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Ten Under $10 Tools You Need Now!

18 January, 2018 - 10:53pm by - Head Pixie | 42 Comments

By BR Kellie

While it would be nice to have a beauty room filled with the best high end beauty products the world has to offer, sometimes we have to be realistic about what's in our bank account. Or not in our bank account, as the case may be. Yet just because we're not swimming in cash a la Scrooge McDuck (sigh, I'm showing my age), it doesn't mean we have to miss out. There's plenty of fantastic budget-friendly beauty options out there - check these fab ten tools under $10 out!


If the cost of a Beautyblender makes you blanche, check out the Chi Chi Make-up Blending Sponge! It's just $8.99 from Farmers and can be used to apply and blend cream products to the skin. We especially love its tear drop shape for getting into all the itty bitty corners of the face.


An easy way to make your peepers pop is to use an eyelash curler alongside lashings of mascara - and this rose gold number from Kmart is rocking our world! And it's just $7!

Kmart comes to the pretty party again with these out-of-control unicornesque Iridescent Slant Tweezers. They're only $6, but they look a million bucks. 

You know what I enjoy? A tool that makes life easier... and while you might not strictly call Manicare's Moisturing Nail Polish Remover Pads a tool, I'm saying they are because like a tool you use them to fix things. In this case, removing manky nail polish. For all of $6.90 you don't have to faff about with cotton balls or pads and worry about spilling nail polish remover onto your nice wooden coffee table and ruining its surface. (Yes. I have done that.) These are must-haves.

Good looking brows require good tools, and a spoolie and brush are a great place to start. Carousel Cosmetics have got you sorted with a 2-in-1 brush for just $9. Available from Beauty Bliss.

There are those times when you really need to check your reflection, like just before an interview or when you're on a date and want to make sure there's no spinach or seeds in your teeth. Times like this a compact mirror is a must - and this Manicare Mirror Compact is just $9.49!)


Who needs to spend a fortune on a mani or pedi when the Mecca Max Nail Care Cube can shape, buff and shine your nails to perfection for all of $7!

Soft. Fluffy. And absolutely fabulous. You've got to love the Wet n Wild range of brushes for affordable tools that get the job done. Their Blush Brush is a bargain at $6.99.

A good blending blush makes the difference between a nice eye look and a smoking hot one. The prices of some blending brushes though are enough to make your eyes water. Not this one though - the Morphe M218 Fluff Brush is all of $9 and its rounded design make buffing and blending a breeze!

Sometimes even when we're feeling frugal we want a little luxury in our lives, and what can make a gal feel more fancy than sharpening her eye or lip pencils with this delightful Benefit All-Purpose Sharpener, at the totally doable price of $9. Get on my vanity already!

So there you have it, ten beauty tools for less than a tenner! Are any of these on your must-have list? What other bargain-priced beauty tools do we need to know about? Chat away!



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23rd January, 2018

I have that blender and $9 for it is magical. I love it and it does the same job as the actual beauty blender brand. I am loving those tweezers by the way....heart eyes all day!

23rd January, 2018

Great to see you include the Mecca Max Nail Care Cube as I find them so handy.I keep one close by for a quick spruce or tidy.Totally go for that little mirror for pocket or bag too so I can reassure myself I am looking my best

22nd January, 2018

Would be keen to try the Morphe brushes.

22nd January, 2018

Thanks for the beauty tool ideas, they're the little things we can't live without. I definitely need to try the beauty blender from farmers, they work really well

22nd January, 2018

I switched from using mega expensive beauty blenders to the chi chi version and I'd never go back!

22nd January, 2018

I love the Chi Chi sponges. I purchased a four pack for $19.95 when they had a sale and they are just as good as the Real Technique sponges only way cheaper!

21st January, 2018

The nail remover pads would be great I must get some, I had ran out of my usual nail polish remover last week and used some cheap horrid brand mum had it smelt so strong and I could smell it for the rest of the day and night def wont be using that again!

21st January, 2018

Went out and bought the Chi Chi makeup blending sponge today.....I will one day stretch to the Beautyblender I'm sure, but I'm all for saving on some items to help fund other beauty spends

21st January, 2018

I have to say with the eyelash curlers, it's better to find one that fits the curve of your eyes really well, and then buy lots of replacement pads for it. Saves money in the long run and it makes your lashes look better.

21st January, 2018

Those tweezers look really cool, and the Wet 'n' Wild brush looks very pretty! I gave my sister the "We love nails" beauty box for her birthday, which included the Manicare Moisturising Nail Polish Remover Pads, and she says they are really good. One nail pad apparently does all of her fingernails.

21st January, 2018

Those tweezers look great,will be buying some next time I head to the mall

21st January, 2018

Loove my Chi Chi blender, Chi Chi have a few designs at affordable prices! Also love the Manicare nail remover stuff & along with everything you said..they smell good too!

21st January, 2018

ooooh I am loving the shape of the yellow chi chi sponge!! I've been eyeing up real techniques, but I am long time beauty cake user , I really want to move into liquid foundations again with a blending sponge , anyone got the new yellow chi chi

21st January, 2018

I want to try more beauty spounges I have one but it is started to tear

21st January, 2018

Essence (Farmers) makes great sharpeners. I recently invested in a NARS Dragon Girl lip pencil ($40 eek!) and really didn't want to spring for a NARS sharpener (over $20) so I looked for dupes online and was recommended Essence. Only a couple of dollars and does a great job!!

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