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Do You Really Know What Your Cuticles Are?!

8 March, 2020 - 07:10pm by - First Lady | 11 Comments

by BR Tabatha

If there's one thing that will ruin a beautiful nail polish its thick, overgrown or ratty cuticles.  Well sort of.  You see, the bits most of us call cuticles are actually called the 'proximal fold of the eponychium'.  Yes.  Catchy.

Ok, so now you know what your cuticles aren't.  But what are they?  The cuticle is actually a group of cells that are pulled out from the bottom layer of the eponychium as the nail grows.  The cuticle cells grip both the proximal fold of the eponychium and the nail, creating a barrier to prevent infection and bacteria getting under the skin or nail bed.

You can see on the top half of this photo (thanks Pinterest!) that the Proximal Nail Fold has released from the cuticle.  The bottom half shows the Proximal Nail Fold is still attached to the cuticle and is being pulled tightly over the nail. 

Whatever you call the bit of skin around your nails, you probably know that it does have needs.  And lucky for us busy/lazy girls, our Proximal Nail Fold of the Eponychiums are easy to please.  

There are just three things you need to do to keep them happy.

1.  Moisturise.  The skin around your nails is always thirsty - so hydration is the key.  Dry skin are likely to snag (hangnails), opening your nails up to infections.  Hydrated folds will be softer and easier to manage. They'll also be less likely to split.

2.  Don't cut the skin around your nails - the Proximal Nail Fold and Cuticle act as a barrier to protect your nail roots and bed from bacteria.  Break the seal by cutting and you're just inviting infection in.

3. Gently push your folds back everyday.  After applying a cuticle balm gently use an orange stick to push the back - never, ever push a tool underneath the nail fold.  If you don't like the look of your (actual) cuticle, you can purchase a remover, but only use this if your cuticles are particularly built up.  Remember - the nail fold and cuticle serve a purpose!

So tell us beauties - do you put the cute in cuticles by looking after your nail folds?  Or are they simply something you forget about and neglect?  

Get chatting below!


Labelled nail images via Pinterest.


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5th April, 2020

I’m lazy used to getting them done at the salon . I’ll settle for sméagol nails for now lol

3rd April, 2020

I always have good intentions of looking after my nails but they sure do get neglected. Especially my cuticles, they always feel quite dry and in need of some love

3rd April, 2020

I always have good intentions of looking after my nails but they sure do get neglected. Especially my cuticles, they always feel quite dry and in need of some love

30th March, 2020

I must say.. I definitely neglect my hands in my beauty regime! The most I will usually do is file my nails and clean underneath them

28th March, 2020

My cuticles sometimes get in a really old shape that i have to push it back. And when i do.. it seems its i bit too think... and i have the tendency to just clip it with my nail clipper.. which i know i really shouldn’t be doing... oops...

19th March, 2020

I'd love a manicure right now. My nails are terrible - too much harsh hand washing.

18th March, 2020

I used to gently push mine back with a cuticle stick but at the moment have been leaving them and sticking to regular moisturising with hand cream.

11th March, 2020

I love that you have put this up, because people tend to forget about their nails; Not just finger nails but "Toenails" too. Knowledge is power =) Next we need one talking about giving your armpits some much needed TLC.

10th March, 2020

I forget all about them. Only time my nails get care is when I go to nail salon

9th March, 2020

Hmmmm I could definitely do better at taking care of my cuticles, well actually my hands in general I guess. I have some lovely hand creams but have been a bit slack lately

8th March, 2020

I get alot of cuticle when I did nail course the girls noticed my cuticles were quite sticky and I had alot. Fun fun.

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