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Do You Still Use Cotton Pads?

22 January, 2021 - 11:42am by - First Lady | 178 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

How many single-use beauty products are you using a year?  If you're wanting to reduce your beauty footprint a really simple change to make is to switch out a single use product for a reusable alternative.  

Take cotton pads/balls for example.   How many cotton balls or rounds do you toss out after a quick wipe and swipe every day?  Cotton is problemtatic for a number of reasons including; 

  • Water Consumption.  It takes as much water to make 1kg of cotton as the average person will drink in 2 years.
  • Pesticides.  These lessen soil quality and leach into waterways, impacting animals and humans living close by.
  • Bleach.  Cotton isn't pure white.  White, single use cotton products are heavily bleached, which prevents them from being biodegrable, meaning...the landfills, erm, fill.

If you regularly use a Micellar Water and are looking for an effective, yet gentle way of easily removing make-up and cleansing skin that’s more environmentally friendly, well...this is the trial for you!

Micellar Reusable Eco Pads are Garnier's first ultra-soft, reusable microfiber pads that are washable up to 1000 times per pad, eliminating daily cotton pad waste.

Just add Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water to the reusable Eco Pad, to gently cleanse dirt and impurities from skin and easily remove up to 100% visible make-up!  Garnier Micellar Reusable Eco Pads and Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water are the perfect duo for cleansing skin and removing make-up without harsh rubbing, plus are suitable for the face, eyes and lips and sensitive skin.

After use you can easily hand wash the Eco Pad with soap & water and leave flat to dry, ready to use again.  If you want a deeper cleanse for your pads you can toss them in the washing machine.

If you'd like a spot on this trial team and the chance to review both the Garnier Micellar Reusable Eco Pads and the wonderful Garnier Micellar Rose Water Clean & Glow, why not tell us about your cotton pad habits.  Are you a daily user of single-use cotton pads?  Have you been thinking about making the change to something more environmentally friendly?

Get chatting below!

Do You Still Use Cotton Pads?

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24th February, 2021

ohh these would be awesome to try, i currently use cotton.

6th February, 2021

I don't use cotton pads anymore but look forward to reading the reviews :-)

4th February, 2021

Ooooooo I would love to try these with my amazing micellar water they look an sound awesome

29th January, 2021

I have been thinking of using a soft flannel but maybe this option will work better...

29th January, 2021

I am ashamed to say that I still use cotton pads and make up remover wipes. I would love to try this out as the first step towards making the switch for the environment.

28th January, 2021

I use cotton pads with micellar daily to get my eye makeup off after a long night at work. I would love a more eco friendly option, because micellar & cotton pad combo works so well for me and I don't want to have to use a whole makeup wipe for just my eyes.

27th January, 2021

I use wipes to remove my make up I try and make them last more than once. The reusable pads sound like a great idea. Would love to try them.

26th January, 2021

I use make up wipes or micellar water on cotton balls. Having a reusable option to use would be a great idea!

26th January, 2021

I am using cotton pads I have but definitely keen to try the reusable ones.. didnt even know about them!.

26th January, 2021

I never use cotton pads . I just pour my micellar onto a clean flannel and that’s it make up gone . No rubbish at all .

25th January, 2021

I had no idea there were reusable pads!! What a great idea! I still use cotton pads to remove makeup and nail polish as well but I would much rather try some reusable pads!!

25th January, 2021

I love taking off my makeup with micellar water and have been trying to reduce my usage of single-use cotton pads and makeup wipes. These look awesome.

25th January, 2021

I use the xobeauty cloth makeup removers at the moment and have used something similar for a while but still feel the need to use micellar to get that last little bit of eye makeup off so yes do go through cotton pads as well would love to try these reusable pads

25th January, 2021

I try really hard not to and am definitely using them less, but this is such a great way to make things more manageable and I think the company should be commended for listening to the need and helping consumers make better choices. Well done! Also I would love to try these and I've been eyeing up the Micellar Rose water for a while now!

25th January, 2021

Yes I’m sorry I do. But I have been meaning to change