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The Crew Reviews: Best of 2018 Makeup

26 December, 2018 - 07:33pm by - Head Pixie | 138 Comments

By BR Kellie

Oodles of beauty products pass through the hallowed halls of Beauty Review and the crew takes it upon ourselves to try as much as we can because... erm... research. It's important for us to stay across the latest releases, new formulas, seasonal shades... I mean, it's our job, we have to, and also because we're beauty junkies. We get every bit as excited by the sight of a courier bag as a magpie when it sees a glittery strand of tinsel in a hedge. 

So what makeup found its way into our lives and our hearts this year? Read on!

BR Merilyn

NYX Professional Makeup Wonder Stick

Love makeup that makes life easy? You're going to adore the NYX Professional Makeup Wonder Stick. With a highlight on one end and a contour colour on the other, you just swipe, blend and go. So creamy, so easy, so simple! I'll be repurchasing this in a flash!

BR Natalie 

Maybelline Superstay Lip Ink

The Maybelline Superstay Lip Ink is my makeup hit of 2018. I've tried a few shades, but my favourite is Dreamer. Its kinda pink, kinda nude. I wear it and I feel like my lips are making a statement without looking too bold. Everything about this product is perfect. The applicator is easy to use and the formula is smooth and creamy - there's no stickiness at all! The matte finish is stunning. Matte without a hint of dryness. And when they say this is a Superstay product - you better believe it. It doesn't budge for food or drink. On a night out you'll probably survive without a touch up!

BR Kellie

L'Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Glow

This year I've done a bit of a one-eighty in my makeup application techniques. I've let my brushes and sponges languish as I've gone back to getting fingery with it, and the change can all be put down to L'Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Glow. When I got my hands on this foundation I tried it with a sponge and it was okay, but not amazing. A brush didn't do it for me either. But my fingers? With a little swipe and wipe fingery action the result was glorious! Streak-free, even application that gave me a my skin but much, much better look! Bonus? It's FAST. In between making lunches, doing housework and yelling 'get your uniform on' a thousand times every morning I require quick and easy makeup and this stunner ticks all the boxes! 

BR Tabatha

Hourglass Caution Extreme Lash Mascara

This is everything. No exaggeration. One swipe and you've got longer, lusher more luxurious lashes. They're separated, non-clumping and the formula doesn't flake. I've always thought high-end mascaras were a bit of a have considering how many amazing drugstore ones there are out there (L'Oréal Paris Paradise Mascara is AMAZING and had I not discovered this would have taken the title), but this has me convinced that it's sometimes worth it to pay the extra pingers. Sublime.

BR Amelia

Teddy Lane Nails

Teddy Lane Nails are incredible. I never thought I'd be raving about stick-on nails, and yet here I am in my yearly review, raving about stick-on nails! With so many designs and shapes and lengths to choose from you'd be hard pressed not to find a design you loved. It's so easy to find the right nails to fit yours and even easier to apply them. And you can choose the application that's right for you. Do you want them on just for the night? Or for the whole week? You can opt for either! And, if you look after them, you can totally reuse them!  Fab brand, fab price, fab products.

2018 was a brilliant year for makeup. Fantastic formulas, gorgeous innovations... it's made us all the more excited to see what 2019 brings! So, what hit the top of your love-list this year? Get chatting!


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16th January, 2019

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer was a real find - just a lovely product. Great for summer photos

16th January, 2019

My favourite for 2018 is Wet n Wild Face Primer DEWY LUMINEUX. It gives your skin a healthy glow, is a realistic price and you can wear this alone with maybe a touch of concealer in those problem areas. Great for those of us that are aging too and want a healthier glow. I love it!

16th January, 2019

My Urban Decay all nighter setting spray was my life saver for 2018! Kept my make up lasting all day and night!

16th January, 2019

My Jeffree Star lippies remain my absolute faves. They last allllllll day, have so many funky colours (and more tame for the less adventurous) and best of all - they're not drying!

15th January, 2019

loved discovering new to me products and getting samples of things like the clinique sculpting highlighter chubby stick and in particular k-beauty... so innovative - too many products to remember D:

15th January, 2019

Favourite makeup of 2018.. would either be the maybelline fit me foundation - dewy + smooth. Goes on smooth and even. looks natural and flawless. Or the hourglass ambient strobe lighting powder. Lasts ages and is not blinding. Goes on subtly and is buildable and super glowy

15th January, 2019

Nutrimetics foundations. Great buildableciverage, lightweight formula, no breakouts amd great range of shades. Feels like nothing

15th January, 2019

Best makeup of 2018...I find this really hard. I think for me 2017 was all about trying different stuff and 2018 was about finding and sticking to some favourites. It's hard to look past MAC powders and liquid foundation, they do everything so well. One new thing I did love this year was the ABH Soft Glam eyeshadow palette. I love ABH palettes, the powders are so soft and pigmented and I want to collect them all! (Except maybe not subculture as that one's a bit disputed!).

15th January, 2019

I've got some interesting finds this year - one being a dirt cheap contour stick from that K-Mart Brand OXX. The set did come with a highlighter stick, but I didn't use it enough to justify keeping it (I'm pretty pale, so it didn't stand out enough). Worth trying if you're only just getting into contouring and want to learn the placement of the shades - (I've learnt a lot from Ru Paul's Drag Race this year, they should get a beauty shout out of their very own on this list). I would 100% repurchase this product when I run out.

15th January, 2019

SNS nails! My nails are stronger and longer than ever before. I have not had one chipped or broken nail since I discovered this magical art, seven months ago. I am also a big fan of the Australis Shade Adjusting Drops! These have been a godsend for me. As a person with dark skin my skin tone can change dramatically during different seasons. These drops allow me to continue using my foundation which saves me money and the hassle of having to purchase a whole new foundation.

14th January, 2019

I started experimenting with highlights a little bit in my makeup routine. I don't wear makeup frequently as I have sensitive skin but have found City Colour Shimmer highlight in white gold to work really well, it never looks overdone and is easy to apply and is also really affordable.

14th January, 2019

I have fell in love with the mellow brow definer, it is really easy to use and has a good colour for my eyebrows and last a very long time.

14th January, 2019

My favourite pick of 2018 would have to be the Too Faced Gingerbread palette, it's so pigmented and smells AMAZING!! There's so many colours and the glitters are awesome, you can create so many looks. Totally worth the cost!

14th January, 2019

My favourite for 2018 was an eyeliner pen I found while I was in the states - NYX "Thats the Point". The stay power is great, yet easy to remove, the colour is really rich dark black and it is soooo easy to do my eyeliner now, its like drawing it on with a pen!

14th January, 2019

Teddy Lane nails are great! (I've already reviewed these myself, a few months ago).

My top makeup pick for 2018 is the Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer. What a game changer! It is so soft and buildable without being cakey. I URGE you to try this.