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Simple Tricks To Take You From Drab To Fab!

9 September, 2018 - 08:03pm by - Head Pixie | 17 Comments

By BR Kellie

We all have those days (and if you don't, I'm jealous)... You wake up. You look in the mirror. Your heart sinks. Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's lack of sleep, maybe you've been ill or are getting ill, maybe hormones are marching through your body whispering lies into your head... whatever the reason, you're having a BFD

Bad Face Days suck. But they happen. Chances are those around us think we look our same fabulous selves, but we don't see what they see. We see dark circles under the eyes. Extra frowny frown lines. Skin that looks dull. You get the picture...

So what's a gal to do when she's hit with a BFD? Tackle the problem, of course! So what are some quick and easy ways to turn a BFD into a GFD (Great Face Day)? Check these out...

Want to reveal a fresher you? You're going to have to hide yourself away for a bit first. And by hide yourself away, I mean, pop on a face mask for twenty odd minutes. Choose one that suits your skin type, let it luxuriate on your skin, then wash it away. Even if you're still not feeling peppy after pampering yourself, your skin will at least be glowing.

Speaking of masks... How did we live without eye patches? Not the pirate kind, but the serum-infused under-eye kind. They perform too-tired-to-exist wizardry. Simply whack a pair on. Go about your day for fifteen or more minutes. Peel off - and voila - you look instantly refreshed. They're not just for your eyes either. If you've woken up with wrinkles more furrowed than usual around your mouth, on your forehead or between your brows, pop an eye patch on, let it do its thing, and before you know it you'll be living the hydrated skin, wrinkles plumped up dream.

A simple trick to instantly brighten your face, or your whole look, is to apply a spectacular shade of lipstick. Think fuschia pink, a true red, bright orange. Sure, it can be nerve-wracking if you're used to a more subtle shade, but once you see the admiring glances and receive the 'you look great today' compliments, all nerves will quickly fade away.

I don't look awake until I apply mascara, which is why mascara is kinda magic, and a must for those days when you look like you've not slept in a week. A few sweeps of the wand through your lashes and your eyes appear wider, brighter and you'll look more alert.

Another quick fix to making yourself look more fab than you feel to try a little lymphatic drainage massage. You can do this with your own hands, but you can also use a jade roller, and Gothamista has a fantastic video tutorial on how to use a jade roller - and what to look for if you're wanting to buy a proper jade roller and not an imitation one.

Lastly? This is my all time favourite trick to hiding the ugh, the meh, the why-do-I-have-to-adult-today. Smile. If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times, and I'll say it a thousand times again. Smiling instantly brightens your face, lights up your eyes, and makes you look a million times better than wandering round with a woe-is-me frown. Reveal your pearlers and show the world your shine! 

So there you have it, six ways to fake it 'til you make it, to transform our blah days into brilliant ones! So... what are your favourite ways to fix a BFD? Sharing is caring!

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I try to kinda soak my face with a face cloth to try and plump out the bad bits!!

Mascara and brows make a world of difference to me personally. If my skin is really bad, I also add a decent dose of eye shadow to distract from the BFD

Heaps of moisturizer followed by luminous primer then a slick of glossy lip colour and a spritz of perfume then I feel sorted lol.

Love a good face mask but really need to try some eye patches. The skinfood coconut water spray is good to brighten my skin too.

Quick sheet mask that's been chilled in the fridge is great at waking me up and making my skin a bit brighter.

Oh yesss good point about the fridge!! I keep my linden leaves eye rescue in the fridge and it's a handy roll on.. it feels so nice and cool when applied straight from the fridge so will do that with my masks next time - thanks for the handy tip!

9th September, 2018 at 9:14 pm

A paper bag! Lol ummmm a sheet mask always helps plump skin up and make it glow. A nice facial mist also.

I take a shower or a pampery bath. Exfoliate, shave and massage in some nice body oil. Always works for me.

MMM sounds divine !

10th September, 2018 at 10:46 am

lipstick and Mascara do it for me - I always feel a bit more positive if I have half a face on - toner also makes me feel a lot brighter

I like to use a stand out shade of lippy, always peps my mood.

Can anyone reccomend some eye patches? That sounds great . Love to try those . I’m feeling this topic at the moment.

The Secret Key Racoon Eye ones are quite popular for brightening under your eyes and they actually do work but if you have sensitive skin I would be cautious. It did brighten my under eyes noticeably but when my skin got sensitive I had to give them

10th September, 2018 at 1:52 pm

away. My sister on the other hand loved them and wanted me to buy her more!

10th September, 2018 at 1:53 pm

Cool thank you

10th September, 2018 at 2:37 pm

A good concealer helps, I also like to line my lower waterline with a nude pencil and brighten the inner corners. Eye cream is also a must. But mostly what I've noticed is that we are our own harshest critic and what we think people can see from a mile away they don't notice unless we draw attention to it.

Great article. Totally interested to hear about this jade roller thingy. What does it do lol.

I also need my eyeliner to brighten my eyes.

Love it. Smile.

Make up! And good skin care.


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