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Do you dare to go...METALLIC?

12 April, 2017 - 11:03pm by - First Lady | 63 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

Come on, you must have thought it by now.  The nights are drawing in, the leaves are changing colour, you're taking a coat everywhere you go, just in case.  Winter is coming.  And yes, I realise we're only midway into Autumn, but with the current deluge we're experiencing it feels like Winter really is just around the corner.  And whenever the seasons change, women everywhere ask themselves; "Is it time to change my hair colour?"  

Well ever the enablers, the Beauty Crew are shouting back at you; 'yes, do it!'  Never been dark?  There's no better time to do it.  Fancy a splash of colour to brighten your life?  Now is the time!

And it just so happens that we have a trial product to help you change it up!  The Beauty Crew were blown away by this gorgeous new collection, the shades are all to die for, in fact, I think I'm going to take the plunge myself - the question is, will I be dazzling by myself?  Or will you be joining me?

Fiery Topaz Cool Amethyst

The Schwarzkopf Brilliance Gem Collection Range consists of 5 stunning metallic shades - perfectly on trend for this Winter.  Whatever shade you opt for you'll turn heads with glossy hair.  Your hair will indeed be your crown with these gem inspired colours:

  • Fiery Topaz,
  • Cool Amethyst
  • Dark Amethyst
  • Cool Sapphire
  • Dark Ruby

These easy to use, at-home colours are designed with a unique and revolutionary formula, using gemstone extract for a long lasting iridescent colour.  There's also a Diamond Gloss Serum which is mixed into the colour cream to deliver an anti-fading effect for intense longer lasting colour with perfect grey coverage.

Dark Amethyst Cool Sapphire

Copper, ash, purple, blue or red with varying tones of a metalic finish - could this collection be any more perfect?!

Dark Ruby

So are you up for a colour change this winter?  To put your hand up for this trial you'll need to take a quick survey so we can find out a little more about your hair - we'll be picking the trial team from this information.

***Click here to take the survey and request a spot on the Schwarzkopf Brilliance Gems trial team.***

Do you dare to go...METALLIC?

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These colours look amazing!!

Love the dark ruby and cool amethyst

These look so pretty, cool amethyst is gorgeous and definitely one I would buy for myself, not sure if I'd be keen on the darker shades as I'm currently loving my blonde.

Ooooo these colours look awesome! Would love to spice up my hair with them!

wow id love to try the dark purple!! looks beautiful

Eeerrrrmmm YES PLEASE!! Please take away this dull mum look im currently going with!!

i would love to trial gorgeous dark amethyst , please amethyst is my favourite gemstone.

love this colour. looks amazing

Loving Cool Amethyst!!! my hair loves changing colours!!!

Dark Amethyst for sure!!

The Dark amethyst is a stunning colour, i have a 2 layer hair with blonde on top and purple underneath that shade would just be amazing for my next colour

I can't wait to try dark amethyst!!!

would love to try the dark Amythest

Their hair colours have always been my favourite these look lovely .... not to sure how much difference I would notice with my hair dark already

I have black hair but would love these colours, particularly the red! I've never died my hair before so would love to see how it turns out, and a dark colour would be a great intermediate since I'm afraid of taking too much of a plunge with light colours.


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