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Do You Live Green?

9 October, 2018 - 09:50pm by - First Lady | 177 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

Off-setting your carbon footprint.  Recycling.  Upcycling.  Buying fair trade only.  Buying organic only.  Buying only cruelty free products.  Growing your own fruit and veg. Lifestyle changes to help the environment don't have to be huge.  If all of us just pick the one thing that both helps the environment and works for us, well, we'd be on the right path.

An easy change to make is switching to a brand that is dedicated to putting your health and wellbeing, and the environment's health, first.  A brand like...ecostore!

ecostore is a fantastic Kiwi brand - its eco-friendly, effective and, a bit of a rarity in the green world...affordable! They're constantly tinkering away to make their processes more energy efficient and kinder to the planet.  They use sustainably-sourced plant and mineral based ingredients over petrochemical ones wherever possible and their products are independently tested to make sure you can use them if you have a septic tank or greywater system.

What else do we love about ecostore?  Well they are:

  • Cruelty-free
  • GE-free
  • Packaged in packaging made from recycled materials, or that is recyclable
  • Proudly child labour-free
  • backed by a 'Love Me or Your Money-Back' guarantee.

We're going to be putting three SKIN by ecostore products to the test.  Each member of this trial team will receive:

  • SKIN by ecostore Gentle Cleanser
  • SKIN by ecostore Hydrating Moisturiser
  • SKIN by ecostore Replenishing Night Cream 

Exciting right?!  

If you'd like a place on this trial team, why not tell us if you 'live green'?   What measures have you taken to do so and how was the lifestyle change for you?  

Do You Live Green?

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12th December, 2018

I haven't seen this range before but they sound really good and appealing

13th November, 2018

I have serious health issues pretty much since I was 17. Looking back, I truly believe if I ate organic foods, it would have lessened the risks that I have endured in my adult life. I had two strokes in my thirties and it has changed my life even more than other health issues. Now, I eat as much organic food that I can get. I am trying holistic nutrition and certain medication. There are foods that are filled with poisons that are destroying our bodies, animals and our planet. Plastics fill our oceans and landfills. I do recycle even though it is a lot more work than just throwing something away. I also started using more skincare items that cut out all the bad stuff. While I was recovering from my strokes, a friend gave me a Korean Beauty Box and the products pulled me thru the difficult times because I could feel it on my skin. They have amazing cray products that proudly lists all of the junk that age you, hurt you and poison the largest organ on our bodies, our skin. I am obsessed with skincare products and the repetitive layering of skin care is soothing and relaxing. Not instant miracles but, you can feel a remarkable difference between skin you have dedicated to treating and skin that does not.

I have done a few things but, there is so much more that I can do. I just need to take it one step at a time and educate myself on how to become a better Eco-Warrior! Education, Communication, and Action are where it begins.

Thanks for reminding me, so I can do more. The memory isn't as great as it could be.

28th October, 2018

I'm making small steps in my beauty routine to live 'green'. Starting with opting out of face wipes which are such a waste in place I use oil to remove makeup. Next I'm looking at using a shampoo bar by Lush rather than bottles. Would love to try a brand that focusses this too and make it part of my routine!

25th October, 2018

We try our best with recycling and recently started saving all our soft plastics also to pit in the bins at the supermarket. Small steps to change.

25th October, 2018

I use eco store shampoo, conditioner, soap and household cleaners and would love to try their face products. I have been using Evolu so would like to compare products

24th October, 2018

I'm an avid recycler! I have cut back on my plastic use so much this year, so beauty products with the same idea in mind are a must!

24th October, 2018

Would live to try these products, my mum has tryed these and said they are good :)

23rd October, 2018

Wow i have never tried any products from this range, im living for the earth and trying some what to do my part in keeping it green.

23rd October, 2018

I know my mum loved the night cream in this range!

21st October, 2018

I love their soap but haven’t tried any of these skincare products

21st October, 2018

I love the idea of environmentally friendly side to any makeup or skin care just wish more brands would do this

19th October, 2018

I'm certainly moving towards more sustainable living but am always interested to try products that could replace the non environmentally friendly ones I already use.

19th October, 2018

I love recyclable packaging!

18th October, 2018

I have been making an effort to live more green but I'm not a huge fan of ecostore's products and have many brands I'd pick first.

18th October, 2018

I have been trying to be more interested in natural/ organic / cruelty free products.. In fact the brand of skin care I use currently is that and I find it so much better for my skin then expensive products filled with all those things that can only be bad in the long run. These products sound right up my alley