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The Beauty Vault - Aug
The Beauty Vault - Aug

Does Your Long Hair Need Some Extra Care?

30 April, 2018 - 08:44pm by - First Lady | 229 Comments


Poll posted by BR Natalie

Did you know about 70% of women in NZ have shouder length or longer hair?  

I'm one of them.  I have a hair cycle that lasts around 2 years.  I'll chop my hair into a lob, live with it for a while and then grow it out, determined to have long and strong hair.  And then somewhere between my shoulder blades and my bra strap, I chop it back into a lob again.

Now, whenver I set myself to growing my hair, someone without fail will utter the ultimate hair lie.  I bet you've heard it before, maybe you even believe it. 

"If you want long and strong hair be sure to get regular trims, it'll keep your hair healthy and help it to grow."


Here's the truth.  Your hair is pretty much dead from the root down.  Why would removing some of the dead part encourage the live root to grow?  It makes no sense right?  As for regular trims keeping it healthy? Well...

 Regular trims will remove split ends making your hair look healthy and lay flat, but it won't have any impact on the rate of growth or the overall condition of your hair.

In other words, if you have dry or damaged hair before a'll still be dry or damaged after a trim.  If you want long, strong and healthy hair, you do not have to reach for the scissors.  

Don't cut - choose repair!

We're putting the first ever Schwarzkopf Extra Care range dedicated specifically to long hair to the test. 

The new Schwarzkopf Extra Care Supreme Length range contains Micro Repair Lipids & Peony Essence to gently cleanse oily roots and repair damaged lengths.  The formula helps reduce and prevent split ends too.  

We need 20 reviewers to each use and review, the Supreme Length Shampoo, Conditioner and Intensive Mask.  Pretty cool right?  

If this sounds like the trial for you, tell us about your hair below!  Are you a long haired gal struggling with damage or split ends?  Are you contemplating going for the snip, but don't really want to?

Get chatting below - we might pick you!


Does Your Long Hair Need Some Extra Care?

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Trying to grow my hair out at the moment, rather damaged from a perm I got last year and now added some highlights. Lots of it got chopped off already, but don’t want to go any shorter. :/

Also, my hair is past my shoulders. :)

9th May, 2018 at 4:02 pm

Trying to grow my hair. Going to have to find this at the supermarket when I go. This is so totally exciting. Talk about perfect

My hair is finally growing after years of trying but the split ends are so bad! I need to try this to save me cutting it off!

Hi I have most of my life had long hair, but have noticed since having my daughter nearly 12 years ago, I have baby fly away hairs on top of my head, which can be a real nuisance, I have tried serums, hair gel, mousse. But is only a temporary fix, as the products tend to make my hair look oilyer,as I have oily scalp and the rest of my hair is in normal condition, so hopefully you will pick me to trial this new product.

My hair is waist length so needs extra care and tends to tangle and Matt up after a night of sleeping on it so I would like to try this range which looks worth a try.

Would love to try this I have just gone to having blonde hair to dark blonde want to repair hair before I need to cut it

This sounds like something I’d love to try. I’d love my hair longer than shoulder length but having to cut ends to make it look more healthy all the time. Love the pink packaging too!

My hair is long and so needs a cut but never seem to find time to do anything about this, so this would be amazing to help my dry ends. Thanks for the chance

I haven't had my hair done in four years apart from the quick trim once or twice a year. My hair definitely needs a spruce up! It is thin and brittle and falls out so easily. I would love to see if the Schwarzkopf Extra Care Supreme Length Range would help combat this and strengthen my hair! Plus it would be great to stop my partner from complaining about all my hair that collects on his socks walking around the house!

I would love to try these pretty please! My hair is super long and thirsty for some TLC! I have gazzilions of split ends, my hair is not looking the healthiest but I refuse to get it chopped, I just want to find a product that will really make a difference. Schwarzkopf Extra Care Supreme Length sounds like a life saver for me!

Yes yes this is me! I am a frequent 'lobber' who gets sick of fighting dry scraggly ends when trying to grow my hair into long luscious curls. I am currently at post lob stage about an inch past shoulders. My hair is curly and coloured so is prone to becoming dry. At the moment my hair is in lovely condition but I know it is around this stage that it starts to become a bit less manageable, easily knotted and matted at night and starts to dry out. This product sounds like it would suit me perfectly!

Ive been meaning to get my haircut but really do not want to, it is quite damaged. Would love to see if this works for me.

My hair has been bleached a few too many times! Have dry ends that I have decided not to cut off as I would like to grow my hair out in memory of my best friend who passed away. She always told me off for getting my hair trimmed because she absolutely adored it! My hair goes half way down my back and I couldn't bare to lose that length like last time I asked for a trim!

My hair is just a real mess! It's dull and lifeless and my colour is starting to fade. Plus I love the length of my hair so I would love to avoid cutting it. I also have dry and fine hair so would love to trial this product please.

This would be good for my hair as trying to grow it out. Often it hits my shoulders and starts to die off and go fluffy.


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