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The Best Unisex Products Around - Get Beautiful Together!

23 July, 2018 - 08:29pm by - Head Pixie | 18 Comments

By BR Tabatha

Recently I was chatting to a woman who told the tale of her partner using her very expensive conditioner thinking it was run-of-the-mill body wash. How we laughed. And commiserated. Knowing many $$$ worth of fancy conditioner went down the literal drain can make a gal feel a bit ill - on the upside, he apparently smelt fantastic. While we can giggle at such tales, His & Hers beauty is becoming more and more of a thing. Gone are the days when men rolled out of bed, washed their hair with hot water, slapped on a bit of deo and walked out the door. More and more men are discovering the joys of a good pampering. A bit of moisturiser here, a decent shampoo there, a little lip balm... some are even discovering the joys of makeup. (High five those good men. Welcome to the addiction!) The downside of this beauty revolution? Our vanities are now overflowing with products for him and products for her. A problem easily solved with a little His & Hers product makeover.

So what's out there that can be shared by he and she? You and me? Us and we? Check these out...

Is there anything more refreshing than mint and tea tree combined? No. We think not. Not only does this divine scent from Original Source provide a wonderful way to rouse yourself from sleep, it's a scent that can be shared, and as it's only a few dollars it won't break the bank either!

It was mentioned in one review of the L'Oreal Botanicals Lavender range that one partner of a reviewer took a shine to the scent. After giving it a whiff we can understand why! It's a fantastic unisex scent - not only that lavender oil in studies has shown that essential lavender oil can stimulate hair growth - something we think some men may well get on board with. So if you're looking to share a shampoo and conditioner, this could well tick your box! 

Not only is No3's Underbalm a natural alternative to deodorant, it comes in a range of delicious aromas like 'Sandalwood & Mint' and 'Vanilla & Lime', and it works to neutralise odours rather than hide them. Pure heaven for your pits!

Looking for a cleanser that will remove the dirt and grime of the day - and your make up too? Skin Food Cleans All is a fantastic option for the whole family. Bonus - it's fresh, clean packaging is appealing to even the blokiest of blokes.

Cruelty-free and kind to skin, Skin by ecostore offers a fantastic range of products to suit skin types from dry through to oily. Our pick that's perfect for sharing? The SKIN by ecostore Brightening Exfoliator! With New Zealand glacial clay, jojoba beads and pineapple it works to remove purities while dealing to dry skin cells. 

We've always thought of Triumph & Disaster as a men's brand, but it turns out it's a brand for all! From hair care to body care they've got all parts of you literally covered, and a girlfriend of mine swears by their skin care (which she shares with her boyfriend!). 

Looking for a body moisturiser that won't leave you smelling like a pine forest with a hint of wood smoke, or leave him scented like a bed or roses? Oasis Sun They Hydrator Hand & Body Lotion has you sorted. Avocado and honey along with shea butter and Vitamin E will hydrate and soothe skin, without infiltrating anyone's olfactory senses in a way that's off-putting.

Age is not always kind - at least in the hair department. It's like you hit a certain age and your follicles go into overdrive - in the weirdest places. Lush long nose hair. Ear hair. Eyebrow hair that travels up your forehead and down towards your eyelid. And it doesn't matter the gender you identify with, it's a free for all, which is why a good pair of tweezers on a vanity that can be used to whip away the strays. 

Need a quick fix for your lips? Carmex Lip Balm fit the bill quite nicely! The bright yellow and red cap means you can spot it amongst even the most cluttered vanity, and its aroma is friendly-for-all!

Was this the original unisex perfume? If it wasn't, it sure felt like it was. CK One hit the market with a splash, and with its clean, cool notes it's still loved by men and women today.

Would you look at that... bathroom clutter halved! And no more fights about someone using the other's products. So are you a fan of unisex products? What are your favourites? Or are your beauty products sacred - never to be touched by another? Chat away!


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23rd July, 2018

I'll pass on sharing with a partner. I've had to share a bathroom with my brother. He'd use my shampoo, blackhead remover and moisturizer.

23rd July, 2018

It's funny how many items my partner secretly uses of mine! Some I don't mind but some are definitely only for me mainly my eye cream. Body wash and shampoo im not too fussed about. The tweezers is one that annoys me though because he moves and hides them Grr.

23rd July, 2018

He uses my tangle teezer... for his beard! Bought him his own one. Next is a nice pair of tweezers so he stops using mine!!


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