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Do You Want to Try a Cleansing Brush?

17 June, 2019 - 08:09pm by - First Lady | 188 Comments

Have you used a cleansing brush before?  You know, a battery operated gadget that you use with your cleanser to reallllly clean your face.

If you're a bit of a skeptic, sitting there thinking, do I really need to go techno in an area a flannel has sufficed for, well, forever?  I only have three words for you.  YES.  You do.

Cleansing brushes cleanse better than a 'manual' cleanse removing dirt, makeup and oil much more effectively, and efficiently.  They stimulate and exfoliate the skin, improving circulation and removing dead and dry skin cells.   And after all of these benefits, you have one more.   You skin is better prepped to receive the next steps of your skin care routine.  All of those powerful ingredients will be better absorbed by your super-fresh skin.

Of course we have one to put to the test - and it's such a cute one!

The Manicare Sonic Mini Rechargeable Facial Cleansing Brush ($59.99) uses sonic vibration to assist in cleaning impurities from deep within your pores, for a superior cleanse.

It's clinically proven to remove five times more impurities than a manual cleanse and can be used on all skin types - including sensitive.  The compact, light-weight and quiet tool is water-resistant and suitable for use in the shower; and you don't need to worry about batteries - it comes with a charging cable!

You might have guessed by now - we're going to be putting it to the test.  So if it sounds like something you need to try, comment below and tell us why!  Do you currently use a face tool like the Manicare Sonic Mini?  

Get chatting below!

Do You Want to Try a Cleansing Brush?

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12th August, 2019

would love to try the cleansing brush, better than a flannel or hands.

25th July, 2019

The reviews sound great!

24th July, 2019

I really want to try to see if it helps with circulation, my redness & rosacea

22nd July, 2019

It's so handy, rechargeable and with vibrating effect that's good for the blood circulation. I've had 1 battery operated and bulky. I definitely need this in my life. :)

22nd July, 2019

My girls have something similar and I'm keen to give one a go!

19th July, 2019

Gosh I so need one of these! I try to get a full on facial and microdermabrasion once a year, just to give my skin a less tired look, sadly my age is starting to show and having two small children means I look older than I am because the tired skin look adds years!

18th July, 2019

I am wondering if the Manicare Sonic Mini Rechargeable Facial Cleansing Brush would do for my skin what an electric toothbrush does for my teeth - make it feel a whole lot cleaner & fresher. I would love to see what difference it could make to the texture & clarity of my aging skin.

18th July, 2019

I’ve tried cleaning brushes before but they’ve been average - would love to trial this!

17th July, 2019

Rechargeable has to be the best word in battery operated gadgets. Nothing worse than something going flat and not a battery around the house to be found.

15th July, 2019

I have always been skeptical so would love to try it risk free

15th July, 2019

I see some reviews popping up! Look forward to reading them!

13th July, 2019

I've been wanted to try a rechargeable face brush because they are more powerful than battery operated ones!

8th July, 2019

I used to use one as a teenager - there was a dinky little pink one you could buy from the supermarket with replaceable pads (so not really a brush) but it stopped being made. I remember my skin felt amazing afterwards. I'd love to try the next generation/upgraded version. I'm also trying to move to more environmentally friendly and skin friendly methods of exfoliation, so this looks like it might fit the bill!

4th July, 2019

I have very open pores that get clogged and blackheads easily. Would definitely be keen to try this product!

4th July, 2019

Haven't tried yet but very keen


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