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Do You Want Pastel Hair that SHINES?

17 September, 2017 - 08:40pm by - First Lady | 15 Comments

image Guy Tang via Pinterest

Poll posted by BR Natalie

I LOVE pastel hair - love, love, love it.  But what has stopped me going for it again is simple - I love shine.  And pastel hair doesn't seem to shine all that well, it often just looks a bit flat - especially after the first wash!

We're putting the brand new (like, really, really brand new, just released today!) Schwarzkopf Live Colour Metallics to the test. 

Wait, what?  A metallic pastels?  Pastels that shine like metal?  Really?!

YUS! Really.  Thanks to those clever people at Schwarzkopf.

Schwarzkopf Live Colour by Ultra Brights creates metallic tones in your hair in just 3 minutes for a shimmering metalised finish. This semi-permanent colour lasts up to 8 washes and contains no ammonia.

  • Semi permanent
  • 8 washes
  • No ammonia
  • Create metallic tone in 3 minutes
  • For shimmering metalised finish

And it's gone in just 8 washes, making it super cool for those of you who have to stick to employer's rules about unnatural hair colours but want to have a bit of fun during their holiday.

We're looking for 50 members to take a spray out for a whirl, in one of three shades:

  • Lilac Chrome
  • Denim Steel
  • Rose Gold

Now this product works best on blonde or prelightened hair - and brassy or yellow tones will affect the end result.  So we're looking for blondes only for this one.  

Click here to take our quick survey to put your hand up!

Is this the trial for you?  What colour would you choose?  

Get chatting below and don't forget - if it's not the trial for you, share it with a friend who might be interested!

Do You Want Pastel Hair that SHINES?

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I like the pastels sprays, but the colours are a bit 'matte', but they wash out in a couple of washes. I'm keen to see if these do provide some sheen and shine.

I seriously thought about it, but then decided it's a bit bright for the elderly!!!

It really isn't Maree. I see older lassies rocking all sorts these days. Full pastel or bright colours, stripes, tips... i love it!

18th September, 2017 at 6:06 am

I see some older ladies with stunning bright coloured hair and I think good on ya! If it's a semi permanent why not give it a go, it washes out :)

18th September, 2017 at 4:11 pm

My boss would have a heart attack :)

18th September, 2017 at 4:47 pm

Oh that's a bit of a shame. Is it a customer facing position?

18th September, 2017 at 6:35 pm

Yes, in a govt dept. Discretion in all things :)

18th September, 2017 at 8:45 pm

Ooo yes please I need me a new colour ...

I think this would look really cool on some people but not brunette me.

Oh wow, this sounds amazing! I love pastel shades but my previous one has washed out so I'd love to try this!

I can't do coloured hair with my job. I'll be sitting this one out. Goodluck ladies.

These probably won't work in my hair but I can't wait to see pictures!

I wish I had blonde to try these out. The colour looks amazing!

Love the look but my hair is too dark for the maintenance

I love pastel hair and wish that I could pull it off, but I've had too many horrific experiences with bleach ing my hair that I'd be too scared to go there again.

Ahh I would. But I recently dyed my hair back brown.

Those colours are beautiful but I doubt they will work on dark hair

Did the survey!!! :)

Have just gone bright red but as it will fade fast this could look amazing in my re growth!

Would love to try the Lilac Chrome it's so pretty! My hair is just really long so I would need alot of boxes probably.


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