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Do You Follow Trends Or Buck Them?

28 May, 2022 - 08:15am by - Head Pixie | 9 Comments

by BR Tabatha

Style trends are a curious thing. Some come and go in a flash, others hang around for a while only to fade away and be forgotten, while some trends become embedded in our world and eventually become considered a classic. What interests me, though, is how a trend starts. Who kicks it off? Who decides it's a thing? And who has the power to see it out the door? The first question is easily answered, with fashion designers, the runway, celebrities, bloggers/YouTubers/TikTokkers and the like creating and showcasing looks to us, the public. Which makes me wonder....

Does that mean the real power behind a trend is... we the people? Are we the ultimate deciders? The chosen ones with the ability to make or break a fad?

Which brings me to this week's poll. Are you a trend follower or a trend ignorer? Do you embrace the power of change or prefer to forego it for what's considered classic style? Will you rock a pink fluffy tutu combined with a bright yellow blush, or are you a capsule collection, muted toned makeup maven? And what are the pros and cons of being a follower or ignorer?

By following trends you have the ability to elevate a moment in time. To take a mood and showcase it to the world. You can show the people around you who you are now, and your photo roll will look all the more interesting for it.

Alternatively, by following trends do we contribute to the ever growing piles of rubbish in this world? Buying and discarding products on a whim? Because, let's be honest, while keeping everything would be great a la Carrie Bradshaw with her fabulous storage space, it's not always viable. And while giving clothing to charity is an excellent idea, if you're no longer wanting a fluorescent green crop top that was hot in 2021, there's a good chance no one else will either. As for makeup? It's not wise to gift a good chunk of it due to bacteria, so that too can end in the tip.

But what does it mean to not follow trends?

On one hand it could be considered that a person who doesn't follow trends is simply a person who believes in keeping things classic, keeping things simple. You're the person who has three basic T-shirts, a white shirt, a good pair of jeans, a black suit that can be mixed and matched with your other pieces, and a couple pairs of shoes that can be mixed in with said clothing. Your makeup kit can fit in a small makeup bag, and it's colours that can see you through the year and will look natural while enhancing your features. 

Yes, you're no doubt saving the environment, not to mention money, but does keeping it classic mean you fall into a style rut? Could you blend into the crowd? (Heck, you might want to, and there's nothing wrong with that!). Could you look back one day and wish you'd mixed it up a little? Or does stability mean that much to you that you're fine with keeping it classic?

Of course, perhaps you're the unicorn of the bunch. You don't follow trends and you don't stick to the classics - you do you. Taking elements of fashion and makeup and mixing them up as you see fit. The person who, when they walk down the street, turns other people's heads because you look like no one else, and are all the more fabulous for it.

Which leads me to... Question time...

My lovelies, are you a trend follower? A trend ignorer? Do you go next level and set the trends? Would you say you're a bit of all of the above? Or a touch of one here and a touch of another there? And what trends do you love? What would you like to see go? Or come back? Get chatting below!

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7th June, 2022

I think a bit of both but mostly classic it's fun to know about new trends but I'm not the first to go out and try something new unless it's a brand or something I love

3rd June, 2022

definitely not a trend person. I think I use to be but now some are too crazy

1st June, 2022

I don't use makeup, and I'm not a fashion follower, so I tend to ignore trends.

1st June, 2022

I used to copy some people - like Olivia Newton-John's long perm (Grease) and Starsky's jersey (Starsky and Hutch) and Sharon O'Neills short jacket and long scarf (kiwi icon), but now I'm older I don't care about trends!

30th May, 2022

Probably a bit of both with what works and looks good.

30th May, 2022

I just stick to what I know....I definitely don't follow trends. I like a more natural look now I'm 40 but I don't dress daggy lol but I like to be comfortable

30th May, 2022

A bit of both depending on my mood. Love changing up lip and eye colours. Keen to change up my hair situation though focusing on different shades of purple atm.

In regards to clothes, mostly about a flattering shape for me but trying to branch out into clothes or styles I always wanted to wear but either wasn't in my size when I was younger or didn't have the confidence. Making my inner child proud nowadays. It's great.

30th May, 2022

Definitely like to try new things , in my color and tone range , great to have a little pick me up , they say a Change is as good as a holiday sometimes.

30th May, 2022

I like to think I’m somewhere in the middle! I know what I like to wear etc but am always up to try something new and see if it becomes something in my rotation. With makeup I usually tend to keep it classic, I’ve never bothered with crazy eye makeup etc but I do like to experiment with bold lipstick shades and I’m forever changing up my hair colour!


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