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Easy, Breezy Summer Beauty!

18 December, 2017 - 08:20pm by - Head Pixie | 14 Comments

By BR Tabatha

Ah summer, you beautiful thing, we meet again. It's time to lose the layers and get back to basics - and we're not just talking about clothing. Summer's the time of year where bare skin is pretty much a must because one hit of heat and there's a decent chance your face is sliding towards your t-shirt. Of course that doesn't mean we have to abandon our makeup routines completely. We can just lighten up with these must-have summer beauty products!

One slick of lip balm and your pout looks instantly more appealing! With Revlon Kiss Balm not only are you nourishing and hydrating your lips, you're also adding a hint of colour and protecting those kissers with SPF20.

A full face of high-coverage foundation in summer can feel a touch claustrophobic, so if you're after a lighter look that will still work to smooth out your skin tone and provide some coverage then you can't go past a good BB cream. Chi Chi Super BB Cream not only has SPF30, but it comes with the Top Rated tick of approval from Beauty Review members.

I don't care what anyone says, macara is a must. It instantly open up your eyes, makes you look more awake, more aware, more pulled together. It's the edible glitter on a cupcake. And in summer waterproof mascara comes into its own - you'll survive random summer showeres, rogue waves, little kids in pools who think it's fun to splash you in the face, with not a case of panda eyes in sight.

There's something so refreshing about applying a liquid blush in the warmer months. it slides onto the skin and leaves you with a gorgeous, natural, glowing, youthful flush. Stila Aqua Glow Watercolour Blush also comes with a cooling effect - bonus! 

Of course there are some days when you're too hot to be bothered at all. Sitting in front of a mirror and applying the slap has no appeal when the call of the beach sings its siren song. Or when you're in the mood to traipse through the cooling shade of native bush. The only thing you need then (something you should be wearing every single day) is a good sunscreen. Slap it on (then add mascara - I know, I'm obsessed) and you're ready to enjoy the fruits of the most fabulous time of year. 

So... what does your summer beauty regime look like? What are your non-negotiables? Chat away!



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24th January, 2018

Ah yes I've heard good things about chi chi bn cream. I love bb cream in summer as its lighter and doesn't go cakey during the heat

26th December, 2017

I try (key word is try) to keep it light with tinted moisturiser, blush for colour, highlight, mascara and lippy.

23rd December, 2017

This week I didn't wear foundation for couple of days, but had my sunscreen and moisturizer on as well as my mascara and eyeliner.

22nd December, 2017

Now I'm on holiday, I'm just using moisturiser, SPF and lipstick. I'm not even bothering with mascara as I usually have sunglasses on when I out and about anyway.

21st December, 2017

I do love Oasis sunscreen, it is one of my faves. I dont very often go without make up, maybe if I am sick is about the only time I go without. Basic make up for me is sunscreen, foundation, brows,lips and amascara. I wear full face everyday and I have found Kat Von D foundation stays on the best for me. Our air con at work is not the greatest and now with hot flushes I do struggle with make up and sweating, however I use my Avene spray, that really helps.

20th December, 2017

I just do brows and eyeliner! Anything else and it just feels heavy and slides off!

19th December, 2017

That sunscreen is my fave. I would say I don't have summer makeup routine or winter makeup routine it's just whatever my skin needs in terms of skincare and then whatever makeup I'm in the mood and have the time to do. Today I wore a full face of primer, foundation, layers of powder, bronzer, blush, highlight, eye primer, eyeliner, eyeshadow, three different different brow products and finished it off with a berry, wine colored lip. As far as makeup goes it's anywhere from a full face to nothing at all but I always do a full skincare routine and never skip on spf.

19th December, 2017

I was trying to do full face the other day and I swear it was running as I was applying it! Sunscreen, mascara, bronzer and tinted lip balm is my new go to. Sunscreen is my non-negotiable.

19th December, 2017

I can't rave enough about Clinique Almost Powder. It is SPF15, matches my skintone perfectly, blends evenly, and is very light. It is more of a skintone-evening product than a full foundation. I absolutely love it!

19th December, 2017

When I’m at home I don’t wear make up . Just Subscreen. At work I wear a full face of make up . I never have fade or face melt so far .

19th December, 2017

I'm not a full-faced gal on the coldest of days, unless there's an event on. So in the summer heat I just keep with skincare, spf, eyeliner/mascara and maybe a lipstick (or more likely a lipbalm).

18th December, 2017

Very light - CC cream, tinted moisturiser and mineral foundation. I hate the feeling of sweating and thinking it might be running down my face!

18th December, 2017

It has been mega hot here so I keep it simple. BB cream and mascara. I love a natural look :-)

18th December, 2017

Me too Lisa - with just enough product to hide the ickiest bits!!!

18th December, 2017

I always wondered how ladies wore a full face of make up. With the humidity I just sweat and it gets messy. My summer make up routine is super basic. BB cream with spf in it, eyeshadow, mascara and lippie.


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