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Do You Love The Skin You're In?

7 November, 2017 - 08:50pm by - First Lady | 17 Comments

***If you'd like to request a spot on this trial team, or nominate someone else, please click here to take our quick qualifying survey***

From our teenage years to our early 20s our skin goes through a lot.  We have to deal with breakouts and hormonal issues resulting in an unpredictable journey.  We might wake up oily one day and extremely dry a few days later.  We might have wonderfully clear skin three days before a big event, only to inexplicably erupt with epic spots on the day.

It's safe to say between the ages of 12 to 25 is the ideal time to establish a skincare routine.  But where do you start?  Well how about an easy to follow gentle, natural routine, specifically designed to balance and care for young skin?

We're looking for reviewers to put one such range to the test.  Each member of this trial team will receive 5 full size products to review.  Used together these products boast some pretty impressive benefits, including:

  • stimulating skin renewal
  • delivering optimal skin balance
  • controling sebum levels
  • regenerating and restoring skin health
  • preventing further breakouts
  • improving skin firmness and elasticity
  • helping prevent infections and breakouts.   
  • visibly improving the appearance of blemishes
  • reducing inflammation and redness

Isn't this a fabulous opportunity for our reviewers?!  Natural, powerful products that form an easy-to-follow, easy-to-maintain routine, perfect for under 25s who are either starting their skin care journey, or looking to rebalance their young skin.

If this sounds like a trial team you, or a teen you know, could really benefit from, talk to us below. We might just pick you.  And if it's not the trial for you, but you know someone who could benefit, why not share this article using the share icons.

***If you'd like to request a spot on this trial team, or nominate someone else, please click here to take our quick qualifying survey***



*If you're nominating your child, or a relative for this trial team please note: if they are under 16 you'll need to place reviews on their behalf.  If they're over 16 they'll need to set up their own Beauty Review account and write the 6 reviews themselves.  For every review placed 50 Beauty Points will be awarded for a total of 300 Beauty Points for this trial.  That's $30 for the vault - and five full sized products for free!

Do You Love The Skin You're In?

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Its looks interesting. Good luck young 'uns.

Throughout my young-adult life, my skin has experienced some truly spectacular ups and downs! I am ready to find a skin-care regime that can finally put a halt to my fluctuations in breakouts and oiliness, by providing some much needed balance to my skin. This trial team looks amazing for that; products specially formulated for young skin? Sounds like the perfect opportunity for me!

Yaaaay I just turned 24 so I still make the cut for this trial! My skin sounds like it would suit this product range perfectly. I have oily/combination skin that is prone to the occasional blemish, large pores around my nose, and redness. I would love to try this natural skin care range, to see if it can improve my skin.

good luck -looks awesome

8th November, 2017 at 7:20 am

Thank you :)

8th November, 2017 at 9:55 pm

Looks lovely - I am well past this age but nice to see some good products for the young. I will watch the reviews with interest as may be a nice xmas present for a couple of my family.

I'm definitely putting up my hand for this one! At 24 I'm still trying to get a skin care regime down. I still have issues with blackheads, breakouts and redness. Having patches of uber-dryness and then different oily bits means I need to find products that are balancing for my skin as a whole.

Although I do still have some of those problems unfortunately, I'm out of the age target age bracket for this trial.

Sounds perfect for me - I have oily/dry combination skin and it's either super dry or super oily. Sometimes my face even feels super dry and tight, with no amount of moisturizer able to fix it. I also get breakouts quite often - some of them can be quite painful!

I'm too old haha look forward to reading the reviews

Just over this age barrier but my sister would suit! Have shared on fb

Yes please! I currently have combination skin which is sometimes very oily and sometimes very dry. I also got a lot of blemishes recently because of breakouts I don't why I did have.

This sounds like an amazing trial! They're so lucky!

This will be good for those wanting to get in a good routine early.

Wow, sounds amazing! Pity I'm too old, but hopefully it really helps some people with young skin.

Have nominated my 17 year old daughter Nikita. She could do with some help with her acne.

Sounds lovely. Good luck ladies i look foward to reading your reviews


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