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Does Neon Get Your Nod Of Approval?

26 September, 2017 - 08:27pm by - Head Pixie | 19 Comments

By BR Amelia

When summer hit the northern hemisphere this trend took Instagram by storm, and now that the warmer months are approaching we think it's time we rocked this trend here on the south side of the world... or at the very least appreciated the artistry of it.

At first glance neon liner looks a little out there, a little scary even, but it's a look that was made for sultry nights and festival-filled days! Check out these amazing neon liner looks...


This look from Kaitlynn_mua reminds us of sunshine at the end of the day. The sky emblazoned by the sun as it dips behind the horizon. We also love that it looks like something we could attempt without making a hash out of it. And that wing... Wow.


Who knew a smokey neon eye could be a thing? Or look so darn beautiful? Not I! This look from fiorelladichio is to die for. It was made for a night out dancing into the early hours with your girls.


Rainbow. Neon. Eyeliner. If I were a makeup wearing unicorn this is how I would do my eyeliner. Every single day. The contrast between the black shadow, the black wing and the colour is sublime.


I'm going to call it and say that chlooe_hearts is the queen of neon eyeliner. Heck, she may well be the queen of eye looks. Seriously, go to her Instagram NOW. I scrolled through it with my eyes widening with every image. She has imagination, skill and so much talent. 

Now I could try and explain how to achieve this look, but some trends are better seen to be understood. Check out this fabulous tutorial from YouTuber Kristen Leanne.

Kristen Leanne

Makeup look aside. Can we talk about her hair? It's so beautiful! I think I spent as much time staring at her hair as I did her tutorial. And I especially loved how when something didn't go quite right she was up front about it and started again to create a better result. New. Fav. YouTuber. 

Obviously neon eyeliner isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea. It's bold. it's bright. It takes a bold soul to rock it. Are you that bold soul? Can you see yourself attempting one of these looks, or a variation of? Or will you be keeping things a little more muted? Chat away...

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I would never be able too pull this look off. Man there are some creative looks out there

On the eyes yes i like it and maybe the lips but not all at once fluro nails rock

It looks beautiful if done tastefully, but downright gaudy if not!

I love neon! nails are the bomb, and I love the rainbow liner. It looks like it's been 'shopped but maybe the artist is just bloody good at what they do.

That was my thought process as well, just a little bit of skepticism.

27th September, 2017 at 9:17 am

Love the Jane Doe look -The Kristen Leanne look doesn't do it for me at all.

Wow these looks are so pretty! I used to have a gorgeous pastel neon eyeliner which was so nice. I feel like you can easily make this look as subtle or extreme as you like.

Festival days is right.. I think festivals and gigs is where I'd love to rock these looks, or just to have fun with at home, but I don't think it'd be allowed in the office :P

I think it's gorgeous but I doubt i'd be able to perfect it. Sure is creative though

No neon's not my thing.

These are so creative - would need to be super precise!

Looks amazing, but not everyone's cup of tea. Definitely not for me.

Wow, I love these! They look so much fun!

I am all over that like white on rice! I may try this later today and see if I could rock it. I probably don't have the right tools for the job but I am def gunna give it a dam good go. I think it looks amaze personally!

I'm not sure I could pull all these off, but will have to give the neon rainbow eyeliner a go.

Such skill, so envious!


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