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Yo Blondie - Do You Use Purple Shampoo?

24 April, 2019 - 03:30pm by - First Lady | 125 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

Going blonde isn't a low maintenance choice.  We all know the regrowth is a pain to keep up with, and of course, how many 'I wrecked my hair' horror stories have we heard?

But let's say you don't mind the root upkeep, and have kept your hair healthy, is that all there is to being blonde? Well, lest you favour yellow blonde or brassy tones; probably not.  You're going to need to tone.  Your hairdresser will no doubt have done this to you, but to maintain the salon blonde at home, your best bet is a...purple shampoo.

We're looking for thirty blondies to use and review the new blonde Tone-Correcting Purple Shampoo from essano.  It combines a salon-quality formulation developed with powerful natural ingredients for beautiful, healthy hair.

This formulation is designed to neutralise brassy tones and brighten blonde coloured hair. Using salon-grade ingredients, this shampoo promises to balance and tone, keeping your hair vibrant and shiny. Violet Leaf Extract is combined to naturally smooth and soften dry, damaged hair.

The low-foam formula will gently cleanse blonde, platinum or white hair.  It's sulphate-free and gentle enough for coloured hair.

This bottle is proudly made from rPET, 100% pre-used, recycled material that’s also still recyclable.  93.3% of the ingredients are of a natural origin and of course, being from essano, it's tested on humans, not animals! 

We think it sounds FABULOUS.  But of course, it's not our opinion that matters.  It's yours.  Well the blondies among you that is!

If you fancy a spot on this trial team, get chatting to us below about all things purple shampoo.  Are you a regular purple shampooer?  Or are you a blondie who has never used it?  Is it important to you that your hair care not only be formulated for blondes, but that it also be natural and cruelty-free?

Get chatting below about all things toning and blonde, and we might just send you a full size essano shampoo to review for us!

Yo blondie - do you use purple shampoo?

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8th July, 2019

I use nak and de Lorenzo purple hair products

6th July, 2019

I would love to review this amazing looking product so please pick me

6th July, 2019

Currently I have fanola no yellow, fudge clean blonde and if I had to rate these 2 I would have to choose fudge clean blonde as the winner so I would love to be able to review a completely new product that I haven't used before. Thank you

12th June, 2019

I have tried a few purple shampoos and I am using Fanola at the moment. Last time I had my hair done at the salon it turned yellow. They did a poor job and it took ages to get the yellow to tone down. I would like to try something more natural that would make my hair look not so strawlike. I would love to give Essano a try to see what difference it makes to my hair.

5th June, 2019

I love purple shampoos and have tried quite a few with mixed results. Often they are too drying. I would love to try Essano as it is natural and parables free.

2nd June, 2019

I've used Fanola no-yellow, Fudge, and Joico. Fanola is my favourite so far and isn't as drying. I do need to try it with the conditioner but have been using it with olaplex shampoo and conditioner as well.

19th May, 2019

Essano everything is fantastic! This product would be no different...would love to trial!

15th May, 2019

I would absolutely love to try out this product. I am obsessed with purple shampoo. As a natural blonde, with highlights, my hair is prone to turning a yellow brassy looking colour, which is a big fear of mine, as I absolutely love the silvery blonde look. I have tried many blonde toning products over the years, and have a great knowledge of the products, and would be able to compare this with other similar ones I have tried. I also have very thick straight hair, so I am always looking for new products to make my hair look its best. I love the brand 'essano' and have tried many of their other skin care products, so i'm sure their hair care range will be just as good. The natural plant based formula looks great too, I am always looking for natural alternatives to my skin and hair care routines.

15th May, 2019

I would love to give this one a go! I've tried a shampoo and a few skincare items from this brand and I've really enjoyed them. I love what the brand is going for and I love that its affordable and available at the supermarket. I've tried nearly every purple shampoo available so I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on what works vs what doesn't. I get an on scalp bleach and tone every 6-8 weeks and I'm a very cool ash white/blonde so purple shampoo is a necessity for me! It would be really great to find a plant based, environmentally friendly purple shampoo that is easily picked up along side the groceries - sounds like a dream come true!

7th May, 2019

Blonde blonde blonde! So many shades yet brass is not one that I want. I would love to try out more brands of purple shampoo. Always keen for new and improved products.

5th May, 2019

Not for me . Goodluck everyone.

30th April, 2019

I’ve just tried the John Frieda conditioner which I don’t think has worked so really really keen to try this!

30th April, 2019

I’ve used a few different purple shampoos lately that have been recommended to me by hairdressers. I’ve got some mixed messages about purple shampoo vs having a good shampoo to protect your hair and maintain quality. It sounds like this product would be good from both perspectives! And I also use other Essano products so I’m sure this one would be great! I’d love to give it a go!

30th April, 2019

My hair tends to throw gold which of course after a while looks brassy, which I definitely don't like. I prefer more of an ash tone and the purple shampoos do help keep it under control. Would love to try this one!

29th April, 2019

Natural blonde that bleaches my hair but love the look of purple/grey that purple shampoo/conditioner leaves behide

29th April, 2019

You name it, I’ve tried it. Fanola (blue and purple), fudge, Delorenzo, juuce.

Either too drying, or the purple clings to my hair. I would LOVE to try Essano!!

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