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Do You Want to Review This For Us?!

29 October, 2019 - 01:16pm by - First Lady | 249 Comments

poll posted by BR Natalie

Notice anything different about these straighteners? 

Yeap, those straighteners aren't straight.  They be twisted.  But the clever folks at Remington haven't lost the plot - these unique twisted plates intuitively guide you as you style, to create lasting bouncy curls, soft waves and smooth sleek styles with ease.

Check out this how-to video about the Remington Curl and Straight:

Here's some of our favourite things about the Curl and Straight:

  • Unique plates for curling and straightening
  • Variable temp 150 - 230 degrees
  • A cool grip tip for ultimate control
  • You can easily alternate the direction of your curls
  • Advanced ultra smooth ceramic plates infused with anti-static tourmaline
  • Heat resistant storage sleeve
  • 1.8 metre cord length
  • Swivel cord
  • 5 year warranty

But of course, it's not us who are going to take it out for a spin and report back.  Nope.  We need some of our members to do the honours!

So if you're interested in this fabulous trial team get chatting below about all things curling and straightening.  Do you regularly curl or straighten your hair?  Do you use seperate tools for each task, or do you curl your hair with your straightener?

Do You Want to Review This For Us?!

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9th December, 2019

I would absolutely love to trial this curler as I have relatively straight hair and would love to be more adventurous with it on a daily basis!!

3rd December, 2019

I have flat but frizzy hair so I would love to try these to try and get some life, body and smoothness to my hair.

30th November, 2019

Oooh I forgot about this! Would love to trial it... I'm just starting to search the black Friday sales for it too!

24th November, 2019

I’ve always struggled to curl my hair with my 10 yo ghd. This sounds very interesting and exciting

16th November, 2019

I straighten and curl my hair! I have GHD straighteners which I mainly use for curling and a revlon straightening brush for straighter but not flat hair.

14th November, 2019

I have frizzy hair and was looking at purchasing another brand that does the same thing. I have a straightener but with the rainy weather curly sue seems to creep out of the woodworks more often! I would love to try this product. My daughter has hair that does not hold a curl for more than a minute. Possibly a great review possibility for 2 hair types here!!

13th November, 2019

I currently use my straightner most and find it very difficult to get the straight and curl technique with a standard straightener so i have to use the curling iron too. I love curling my hair but give up when the curling iron comes out. Takes up to much time and end up with half curled hair

12th November, 2019

ive always struggled with curling and straightening my hair so i would love to try this! My hair is naturally curly and quite fine and short, so often i cant get my hair between the straightener.

11th November, 2019

How cool ! such an innovative design. I would love this! my 10 year old straighteners have finally given up and am needing a new pair, loved how this is two products in one. I have never been able to curl my hair very well and have practically given up figuring out how to - but this product might make me rethink that! would love to review this!!

11th November, 2019

This looks amazing and looks like it would help with curling hair. I both curl and straighten with my GHD's but would love to give this a go. I love having curled hair but always give up half way through - this looks like it would take much less time.

10th November, 2019

Ooh intriguing! Would cut out having to straighten the curl separately!

8th November, 2019

I would love love love to review these. My curling iron has just died and I'm struggling to curl my hair with my GHDs.

8th November, 2019

I would love love love to review these. My curling iron has just died and I'm struggling to curl my hair with my GHDs.

6th November, 2019

I have curly/wavy hair and at the moment my frizz is out of control! not the best look when apply/interviewing for jobs! love the swivel cord and storage sleeve!

5th November, 2019

I have naturally wavy/curly thick hair. This product would be a dream to test out! I regularly spend hours straightening or curling my hair. This products looks to be the best of both worlds! It would make travel a lot easier with only one tool, so I would love to try this product out!

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