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Everything You Need To Know About Lip Blushing!

6 March, 2022 - 12:31pm by - Head Pixie | 14 Comments

by BR Amelia

There were certain things I knew to expect about the ageing process. My girls would cease to defy gravity. My hair would lose pigmentation. My skin would be less elastic band and more soft and saggy. One thing that has taken me by surprise is seeing my lips lose their definition and pigmentation, and while I am more than happy to line and fill my lips to recreate the illusion of youth, it has got me wondering if there was a more permanent, time-saving, natural-looking option...

You see, in the past I'd read about cosmetic tattooing as a way to recolour and line the lips, but it always looked a little too fake for my liking. But times have changed, as has lip tattooing, and now we ladies who'd like to give our lips more definition and more pigmentation can now try lip blushing...

So... What is lip blushing?

Quite simply, lip blushing is a semi-permanent lip tattoo technique, which works to create a natural, just bitten look using pigment (rather than old school tattoo ink) upon the lips. 

What does lip blushing involve?

First of all, working with your technician, you'll choose a lip colour that works for you. In order to keep things looking natural, it is generally recommended that you go one to two shades darker than your existing lip colour. From there your technicial will map out where they'll be tattooing, then apply a numbing cream, before depositing pigment beneath the surface of your lips using fine needles.

The procedure takes about two hours, and immediately following the procedure you may experience tenderness and swelling, which will subside. The colour will also be darker than expected for the first few days, but will tone down as the skin heals.

What happens after the procedure?

Aftercare is super important if you're wanting to get the best results while avoiding infection. Healing can take a couple of weeks (with the finished result becoming obvious around the one month mark), and during this period it's important that you follow the directions given to you, which can include applying hydrating creams, not picking or scratching at the skin, not getting lips wet, not exercising in a meaningful way (aka no getting super sweaty), avoiding direct sunlight, not having facials, keeping products, other than the recommended cream, away from your lips. Yes, it's a lot to be aware of, but ignoring the advice can result in look that doesn't last or appear as good as it could.

After six to eight weeks you will be asked to come back for a touch up session.

Is lip blushing safe?

On the whole, yes. However, if you are pregnant, taking isotretinoin, suffer allergies, and/or are prone to cold sores, it might be best to steer clear of the procedure. Also, for those who enjoy a tipple, you need to avoid alcohol for 24 hours before having lip blushing donw. As always, find a reputable technician, ask questions, be open about any potential medical issues, and listen to the advice given to you before making a firm decision. 

Does it last?

Being semi-permanent, this isn't a procedure that'll last forever, and results will depend from person to person, but it can last anywhere from 18 months to five or so years before you need to have it redone.

Is lip blushing performed in New Zealand?

There are indeed cosmetic tattoo technicians who perform the procedure, with prices ranging from anywhere between $700 - $1200 mark for two sessions. 

All in all, I must say I'm intrigued... I love the idea of a freshened up pair of lips, especially if it means doing away with lip liner and lipstick and just being able to swipe on a bit of gloss before heading out the door.

So... Does lip blushing sound like a bit of you? Would you get it done? Or is it a hard pass? Chat below!



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28th May, 2022

It's magic. I'm in my early 50's and decided a small amount of filler was needed which was great but still felt I needed they only looked great with lippy so I took the plunge and got them lip blushed. Subtle enough that it was great with or without makeup. Totally love it I have the definition and volume I wanted and they look so natural. I feel like I've gain some years back in my face as well.

1st April, 2022

Seems a bit extreme that's a hard pass from me.

30th March, 2022

This doesn’t sound like it’ll be for me! Sounds unnecessary to me, not to mention costly.

17th March, 2022

Not for me.. yet. Though I don’t know if it’s something I’d change my mind on when I get older.

12th March, 2022

I would have it done if my lips disappeared so to speak. I've had my eyebrows micro pigmented and they turned out amazing, though I did my homework and saw her work. They numb the area and you don't experience pain during only a little smarting for 30 minutes after which is nothing.

10th March, 2022

I would give it a try once lol

9th March, 2022

Not for me personally, as I'm not great with pain, and I already have very dry and sensitive lips. Also, it would probably cost more than I'd want to spend.

9th March, 2022

I have heard of this and seen an influencer get some mucked up lips from the one she had done so its put me off.

7th March, 2022

Sounds like too much hard work post treatment for me! If it were truly permanent, I could be tempted... But, yeah, I think tinted lip balm's more my speed :)

7th March, 2022

I wonder if they numb area first , need some more color and plumper lips so woukd be nice

7th March, 2022

I'd be interested, I would need to know how painful it is though?

7th March, 2022

Lol lip blushing! Not for me but curious to see if someone gives it a whirl!

7th March, 2022

Ouch I don’t think I could handle that, I’m too much of a chicken to even think of getting Botox or those eyebrow tattoos. Who knows though if we ever stop wearing masks maybe this will become a huge trend.

7th March, 2022

Definitely not for me. I would not spend that much money.


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