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Does Your Sensitive Skin Need A Fresh Start?

23 April, 2021 - 07:12pm by - Head Pixie | 79 Comments

by BR Kellie

Do you know the signs of sensitive skin? Outwardly it can look like redness and roughness, but the invisible signs go further and include tightness, tingling, and hot sensations. What's really interesting is that according to this study anywhere between 60 to 70% of women experience sensitive skin to one degree or another, with sensitive skin affecting all skin types and complexions.  

With so many people experiencing sensitive skin, and with the prevalence rising amongst those who find themselves wearing masks in these times, Clarins have created an exciting new skincare range - Calm-Essentiel, which is scientifically formulated with sclareolide, a purified molecule from clary sage, a plant traditionally recognised for its soothing properties. 

It's a beautiful regime - and thirty Beauty Review members will have the chance to put it to the test! Interested? Here's what you could be reviewing... 

The Clarins Calm-Essentiel Redness Corrective Gel works to soothe skin discomfort, while skin redness is corrected thanks to the formula’s pearls and pigments. 

The Clarins Calm-Essentiel Soothing Emulsion calms and comforts the skin, while intensely moisturising and protecting, while leaving it looking radiant.


Finally, we have the Clarins Calm-Essentiel Restoring Treatment Oil, which works to create supple, soft skin, while renewing the most reactive skin. 

With its high tolerance pampering textures, fragrance developed for sensitive skin, and a minimum of ingredients to soothe, hydrate and protect, the Clarins Calm-Essentiel regime is a must-try for those with sensitive skin!

Want to put your hand up for this plant-based breakthrough that works in harmony with the skin? 

CLICK HERE to take the survey!

And why not comment below and tell us your experiences with sensitive skin?

Get chatting below!

Does your sensitive skin need a fresh start?

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9th May, 2021

My skin is super sensitive and I find that when I use a lot of face products, the skin around my eyes become very itchy and sore and dark and I find it very frustrating. I do love to try products like these and see if they really do wok for sensitive skin or not so I would be very keen to give this one a good go!

6th May, 2021

This sounds like such a perfect product for my sensitive skin! I’ve always wanted to try Clarins products but this range would be so good as I get very sensitive itchy skin to certain products and become very red! Would love the opportunity to review these amazing products!

27th April, 2021

I have been sensitive all round recently

27th April, 2021

I would love to try this. Clarins is a range I haven't used much before and love that it is plant based!

26th April, 2021

Would love to try this, my skin regime needs an overhaul!

26th April, 2021

Would love to try this out! My skin care needs a bit of a glow up

26th April, 2021

I would love to trial these products especially the restoring treatment oil and soothing emulsion ! I have just had a baby and finding my t-zone just constantly dry and flaky. I haven’t tried this brand before either! I would love to see the quality of these products and how all three would compliment each other.

26th April, 2021

I have always suffered with sensitive skin but it has gotten worse in the last few years. I have permanent red blotchy dry areas on my cheeks which I just cover with bb cream now. Would love to find a product to help with this. I'm almost used to the tight feeling after using most products I once assumed this was normal

26th April, 2021

I always have sensitive skin, and sometimes with the wrong products, I will have rash or dry patches. I’m hopping to try these new Clarins products.

26th April, 2021

I'm in my early forties & noticing significant changes to my skin (along with everything else!) Specifically my skin is not as radiant as it was in my younger years & I have begun to notice small patches of dryness. This combined with natural age & frown lines has me on the hunt for any product offering improvements. I would love to be considered for this trial xx

26th April, 2021

Wow.. looks like an interesting trial =)

26th April, 2021

These products sound gorgeous! My skin has always been sensitive and I would love to try these out!

26th April, 2021

I have very sensitive skin, especially around the eye area. My skin used to be quite oily, but now has dry patches, with uneven skin texture, I would love to try this regime.

26th April, 2021

I would love a spot on this trial team. I have very sensitive skin especially in Winter. My skin can get quite irritated with some beauty products and I suffer from redness and a tight sensation.

26th April, 2021

I’ve recently dropped about 20kg and my stress levels at work and home have been massive and for some unknown reason (I am guessing a major hormone shift) my skin haaaates everything I have putting on it for the last 10years. It’s so frustrating, I don’t even want to leave the house some days because my skin is just being right savage. I would love the opportunity to trial this set.