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Do You Care About What Goes On Your Hair?

8 June, 2021 - 05:34pm by - Head Pixie | 63 Comments

poll posted by BR Kellie

A while back we gave Beauty Review members the chance to trial Garnier Fructis Hair Food and each of the products hit a Top Rated home run. It was so beloved that every member of BR has since tried it ourselves and think it's fab! My favourite? Macadamia. It detangles my daughter's long, mermaid, thick hair easily, and leaves it smelling ridiculously delicious.

SO, you can imagine the squees of excitment when we found out that Garnier had not only expanded their amazing vegan and biodegradable natural hair range to include Watermelon and Aloe... but there's also now a shampoo and conditioner... which we have at BRHQ ready for YOU to trial!! 

Are you as excited as are? Read on to find out about the range and to see which one will suit you!

Does your hair need to be tamed? Is it in need of nourishment? The Macadamia Hair Food duo is for you! It works to detangle dry hair while leaving it feeling smooth and healthy looking. 

If you've fine hair (like yours truly) this is the duo to care for your hair! Watermelon Hair Food is formulated to give your hair bounce, movement and volume without weighing it down!

Is your hair damaged? Papaya Hair Food, blended with papaya and coconut, will give it the tender loving care it needs! It works to repair and nourish your hair, while not weighing it down.

If your hair falls into the dry to normal range, the Aloe Vera Hair Food duo will work to cleanse your hair, while hydrating, detangling and giving you shiny, healthy looking hair!

If your hair needs hydration, you'll go bananas (sorry, had to do it - see a pun will take it!) for the Banana Hair Food duo. Deeply nourishing, your hair will feel cleansed, hydrated, but not heavy and weighed down.

The range's icing on the cake? Remember how we said Garnier Fructis is biodegradable and vegan? It's also made from 50% recyclable plastic AND recyclable, and it's also now approved by Cruelty Free International! 

Interested? Take our survey, let us know your hair's needs and a gorgeous Garnier Fructis duo could be on its way to you!

CLICK HERE to take the survey!

And why not comment below and tell us what you look for in a shampoo and conditioner... and which Hair Food range sounds like a bit of you!

Do you care what goes on your hair?

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7th August, 2021

I would love to try this! My hair is definitely on the brittle side. Needs a spruce up

10th July, 2021

Ive trialled the watermelon combo - absolutely fab for my fine hair !

21st June, 2021

My hair is definitely damaged from colouring and permanent straightening over the years. I'd love to try the Papaya one! Wonder if that would give my hair the shine and health it desperately needs

14th June, 2021

My hair seems to get tired of some products if I use it too long. So I'm always on the hunt for new things and products that it doesn't get tired of. These looks so yummy I'd be wanting to drink them!

14th June, 2021

I look for natural ingredients, something that gives me hydrated hair but no frizz

14th June, 2021

Aloe sounds really nice

14th June, 2021

Yes please

14th June, 2021

I just got selected for the banana ones, thank you! I think I was even too late to put my hands up, strange how sometimes there’s heaps of time to fill out these surveys and with these trials there were only a few days for it.

14th June, 2021

I look for a shampoo which cleanses the hair well and gives me some bounce & volume which the Watermelon Hair Food. The conditioner should take away any tangles plus give me silky bouncy hair. Love to be chosen for this as my hair is so dull, lank and needs some uplifting.

14th June, 2021

My scalp is super sensitive so I try to use natural products where possible, I would love to trial this range!! I’ve recently coloured it for the first time in years, but as a result it’s become a little more unruly than usual!

14th June, 2021

I'd love to try the papaya one! After years of being scared to cut my hair, I finally have but now the damage from dying it over and over are showing through with it being so short. I'd love to find a product to help fix some of the damage, and finding a gem from a brand you can pick up easily from the supermarket would be fantastic!

14th June, 2021

I would to try the banana one or the aloe vera... I have frizzy dry hair and looking for something to hydrate my hair...

14th June, 2021

Watermelon one please! I have very fine hair with no volume.

13th June, 2021

I have never heard of hair food before but it makes sense. My hair needs moisture and some TLC. I have long hair that gets tangled and dries out easy. This looks like a whole lot of deliciousllness for my hair? I would love to try either watermelon, aloe or banana

13th June, 2021

My hair needs smoothing. So much friziness.



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