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Do You Treat Yourself In Tough Times?

12 June, 2022 - 07:49am by - Head Pixie | 11 Comments

by BR Amelia

I've always been intrigued by the lipstick effect - the idea that when the world has been in the grips of a recession, the sales of lipsticks have gone up. In fact, I can fully understand why a person would reach for a little luxury during tough times. It lifts the soul, creates hope, and - when we look in the mirror at our prettily painted lips - gives us an immediate boost of self-confidence. It's a little lipstick light that can be switched on during our slog through a gloomy financial tunnel.

With the NPD Group reporting that global lip product sales revenue increasing by 48% in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the previous year, combined with the rising cost of living and whispers of recession, it would seem the lipstick effect is back in full force. 

So, along with lipsticks, what are the the little luxuries that we can pop into our shopping baskets to give ourselves a boost that doesn't break the bank? Check these out...

You can't beat a Maybelline lipstick when it comes to quality and bang for your buck! Not a lipstick wearer, but would like to show your lips some love? Treat yourself to a lipbalm! After something a little more luxe, perhaps with a hint of colour? Pick up a lip oil or lip tint.

Feel like upping your makeup game in a wallet-friendly way? There are plenty of drugstore makeup brands - such as Wet N Wild, and Essence - that create products, like mascara and nail polish, that provide excellent results for less than ten dollars. (And who doesn't get a hit of happy when they see pretty fingernails?)

Spending a fiver, or less, can see you enjoy a good twenty minutes of relaxation in the form of a sheet mask. Use that time while the serum infused mask is doing its thing to enjoy a guided meditation or read a book and you'll be enriching not just your skin but your mind.

Hands drier than the Sahara? Throw a cheap and cheerful hand cream in with your loaf of bread, eggs and milk. 

You can even add a little extra luxury into your day by paying more attention to the scents of things like soap, body wash and shampoo. Instead of going for a basic fragrance, take the time to choose something a little more aromatic, a touch more indulgent, and transform shower time, or the simple act of washing your hands, into a moment of spa-like goodness.

The times ahead might see folks backing away from buying top-of-the-line cars and designer brand clothing, but I am here for sneaking a lippy - or some such beautylicious product - into our lives. Goodness knows after the last few years, we deserve to treat ourselves.

So, do tell... Are you more likely to treat yourself to a beauty buy when times are tough, and if so what do you treat yourself to? Or are you tightening up your expenses and only buying the necessities? Get chatting below!



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19th June, 2022

When my products are halfway through I know that if gotta put money aside for the next but I'm also grateful with things like afterpay when it gets tough.but when I do it's most likely my facial cleaning products like serums and cleansers etc.

15th June, 2022

A beautifully scented, natural hand cream is my indulgent treat. Nourishing my senses and my parched hands at the same time... Aaaaah.

14th June, 2022

I’m really enjoying new shower products as a treat such as whipped body wash and solid body lotions, bonus too most of these have very little water and there are lots of new packaging free versions from Aaahhh brand and Lush.

13th June, 2022

I like colouring my hair and trying a new perfume or body wash. A good caring Lipstick or lip balm is a must I don't like how old my lips look in fact I am always trying to fight wrinkles on my face and neck and now my lips are bothering me a little I might look into a filler. It's just the cracks I'm looking to fill not like increase the size. I also like new mascara!

13th June, 2022

Definitely tightening up expenses at the mo, but when I can treat myself it's usually makeup or yummy smellies

13th June, 2022

Not really treated myself lately, or during the imposed holiday , but a nice bubble bath , face mask and hot cocoa drink does the truck

13th June, 2022

I bought so many treats during all the lockdowns, and I've also been researching makeup ingredients in the lockdowns. I found lipsticks contain so many nasties especially lead which is a neurotoxin and is found in over 61% of lipsticks. Even a tiny amount of lead is toxic. So lead free lipstick is the way to go.

13th June, 2022

I actually like to indulge in a new body wash something a bit more fancy and luxurious when times are tough.Given up on buying lipstick for awhile because of all the mask wearing.Not really buying any new makeup or facial skincare except when I run out of what I am currently using although I wouldn't rule out buying a face serum because I don't have one yet.

13th June, 2022

I buy myself lots of treats lol if I see something I want then I buy it :-)

13th June, 2022

I treat myself online. Love getting the parcels of goodies. Not many lipsticks as masking up but eye makeup and skincare

13th June, 2022

Only really buying the necessities.

16th June, 2022

Too right I do the same lol


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