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Do you use a night cream?

7 July, 2020 - 11:23am by - First Lady | 178 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

Throughout the day we look after our skin.  We use hand creams and lip balms, we drink oodles of water (or we try to), we apply sunscreen (or we should do).  Many of us concur there are not enough hours in the day, so why on earth do many of us pass up the chance to utilise our sleeping hours to do some beauty good?

Night creams are designed to intensively moisturise and boost the reparation your skin goes through over night.  They omit unnecessary nighttime ingredients like SPF and use ingredients whose effects are negatively impacted by the sun's UV rays.  

We're going to be putting Garnier Organics Anti Age Sleep Cream to the test.  Like all of the Garnier Organics range, this night skin care is made with vegan formulas and certified organic actives.  It promises to smooth wrinkles and firm skin while you sleep, leaving you to wake up with rested, youthful skin.

OH! And the really exciting part...this product isn't released in NZ stores until September - so the members of this trial team will get their hands on it months before anyone else in the country!

Do you use a night cream?  What age did you start using one and what benefits have you noticed?  If you don't use one, why not?  Why do you want to put this one to the test for us?

Get chatting below!

Do you use a night cream?

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25th August, 2020

I started using a night cream around 6months ago, a bit late for a 48 year old! But have already noticed an improvement in the firmness and brightness of my skin. Told my 12 years old she should not follow in her Mum's steps and start earlier rather than later! Would love to try this out as I really like the Garnier hydrating tissue masks so am sure I will find this product very hydrating.

19th July, 2020

I have used night cream about 25 years , or more . I would love to test try the new Garnier product .I am very impressed with the Garnier skin active wake up cream , also the Garnier ultra lift sleeping eye cream.

18th July, 2020

I'm always on the hunt for a new night cream this one sounds amazing I've been using night creams for about 10years now.

16th July, 2020

I love night creams and think finding the right one for your skin can be hard when looking at a lot of products at once. I’ve been looking at this range (the ones already out) and think it’s such a lovely range so would love to try this. Struggling at the moment to find something to suit my sensitive dehydrated skin!

16th July, 2020

I’m slacking off with night creams.

15th July, 2020

I'm a sporadic dabbler in night creams. They often feel heavy & greasy for my sensitive skin. I like the idea of organic night cream. Maybe time to start a regular habit now I'm in my mid 50s?

14th July, 2020

Gosh, I can't remember a time when I didn't use a night cream. I don't usually go for organic ranges though & have not used any Garnier facial creams so it would be good to see how they hold up against the anti-wrinkle creams with antoxidants, retinol etc.

13th July, 2020

I've been using various night creams off and on for most of my adult life. Over lockdown I decided not to use any, to see if I noticed any difference. Without night cream my skin was dry, and I actually felt older. I didn't like any of the photos I was in, because I'm convinced my wrinkles were more prominant. Post lockdown, I am religiously using Sukin night restorative cream. My skin looks and feels so much better and I feel so much better about the way I look.

13th July, 2020

Combatting those wrinkles and dryness from showers and face exfoliants!

13th July, 2020

I do but I don't really see improvement in my skin, would love to try this one

13th July, 2020

I’ve used one before but didn’t see much progress maybe this one is better suited for me woukd love to try and see

13th July, 2020

I would like to trial this product as I usually use Clarins but would like to try something else

13th July, 2020

I live for a good night cream. That feeling of a clean moisturized face as you snuggle into bed is my guilty pleasure and the only real luxury I give myself. I would love to try this out.

13th July, 2020

I recently got the Lavandin facial oil and love it! i would be very interested in trying this night cream to see if it compliments the facial oil. :) i always use a night cream, even if I;m too lazy to take off my make up! Have been using them since I was a teenager - I've just upgraded from anti-acne to anti-wrinkle. :D

12th July, 2020

I love lavender and would love to try a night cream, i used a day an night cream from avon a few years ago but havent used any in a long time.


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