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The Beauty Vault - Aug
The Beauty Vault - Aug

Do You Use a Protectant When Heat Styling?

9 May, 2018 - 09:16pm by - First Lady | 132 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

We all know that styling, colouring and environmental factors can damage our hair - but it doesn't stop us partaking now does it?!

Today we're talking about damage caused by heat styling, and no that's not just your straighteners!  With regular use, any form of styling using heat will inevitably lead to some damage; even your trusty hair dryer!

A really cool way to tell if your hair is suffering from heat damage is The Water Test.  When you next find a stray hair, run your finger nail down the shaft to curl it (like curling ribbon with scissors).  If when you drop the curled strand in a glass of water, it doesn't uncurl it means your hair has lost it's elasticity.  Heat styling is normally the cause - it causes the cuticle to lift up to lift up, releasing valuable moisture and leaving shafts brittle.

Now of course, there are lots of hair products for repairing damaged hair, but as your nanna would say; prevention is better than cure.  The easiest way to protect your hair is to use a Heat Protection Spray whenever you use ANY form of heat styling.

We're looking for 20 reviewers to put the Schwarzkopf got2b Guardian Angel spray to the test.  This spray will protect your hair from heat damage - up to 220 degrees!

If you'd like a spot on this trial team why not chat to us about your heat styling habits!  How often do you subject your hair to heat styling?  What heat tools do you regularly use?  And the burning question...are you currently using protection?!

Get chatting below - we might pick you!


Do You Use a Protectant When Heat Styling?

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I blow-dry my hair and straighten it sometimes too. I prefer to use a good heat protectant, prior to drying my hair with heat tools. I have been using Kerastase Nectar Thermique or Tresemme Defence. :) x

I have to blow dry my hair every time I wash it, which is 3-4 times a week, I also straighten it 80% of the time, otherwise it’s just not smooth enough for me. I use oils and heat protectant, which is from the brand evo at the moment, so not cheap! :/ I’d love to try this got2b one, also would love to know the RRP for it if possible? :)

Sometimes i use some spray stuff but thats when I remember and i truly dont even know if it works

I have two. One for hairdryer and one for straightening. I struggle with the fact that I have fine hair so some are to heavy for my hair

I totally use heat protectants every time I blowdry! Scuse my while i polish my halo (for once!).. but I find it SO HARD to find any at the moment, and especially anything I like the smell of. I'd looove to try out something new! :)

My poor hair takes a battering with blow drying & irons everyday. Haven't found a really good heat protection product yet and would seriously love to give this ago!

Just started trying to use a curling wand for the first time, definitely need something to protect my hair because it takes a few attempts to get it right!

Daily hairdryer and 3 - 4 times straighteners. This may be a life saver

I do occasionally use a heat protectant when I curl my hair but I always forget to when I blow dry it! I would love to try this one to start making some good habits and protecting my hair!

Need to find a good protector.....I use by GHDS every day either for straightening or waves....I have used fudge products!

I have only just started using one on my hair, as now it is cut short I blow dry it every time I wash and then use straighteners on the days in between. However I am using a cream heat protector and I am finding it too heavy for my fine hair. I would love to try this spray one and see how it works for my fine hair :-)

Yes please id like to review one of these since i own a hair straightner .

I didn't even know about heat protection. I straight my curly fringe everyday and it is so parched looking I think this product would make a real difference. Leave in conditioners just leave your hair greasy.

I'm in I worked for Rodney Wayne for 3 years and recently left to return to study and have a good knowledge on heat protect sprays creams etc

I would love to try this as I have no idea what protectant I should use as I colour my hair. I'm sure my hair would be much better if I used one.


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