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Do You Want to Try Natural or Intense Lashes?

25 August, 2019 - 02:03pm by - First Lady | 169 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

From subtle individual lashes to a complete lashline, to full on dramatic falsies, there's nothing like thicker, fuller, longer lashes to take your eye look to a new level.  Once you master how to apply them that is.  There is no doubt about it, applying false lashes can be a bit tricky.  It can also be a complete nightmare depending on just how unco you are!

The days of faffing around with lash adhesive and tweezers is thankfully over.  Magnetic lashes have been around for a while, but one of our favourite brands has taken them to a whole new level, combining magnetic lashes with...magnetic eyeliner!

Glam by Manicare is using a revolutionary eyeliner technology containing invisible magnetising particles to take lash application to a professional level. You can create a sleek eye look using the precise, long-lasting and smudge proof Glam By Manicare® Magnetising Eyeliner and click magnetic lashes in place on top of eyeliner for a seamless finish.  They're easy to apply, remove and transition from day to night lash styles, by swapping from a natural style like Willow to a more intense lash like Khloe..

The lashes themselves are multi dimensional for a full textured finish. 

We need reviewers to put them to the test - take our very quick survey telling us your false lash experience level (we want reviewers from all levels of experience) and why not comment below telling us what lash you'd like to review - Willow (natural) or Khloe (intense).


Do You Want to Try Natural or Intense Lashes?

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20th September, 2019

I LOVE thick full beautiful lashes! Sadly every time I get professionally applied lashes I react a few days later (sad face!). This could potentially be amazing...

17th September, 2019

I actually suck at applying lashes, I would love to give this a go and see if i can't become a regular wearer

29th August, 2019

I can’t trust myself with glue ons so I’d love to try magnetic falsies. I keep reading about them!

28th August, 2019

The idea of magnetic lashes is pretty genius, especially when you don't have to 'clamp' your own lashes between them. I love the idea of magnetic eyeliner - it just seems like the best solution!!!

28th August, 2019

I tend to go for a natural lash, however have a dance competition coming up with 5x couples and it would be awesome to test out the strength of a dramatic lash and how it holds up against sweat, stage makeup, bright lighting and doing a super intense routine including lifts bordering on acrobatics! love the idea of something easy to apply as the glue never seems to sit right for me and stabs me in the corner of the eye too often.

27th August, 2019

Loving the bold new lashes that are around now, I’ve had professional lashes for a wedding and once have done my own for a party. Very inexperienced and now with eye sight not as good as it once was - could I even apply these?

25th August, 2019

ive never tried fake lashes before, but id love to try the more natural looking ones.

25th August, 2019

I’ve seen excellent reviews of these online. I’ve never been one for fake lashes - but these look so cool!

25th August, 2019

I’ll love to try this product I never used fake eyelashes before

24th August, 2019

I have never tried magnetic lashes before! I also have light hair so would prefer the Willow lashes!

23rd August, 2019

I would really love to trial these lashes. I've never used them before because they look really hard to use. I usually use lots of mascara and build them up. So if these are as easy as they sound then please choose me to try them for everyone. Please.

23rd August, 2019

would love to try both, love long lashes as mine are straight.

21st August, 2019

Oh my gosh, I have been seeing these all over Instagram and dying to get my sticky hands on them! They must be so much easier to use. I'm definitely putting my hands up for this

19th August, 2019

Love to try the Khloe look - my lashes are very short!

19th August, 2019

Dramatic all the way! Always want an Essex eye!


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