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Cowabunga! Is This Nail Trend The Cream of the Crop?

24 March, 2019 - 08:23pm by - Head Pixie | 22 Comments

By BR Tabatha

Take a leap, leopard print nails. Tootle on, tiger stripes. There's a more gentle, chilled, cool nail look that mani-mad gals are loving...

Cow print nails are having a moment, and they're surprisingly gorgeous! Check these pretties out...


Who'd have thought a simple white base with black splodges would be a show-stopper of a look?


We especially love that it's a look you could do at home - and that you don't have to have the steady hands of a brain surgeon in order to achieve it. 


We don't know what we love more - the perfection of Chez Paints Nails' manicure of the fact she called it a moo-nicure. Genius. We're dying.

So.... will you be rocking a moo-nicure? Or is this a no-nicure for you? Chat away!



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10th April, 2019

Pretty cool although I had crappy nails and don't wear falsies due to my type of job. Would like to get a cool set for when I go out though :) (who am I kidding, I don't go out hahahaha).

8th April, 2019

It certainly looks interesting but not my cup of tea. Great for a dress up cowgirl outfit for a party though.

6th April, 2019

I think it’s quite funky actually - and love that the splodges mean even I could do the mani

5th April, 2019

Cute but too out there for me.

4th April, 2019

Oh holy wife and relief milker over here so of course this would be super fitting for my life! I'd totally rock it. The only problem is the hands and nails get dirty so that white would quickly turn green or brown. Love me some Fresian!

3rd April, 2019

Cute but I won't be doing it

2nd April, 2019

Maybe as a feature nail rather than feature nails :D

29th March, 2019

Different and cute but not something that I will be rocking unless I'm off to a fancy dress party dressed as a cow girl then I would be in.

28th March, 2019

Eye catching! I'm I the only one though who though these looked like dalmation nails. Cruella Devill should gone for these instead of that fur coat.

27th March, 2019

Omg, I love these!

27th March, 2019

Mmmmmmm no thanks

26th March, 2019

Surprisingly cute

26th March, 2019

These are cute and I feel like maybe even I could manage them!

25th March, 2019

They are actually quite cute

25th March, 2019

Lol, yes, I would probably give them a go for fun!


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