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Do You Need Gentle but EFFECTIVE Skincare?

20 June, 2018 - 09:43pm by - First Lady | 61 Comments

poll posted by BR Natalie.

Skin type.  Important to know, but also it can be a bit of an ever-changing situation.  The weather and your environment can all impact your skin; as can your diet and the dreaded 'mones.  Knowing your skin type is the first step to looking after your skin. 

More difficult to look after and care for - skin that is both sensitive and something else.  Sensitive and oily for example.  Products used to counteract oily skin tend to be more astringent - and astringent and sensitive do not a happy pairing make. 

Those suffering from what I like to call 'Sensitive +...' skin absolutely need to look for products that are formulated and tailored for their skin.

We're putting two products from the fantastic brand La Roche-Posay to the test.  All of La Roche-Posay products are designed for sensitive skin, whilst also targetting specific concerns.

  • ANTHELIOS has innovated sun protection in order to offer greater efficacy, tolerance and comfort for sensitive skin.
  • EFFACLAR provides daily care for acne prone skin.
  • LIPIKAR products are suited for dry to very dry and atopy-prone skin.
  • TOLERIANE provides treatment for allergies and hypersensitivity. 

We're going to be looking for 30 members to each put two La Roche-Posay products to the test.  If you fancy being among the first in New Zealand to try this world class brand tell us by taking our survey and putting your hand up!

Click here to take our pre-qualifying survey and put your hand up for this trial team!

And get chatting to us about skin type below - does yours change through the year, or depending on what you're doing?  Or has your skin been pretty much the same for as long as you can remember?


Do You Need Gentle but EFFECTIVE Skincare?

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I get dry patches on my face through winter (around my nose, mouth and eyes) and would love to try out something that could potentially ease this

I need to try this! Since I was a teenager I've had acne prone skin and never had nice skin, over the years I've tried numerous skin care products, I also get dermatitis around my eyes if I use a product my skin doesn't like so I'm limited. I would love so much to try this product!!

I have super oily skin, gives me a shine no matter what I've tried. I also have sensitive skin.

Combination skin but sensitive so annoying to find anything decent

I have used 2 types of La Roche Posay products and they are really good for sensitive skin. I would love to review these products!

My skin isn't sensitive. I got one of the La Roche-Poasy products in BBBE and that will be fun to try.

I like the sound of the Lipikar for dry skin it sounds like it could be really good. My skin is dry but gets drier in the winter.

My skin is dry and has been breaking out lately. It can be very sensitive so I have to be careful what I use. Winter time makes it even drier so I am trying to stop this happening as it can get sore. These sound like lovely products.

My skins a bit of everything but more on the oily side

My skin is dry and sensitive but I've been getting some acne lately :(

I have changed my skin care routine and my Retin A is making my skin peel like crazy so the Effaclear and the Toleraine sound like great options to me (plus Dr Dray has mentioned them several times in her youtube videos).

As I've got older (sad but inevitable I Guess) my skin has become more sensitive and drier. I have to be quite careful what I put on my skin, otherwise I am prone to break outs.

I've never tried this brand but am so keen to try something that would help with my currently dry skin that's having red flare ups from winter chills down here

My skin is very dry and sensitive and as I garden a lot is exposed to weather as well

I'm interested to hear how Toleraine works to provide treatment for allergies and hypersensitivity.


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