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Does your hair desperately need REPAIR?

12 March, 2017 - 11:23pm by - First Lady | 96 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

We all know that styling, colouring and environmental factors can damage our hair - but do you know the signs that your hair is in desperate need of repair?  Here are a few warning signs to look out for.

Quick Dry - If your coloured hair dries almost instantly after showering it's a sign that your hair has been made very porous by the chemicals in the hair colour.  It's a vicious cycle too, as porous hair will absorb too much pigment into the hair, giving you a too-dark result.  You also may find that your hair colour fades faster, as the porousness of the hair releases too much of the color as you shampoo.

Water Test - When you next find a stray hair, run your finger nail down the shaft to curl it (like curling ribbon with scissors).  If when you drop the curled strand in a glass of water, it doesn't uncurl it means your hair has lost it's elasticity.  Heat styling is normally the cause - it can cause the cuticle to lift up to lift up, releasing valuable moisture and leaving shafts brittle.

Split Ends - The occasional split end is normal - but when the ends of your hair look like uneven straw it's a sign you are continually damaging your hair.  When split ends aren't trimmed regularly the hair is more likely to split further, 'spreading' the damage up the shaft of the hair.  Do not be tempted to trim the ends at home - dull scissors will again, split the hair more!

Dull, dull, dull - If your hair refuses to shine, even with the help of serum or intensive treatment - it's more than likely damaged!

If you're showing the signs of damaged hair, you need to begin a routine for repairing it.  You probably know of salon treatments using advances in technology to repair your locks, but in a few weeks time, you'll be able get this technology at home!  We've got our hands on the new Schwarzkopf range before it's nationwide release on March 20th!  EEEP!

‘Plex’ is a revolution that is changing the hairdressing industry an innovative hair repair treatment which protects the hair from damage during the colour process by rebonding broken hair fibres.  This technology is now available with Schwarzkopf Extra Care Fibre Therapy  hair care range with OMEGAPLEX® which helps to repair your hair, strand by strand.

Fibre Therapy promises:

  • to help rebond and seal broken hair structures for silky, smooth hair
  • to protect the hair from damage and encourage the creation of new bonds

The FIFTY members of this trial team will be putting the Fibre Therapy Shampoo, Conditioner and Repair-in-Oil Spray Treatment to the test.  Now all three look a-maz-ing, but the Repair-In-Oil spray?  Colour us excited!

This innovative treatment spray is formulated with two phases to provide double-effect results - it's a beautifying oil for shine and supple hair, AND with Schwarzkopf's OMEGAPLEX® ingredient it will also reconstruct your hair!  Told ya - it's a goodie! 

So - tell us - is your hair showing signs of damage?  Is it caused by colouring, styling or something else?  Have you been putting off colouring your hair to prevent further damage?  Would you like to trial the Schwarzkopf Fibre Therapy range?

Get chatting below!

Does your hair desperately need REPAIR?

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I find split ends all the time and it turns into a vicious cycle of letting them get quite bad, cutting my hair shorter then I'd like... then having to do it all again. I would love to be able to get trims and then grow my hair out longer but I think my hair needs to be in a much better condition to be able to do that. I've been using nice products recently but I really thinking using a 3 step process with products all from the same line will help immensely!

My hair is definitely showing signs of damage, i can only assume it's due to years of using a hair straightener almost daily. I'd love to give this range a go.

My hair definitely needs repair! After the years of bleaching and coloring my long hair myself, I ended up chopping most of it off (which I dreaded) because no matter what I tried I couldn't repair the damage and it was just a hot mess. I live on multiple hair treatments because I find I still have damage from my mid lengths to ends and I dont want to cut my hair any shorter then my chin. Would be interesting to see how this would do on hair like mine.

GASP! This is one trial I would LOVE to be apart of. My hair is neglected and damaged - years of colouring it, years of neglect and split ends for miles. Being a Mum and on a single income I just can't afford to keep up with the treatments and love that I gave to my hair pre-kids. Sadly, it shows - and oh my goodness, the water test.... major fail!

I do colour my hair and it does get very dry and is quite damaged due to colouring my hair for years. I get split ends and my hair is always dry and frizzy

Am going to get my hair cut soon as full of knots and looking horrible, so would be keen to try this to maintain the fabulous new look I'm going to get!


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