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Do You Wear Nail Polish Every Day?

5 August, 2018 - 07:49pm by - First Lady | 72 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

There was a time in my life when my nails were always painted. It was around my mid-uni years, when I was in my early 20s and looking back; evidently had a lot of free time in the evenings.

Now I'm not talking about flash nail art (that was only during the times I'd stump up the cash for a professional to do them) but I'd always make sure my nails had a pristine coat of polish on them.  It made me feel put together, even when I was less than!

I'm not sure what changed, you'd think working in the industry I do, my nails would still be cared for.  Alas, I look down at my typing digits to see bare naked nails.  To be completely honest, they're not even neat, I mean seriously Nat, is it really that hard to pull out an emery board once a week?!

And let's not even start on my toe nails.  Although to be fair, it's not sandal season yet and I've always lumped toe nail painting in the same category as leg shaving.  It's a Summer thing, unless you know they're going to be on show. 

I think, as much as I detest the time-poor excuse, for me, my nail painting, or lack there of, really does come down to time.  At least in the sense that I'd rather spend that 10 minutes doing something else.  Maybe even nothing at all.  And when you spend 10 minutes putting nail polish on, you're commiting time in the future to remove it!

Well we've found what might be the fastest - and easiest way to remove nail polish.

The Manicare Moisturising Nail Polish Remover Pads offer a quick and convenient way to remove nail polish.  No more spilling liquid removers, or searching the house for a cotton pad to use with it!  These pads effectively remove nail polish while brightening the nail and moisturising the skin around it.  And of course - they're acetone free!

We're looking for reviewers to put these pads to the test and report back!

If you'd like a spot on this trial team, why not chat to us below.  Are you the type of lady whose nails are always painted and neat?  Or, like me, are they just left a little neglected?  How do you usually remove your nail polish?  Or do you commit the ultimate polish sin and rock chipped and peeled colour for weeks?!


Do You Wear Nail Polish Every Day?

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25th August, 2018

I've used these before and they were pretty good, I've really let my nails go lately

25th August, 2018

I’ve used these before and find them expensive but really effective

23rd August, 2018

I wish I had the time and energy to paint my nails all the time, but the minute there is a slight chip in the polish I have to remove it (often not having time to redo it). One day I'll find the time!

20th August, 2018

I'm a huge nail polish enthusiast! I have over 300 bottles in a box under my bed and I love to do nail art when I have the time. In between crazy designs, I most likely have a plain colour, gradient or something simple on my nails. I use pure acetone at home but it's so drying - it would be interesting to try these because I've always avoided them as I've always got supplies at home. These nail polish remover pads sound useful if I'm travelling or out and about and my polish chips!

20th August, 2018

My poor nails are a tad neglected. There was a time I always had my nails painted but now I can never seem to find them time, and when I do manage to do them once they start to chip and look a little worn I can never seem to find the time to tidy them up! At least remover pads like these would give me a quick and easy way to take it all off again

13th August, 2018

I have long nails and wear polish all the time. Normally darkish colours mainly reds purples and orangey shades love glittery and shimmer colours which can be a pain to remove sometimes. It would be interesting to see how well the remover pads work especially as I don't remove the polish for a couple of weeks I normally just keep recounting it as removing too often weakens the nails. Mine are long and extremely strong. I do my own manicures have only ever been to a nail bar about 3-4 times in my life and I'm 50 several....

12th August, 2018

Love painting my nails but hate removing It! I avoid painting them as I know I won't remove it properly and it will just get chipped and worn. These would help with this so much and don't look as though they would dry my nails out. Would love to give them a go.

12th August, 2018

I used to be a polish every day kinda person until I became a farmer! Now for my day off I put it on, but it gets on my nerves as I always forget remover and it chips away continuously until my next day off.

11th August, 2018

I always have my feet done but not my hands due to work (special occasions only!) I use the Maybelline express remover as well which ive used for about 3-4 years and it's great!

11th August, 2018

Would be cool to see how these react to different brands of nail polish

10th August, 2018

No - I just don't have enough time to put it on, wait for it to dry and my job uses hands a lot so I just can't maintain it

10th August, 2018

Pads are a quick convenient way to remove polish but the first & last time I tried, it dried my nails so badly they were flakey for months.

9th August, 2018

Avid nail polish lover here. I do my nails every week, always on a Sunday late afternoon, with a glass of wine. And dare I admit to the fact that I tend to tie my clothes and shoes in with whatever colour I go with. I have a red week, a blue week, green etc...... sometimes black nails because that goes with everything. And sometimes with glitter on top just for something glitzy. And I carry the polish around in my handbag just in case the tips need touching up in between. So yes, just a 'wee' bit obsessed with all things nails. I'd love to try these removal pads as I always feel the product that comes in the bottles tends to be pretty harsh so something a little kinder would be great.

8th August, 2018

I change colours every week, my little girl is allowed to wear it (within reason), I try to use a nail oil to help with dryness from the polish remover, or if I'm out a bit of Rosehip oil or the Manuka Honey balm I started using from a trial I was a part of

8th August, 2018

I wear nail polish for a few days each week- not when I'm working as it is too much maintainance. I am really pedantic when I first apply the polish- hate bare areas and uneven coats but let them chip and get raggedy for a day or two past their prime. My favourite brands are Essence (Farmers for abt $3.60 a bottle- absolute bargain), Kester Black (fantastic Kiwi/Aus brand, very good colours and high quality), and OPI (a stalwart). Lately I've been into soft pinks like those sported by Meghan Markle and Her Majesty. I'd love to be part of this trial!!