trying any of the above - especially the lemon juice trick - we do recommend you spot test your skin first. The last thing you need is to add to your streaky tan woes by having a skin reaction!

So, my lovelies... Have you had a fake tan fail? Did you just live with it until it faded? Or did you find other ways to rid yourself of it? Sharing is caring so chat below!


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16th January, 2022

I tend to go for a gradual tan, like dove. I havent really mucked it up, I have seen some horrors using fake tanning products and it has put me off. With the gradual tan I just use it for maybe two days before I want that tanned look and it's great

15th January, 2022

Fake tan can be tricky to apply! Its best to take your time and prepare the skin well

11th January, 2022

I love a gradual tan that builds to avoid these disasters.. although this summer I tried little honey and have had no fail yet.

10th January, 2022

I've not used fake tan in years. I have bad memories from high school lol

4th January, 2022

I'd love to be able tog et out in the sun and get some real tan, but no such luck down here this year. I'm not keen on fake tan for myself - I'm too gumby applying it.

4th January, 2022

I love tanner Ive run out. Anyone see that tan contour on tik tok. Mind blowing !

4th January, 2022

I love tanner Ive run out. Anyone see that tan contour on tik tok. Mind blowing !

3rd January, 2022

Facial toner helps to lighten any areas that have gone patchy.

3rd January, 2022

Definitely use the coconut oil scrub to remove, curious to try with ACV. Investing in a self tanner that works well for my skin (the sugar baby brand one has been amazing!) has made a difference but occasionally still have some noticeable streaking.

3rd January, 2022

Never happened to me but it's so good to know ! I will remember if this ever happens Thanks

3rd January, 2022

I recently tried the Bondi Sands face tanning mist,I had to apply it to my face with a tanning glove because the spray on applicator wasn't working properly. It gave me a nice tanned face but because I have brown patchy sun damage on my cheeks, it accentuated them so I had to use concealer to cover them. I will try again, but might mix it with moisturiser for a lighter touch.

3rd January, 2022

Remember that if your going to use strong soaps baking soda lemon etc your going to take off the protective acid mantle and skin will be extra open and susceptible for infection and use sunscreen!!!!

3rd January, 2022

Yay for an exfoliation mitt

3rd January, 2022

I've never had a fake tan, I've always been a bit worried that something might go wrong. Good to know that there are ways to fix it.


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