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Embroidery Tattoos Are A Thing - And We're Here For Them

30 April, 2019 - 01:33pm by - Head Pixie | 15 Comments

By BR Tabatha

Fun fact:  A goodly amount of we gals at BRHQ have one or many pieces of art tattooed upon our bodies. Due to this, when we see a stunning tattoo or tattoo trend (still heart-eyeing the white tattoo trend from a way back) we are quick to comment. So what's caught our eye of late? Embroidered tattoos.

Take a look at this...


Now, before you pull out the needle and thread... don't try this at home. Because there's no needle and thread involved. It's simply the illusion of embroidery... Tattooed. On. A. Person's. Skin.

Mind. Blown.

How much talent does it take to do this? More than we have, combined. Let me tell you.


What we especially love about this trend is that it can be as easy or as extra as you'd like. From simple symbols to cartoon characters, from flowers to fairies, from cute to colossal, you dream it and a talented tattoo artist can create it.


Catch that 'talented' bit? You don't just want any ol' person attempting this look. Ask to see examples of their work, make sure they can do it, otherwise you could end up looking like a six-year-olds art project gone wrong.

So... is this a tattoo trend you can appreciate? Can we call it a 'trend' if it's on your skin (potentially) for life? Or is the only embroidery you're interested in seeing on a cushion or hung on the wall? Chat away!


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28th May, 2019

They look a bit messy. I think it's better to get timeless tattoos (Japanese, traditional, realism) that will stand the test of time rather than what is trending at the moment (ie Mandalas, etc) but each to their own.

18th May, 2019

I really want more tattoos but because I'm in retail I'm not allowed...boooo

5th May, 2019

I love tattoos. If I wasn’t in retail I would cover myself in them lol

4th May, 2019

Some of them can be very creative but I wouldn't know what to pick and I fear needles.

2nd May, 2019

I can appreciate the skill involved. I worry with tattoos and time, sometimes they dont stand the test of time.

2nd May, 2019

I love doing embroidery, but I’m not a fan of these tattoos. I prefer the look of more traditional tattoos.

2nd May, 2019

I love doing embroidery, but I’m not a fan of these tattoos. I prefer the look of more traditional tattoos.

1st May, 2019

I would love a tatt but my biggest fear is needles so I don’t actually have any. Those florals are so pretty though.

1st May, 2019

I'm not a fan.

1st May, 2019

These are pretty, but tattoos aren't for me. My 4 year old would be impressed if I got a unicorn tattoo though haha

1st May, 2019

I'm covered in tattoos and this looks cool but not my style.

1st May, 2019

Absolutely love that second pic, so beautiful. I have a couple of small tatts but wouldn't consider getting this done.

1st May, 2019

It's a work of art but I'm not into tattoos on myself.

30th April, 2019

Looks pretty colourful.. but no tattoos for me ;D

30th April, 2019

I don't know how long this trend will last, but their beautiful. I appreciate tattoos on other people, but I can't get one for myself.