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Do You Buy ALL Of The Products of A New Range?

8 August, 2018 - 08:19pm by - First Lady | 41 Comments

poll posted by BR Nat

We all know the basic steps of a good skincare routine.  Cleanse.  Tone.  Moisturise.  And repeat daily.  (Twice daily if you're super on to it).   You might even add a serum and eye cream into your daily routine, and maybe an exfoliator and face mask once or twice a week.

But how do you choose new skincare products?  Do you treat it like shampoo and conditioner, where more often than not, we'll pick up a complimenting set, whether we've tried each product before or not?  Or do you mix and match, aiming to try and try again, until you find the best of each product type, regardless of brand or range?  Or maybe you choose a couple of key products from a range and see how you go?

We're looking for reviewers to put two products from one very awesome range to the test.  We can't say much...but what we can say is...

  • Both products are worth over $80!
  • The range is from a world-renowned brand.
  • The products are free from: Preservatives, parabens, fragrance, alcohol, colorants and lanolin.

To find out more about your skin we've put a quick survey together.  So if you're keen on trying some new skin care you'll need to take the survey to put your hand up.

Click here to take the pre-qualifying survey and tell us about your skin!

And why not get chatting below about how you like to try new products.  Do you dip a toe in with a product or two, or do you leap in and buy the whole range?

Do You Buy ALL Of The Products of A New Range?

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I like to mix and match across different brands and ranges to explore the beauty products and see which ones are more suitable for me. Never know which ones are good for me until I tried them

we used to sing that song at school, that was a weird thing to remember hahahahahah

Grease? (is the word...da da da da da)

8th August, 2018 at 9:07 pm

Yep I've been known to buy the whole range like.. the goodness skincare range.. but I found that quite affordable. I've also brought some Clinique that was more spensey but I had the samplers which are a huge help. I do love a mini travel set of a range to test it or samplers as it can be quite risky for me otherwise with some allergies.

I mix and match across ranges and brands - all depends what I feel like using on the day or what my skin needs are.

I like to use products from the same range together if I can, but sometimes it doesn't work out that way.

I mix and match as I have weird skin. There is always something that doesn't like my face!

Mostly I just mix and match depending on on what my skin needs at the time. Sometimes my skin’s dry, sometimes it’s quite hydrated, occasionally I get a pimple or two and at other times it’s basically just a combination skin-type. So, yeah, I’d say I’m much more likely to mix and match my skincare products compared to my haircare products!

I prefer to use the whole range as I feel the products work together better than in their own - but I get out of sync using them all at a different pace and have to replace items while still finishing others - and I then see reviews on here and try that next new product or range! I’m like a magpie with skincare and haircare!

Haha this is so me love the set but also easily swayed oops.

8th August, 2018 at 10:24 pm

Yes I get out of sync so am a bit inclined to try the new product for just the item that I have used but if I really like it will look at the range at that time.

9th August, 2018 at 10:46 am

I think we're spoilt for choice with skincare these days, it's easy to be tempted by something new!

9th August, 2018 at 12:02 pm

I'm definitely a bit matchy matchy with products and skincare brands if I have a couple products from the same brand I'll make sure I use them at the same time. I remember a time when I would match the toner to the serum was I using and the moisturizer if I could. Sometimes the products work best in conjunction with each other. Other times I buy more of the brand because one of the products was a winner and I have to get more of members of it's family since they may be a winning family. I'd love to try these products as I do try to avoid somethings like alcohol in my skincare since I have some sensitive patches on my face this year that really flare up bad in an itchy rash if irritants in my skincare accidentally seep into the areas prone to irritation.

It depends on the brand for me! If they have a starter set, I usually go for that. I find what I like out of that set and then buy the full size of those products and end up with a mix of my favorites from different brands. But, there are at least 2-3 items from the same brand and I feel some products really do work better with their intended partner.

I love to try new products so I tend to spread my purchases across different brands.

Some products I tend to match particularly if it's natural and sometimes I'm drawn into a winner and just have to try it.

I tend to mix and match my skin care products depending on what my skin needs at the time. In saying that I also buy items that I have heard highly of or if they are on sale.

I usually try one or two products in a range first. I never seem to get a complete set as I'm always trying new stuff!

Depends on the price of the product or whether there is a trial size available as an option. If it comes in a pack or box together, i do get tempted to get the set before i purchase the indiviual product. If not, I usually try one product before the other in case it’s not for my skin. However, if its a more pricey option and the product sounds like it’s my type of skin food.. maybe i’ll purchase the cleanser with moisturiser together with or without toner.


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