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Do you have Eczema or Keratosis Pilaris?

21 July, 2022 - 09:45pm by - First Lady | 233 Comments

poll posted by BR Tabby

So we're back with another trial team from the cult brand CeraVe!  This time we're looking for reviewers to form a trial team reviewing two products; both products are suitable for skin with Ketatosis Pilaris and Eczema - two conditions that can be at the least; annoying, and at the most, painful and frustrating to live with.

Keratosis Pilaris is a common and harmless skin condition where small bumps are present, mostly on the arms, bottom, back, thighs and sometimes the face. The bumps can blend into the skin, or may be red, pink or brown and some people find KP itchy.  The bumps are caused by an excess production of keratin, which gets trapped in the hair follicle.  It's most common in children and teens, with women more likely to experience it than men.

Eczema is a common skin condition, of red, itchy and/or dry skin.  Eczema can be quite mild, or very servere - impacting daily life in some cases.  The causes of Eczema can be complex, the most easy to identify are irritants such a soaps, wool, heat or sweating.  Allergens such as pollen and foods can also cause a flare up.  Emotional stress is another eczema trigger.

Eczema commonly begins on the face, hands and feet, but it can spread to the whole body.  Eczema can be identified by itching, redness, tiny fluid filled blisters, dry, pale patches of skin and areas of leathery, thick skin.

One key factor in both soothing and preventing eczema flare ups is moisturising.

This trial team will be reviewing the Smoothing SA Cleanser and the Smoothing SA Moisturising Cream.  Both products work together to exfoliate, soften and smooth dry, rough, bumpy feeling skin without disrupting the protective skin barrier.

If you'd like to review these products for us, comment below and tell us why!  Do you suffer from Keratosis Pilaris or eczema?  Have you found products that work for your skin yet?

Get chatting below!

Do you have Eczema or Keratosis Pilaris?

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12th August, 2022

This would be amazing to try! I have bumpy skin on my arms and absolutely hate it. Never knew that was products for this

9th August, 2022

My 16 year old daughter gets Keratosis Pilaris on her face, she has suffered from this since she was a baby!! We would love to try this product!!!

8th August, 2022

I would love to trial this for ever buying new products and not one so far has satiified my requirements. Had skin issues since I was a teenager

6th August, 2022

I would love to trial this on my tot! Every winter his eczema flares up behind the knees, inside the elbows, armpits and behind the ears. We’ve tried so many products but desperately seeking the product that will sooth and reduce the flare ups.

6th August, 2022

With it being winter, I've found my eczema flares up on my face and fingers. My son also suffers from eczema behind his knees. Would love to be able to try this for both of us :)

6th August, 2022

I have had eczema since a child. And would like to consider a everyday product to control my flair ups.

6th August, 2022

I suffer eczema on my elbows, hands and eyes, when it flares up it can be quite debilitating and mentally draining

2nd August, 2022

I have terrible Eczema and have had it for years, it drives me nuts. I have it under my armpits and on my hands. The trouble with it being on my hands is the fact that I always have to wash and sanitising due to Covid19- which makes it worse. And under my armpits sucks, because this is a place you sweat and need deodorant-sweat irritates me skin, but so does the deodorant! Its a lose lose situation here. I have tried using sorbolene cream which helped a little- every single body soap irritates my skin :( So I would love love love to try this new product, I have heard good things about this brand, so to hear that they now have a product for Eczema is awesome. Please pick me!

2nd August, 2022

Hi I would love to review this product as both my children and I have Keratosis Pilaris and it really bothers us especially in the Winter when it seems to flare up more.

1st August, 2022

I suffer terribly with eczema I can't even wash every day because of it I'm still trying to find the right cream so I can wash every second day

29th July, 2022

My daughter suffers terribly from eczema on her face snd battles to find cream that give the hydration and reduce the redness! Would love her to try this! Thanks

29th July, 2022

Love this. Have quite a bit in the range I highly recommend it

29th July, 2022

I would love to try a shampoo for Psoriasis for my son, who suffers this condition in his hair. These formulas won’t help I think so will not put my hand up to trial.

28th July, 2022

I get mild eczema flair ups pretty regularly so would love to try any product that will keep it at bay!

27th July, 2022

Me and my son both have eczema. Would love to try this, and give my honest thorough feedback.


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